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KARNA MOKSHAM (A Classic street play)
Karna (left) fighting with nagastra against arjuna(right)

KARNA MOKSHAM  in the olden days there is a tamil street play with the same name  this play is  about karna dying and reaching heaven. Here there is a lot of twist in the tamil version where karna becomes immortal because of the daan he has done, so when arjuna shoots him unfairly he didn't die but he lays down  in the ground wounded and arjuna tries to fire the final arrow but all the arrows fired by arjuna become a garland in the neck of karna.

So, krishna asks arjuna to stop firing arrows, and goes to karna in the form of a brahmin and asks the punya which he got by doing daan (punya is  the powers we get by doing good deeds)  and so karna gives it to krishna by saying you will get all the punya  of daan which i have done in the past also the punya of the daan which i will do in the future and there by he gets some of blood and gives it to krishna.(so krishna gets the punya of the daan which karna had done in the past and he also gives the punya of his last daan to krishna)

Then krishna shows his magnonimous form and then goes to arjuna and he asks arjuna to fire his last arrow to kill karna and karna is killed. This play  is played on the the sixteenth day of the death of someone as tamil people beleived that the dead person would attain heaven just as karna had did. If you are interested to read more about it


KARNA MOTCHAM(a modern short film by the same name )

Well, Karna Motcham(Lament of karna) is a short film which won more than 60 awards including the National award. The movie is about the life of Street drama artist who performs the role of karna in the dramas. I agree that this short film is more into the life of the street performer rather than karna, but this artist follows the principles of karna(climax part). This movie is in the tamil language with english subtitles (tamil culture has great history of street drama performances but these street perfomances are a dying profession nowadays which is the main theme of this movie)

Don't miss it!

Part 1

Part 2

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