Saturday, June 5, 2010

Karna and Duryodone Becoming Friends again.

Bhanumati was not as beautiful as other women, plus her personalities were not great so Duryodone was not really in love with her. Duryodone tried to avoid her as much as he can so Bhanumati would get very upset. One day, Bhanumati went to a Agori who practiced black magic. Bhanumati asked the Agori if there was any way, she can have her husband be crazy about her. The Agori took out water and said a mantra, then told Bhnumati that pour this water on your husband's head and he will be crazy about her, but the water must not spill on the ground.

Bhanumati secretly came to Hastinapur and waited for Duryodone. When Duryodone came, Bhanumati went to greet him and tried to pour the water on his head. But, Duryodone was also a warrior so he stepped out of the way by being alert. The water was spilled on the ground and went all the way to Patal. In Patal, there was a Nag and on top of his head the water landed. The Nag became enchanted and came to the ground where Bhanumati and Duryodone were conversing. Duryodone tried to fight the Nag but the Nag was too strong. The Nag defeated Duryodone easily and tied him up. Then the Nag grabbed Bhanumati and did unspeakable things to her. Everyday, during midnight, the Nag would come and fight and tie Duryodone and grab Bhanumati. Once, the Nag told Duryodone that you are not a great Satya man so you cannot defeat me.

Duryodone thought that who could be the great satya man that can defeat this Nag and help me. Duryodone thought about Bhisma pita, Dorna Acharya, Kripa Acharya and Ashwattama but he did not want to look embarrassed so he couldn't ask them. All of a sudden, Duryodone remembered Karna who could keep this secret and would be able to defeat this Nag. Duryodone went to Karnapur and was greeted by Karna. Even though Duryodone had thrown karna out of Hastinapur, Karna still greeted him warmly.

Karna - Vira, is everything all right for you?

Duryodone - No Vira, things are not good. This Nag does very nasty things to me and my wife. If I tell others that would laugh at me and tell me that I am not strong to handle my own problems. Only you would keep this secret and help me.

Karna- Come, I will come with you and help you.

Duryodone - Vira, come back and take your rightful possession back. I am very sorry to do this to you.

As planned by Karna, Duryodone acted normal during mid night. Karna hid behind one of the great pillar with weapons ready. At mid night, the Nag came and tried to fight with Duryodone. But, this time Karna was there so he came out and challenged the Nag. Both of them fought a very hard battle. The Nag had a boon that only a great Satya man could defeat him. Karna fought hard with a sword pushing the Nag back. The Nag tried to fight against Karna using all kinds of tricks but Karna was too skillful. After few moments, Karna defeated the Nag. The Nag begged for mercy and offered Karna a divya horse that can take him anywhere. The Nag also promised never to come back. Karna let the Nag live on condition that he should never bother Duryodone or his wife again.

Duryodone and Karna became friends again, after this incident.


  1. that is a great story dude ,

  2. Thank you all.

  3. Thanks for the story. Where did this come from? Also, why did Duryodhan kick Karna out of Hastinapur? I don't remember that. Thanks again.

  4. Mr. Lawrence Manzo,
    Please read Krishna testing Karna and Duryodone to find the real Daanveer. By reading this older post you will get your answer. Ok, thanks.

  5. Thanks. That answers one of my questions, but makes the second more relevant-- what is the source for this story? It doesn't appear to be in the Mahabharata-- at least I've not seen it in what I have read. Thanks again.

  6. Mr. Manzo,
    There are many versions of MB in India and outside of India. The reason for that is that during the 600 years when Muslims ruled India, they tried to convert Hindus to Muslims. During this time the Muslims used to burn Scared books of Hindus and destroy their temples. Because many books were burned ( my opinion ) many Gurus from different regions started to write MB according to the information that they rembered. Few things in one version could be missing while other version could have it. I have read some of KMG and other versions of MB and they are all slightly different with different stories. All these versions were written by Gurus in Sanscrit. All the versions give good information so none would be inferior. Other versions show the Pandavs as very powerful and undefeatable. The Gujarati version is where I get all these information shows the Pandavs as great warriors but not undefeatable. The enemies of Pandavs are even more powerful but only with the help of Lord Krishna, the Pandavs are able to defeat their opponents. You have mentioned in one of the post that it does not matter if Krishna was there on not in MB. In Gujarati version, Krishna is helping Pandavs all the time,
    1. Bhim being poisoned.
    2. Laxa Grah.
    3. Battle with Hidamb.
    4. Arjun performing Matsya Vedhan.
    5. Rajasuya Yagna.
    6. Draupadi Vastraharan.
    7. Pandavs in Jungle.
    8. Arjun fighting against great warriors in Virat War. ( Arjun did not defeat them by himself. )
    9. MB war.
    10. Ashwemeg Yagna.

  7. Wow. I hadn't realized the Gujarati version was so different. I'm reading the Critical Edition and the Ganguli translation of the Bombay edition, and having a hard enough time with that! So far, it seems to me that the BR Chopra series is based mostly on the Bombay edition, but there are differences with that as well. For instance, when Arjun abducts Krishna's siser Subhadra, Ganguli and the Critical Edition both say he did it because it was more reliable than depending on a Swayamvara (where she might choose someone else). But the TV show says Balram had already promised her to Duryodhana when Duryodhana "graduated" from mace-training with Balram. This story is partially in the Bhagavata Purana, but not at all in these two versions of the Mahabharata.

    As for the reasons why the Mahabharat has so many versions- I'm not so inclined to blame the Muslim invasions for that. I agree that temples were looted & destroyed, especially in Gujarat and especially in the early years, but once the Muslims stoped raiding and started ruling Indian kingdoms, the repression mostly died down. Also, there were many minor Hindu kingdoms that made alliances with the Muslims and survived right up to Independence. Besides that, Indian politics were always fractured. Even the great Empires of the Mauryas and Guptas (and Mughals) consisted of many small kingdoms that allied themselves with the emperor (just like Yuddistira and the kings in the Rajasuya). Add to that the fact that the Mahabharata was/is also enjoyed by Muslims (see Indonesia).

    Rather than blaming Islamic book-burning, I would say the biggest factor in explaining the differences among the versions is the weather, followed by India's long tradition of political fragmentation, followed by the fact that the books were written on palm leaves and bound with thread, which is about the worst way to preserve a book for long periods of time!

    I also suspect that the Mahbharata went out of fashion for centuries at a time, and during those periods it was not well-preserved.

    I suppose some versions treat Karna more heroically than others? I rather like the way he is handled in the versions I'm using. He's a tragic figure who does the wrong things for all the right reasons. He is a true Kshatriya warrior-- loyal, generous, and proud. And those same great qualities lead to his destruction!

  8. In Gujarati version, Karna is also a great hero just like the rest of the Pandav brothers. Karna tried to give good advice to Duryodone many times but Duryodone listened to Sakuni, instead.

  9. Mr. Manzo,
    I also live in USA so if you would like to know more about MB, give me your telephone #. Read Draupadi Swayamver, which you will enjoy. I plan to write other stories as well. Let me know how you like them. Thanks.

  10. @ALL
    I have red this story somewhere but in that version
    its not Bhanumati its Draupdi and Pandavas then go to Karna seeking help
    will post the story :)