Saturday, June 5, 2010

Draupadi Swaymaver part 5

Duryodone - All of you thought that you were great. Well, I am the greatest. I am the leader of all of you. All you Kings are under me. None of you can perform this contest so wear bangles in hand and wear a sari. All of you have disgraced your fathers and the milk of your mothers. All of you are not Kshtrias but cowards. Now all of you need me, your champion to perform this task, which is impossible for you all.
Baghwan Krishna saw how Duryodone was treating everyone so he got up from his throne.
Baghwan Krishna - Duryodone, what are you saying? Who do you think you are? You have not even tried to perform this task and your talk is loud. Can you only talk or can you also perform the task? Now, stop insulting everyone and sit back on your throne.
Duryodone - I do not even want to talk to you. You are a cowherder and not a king. You have killed your masi ( Putna ) and Mama ( Kans ). You have grown big by drinking milk. You have even ran away in a battle. You are not equal to me.
Baghwan Krishna - Duryodone, you are right. I cannot be your equal. Even though you are young, you still insult your elders. You have mistreated your Pandav brothers, which everyone knows. You are anouncing that you are a great King, but these lands that you have in your possession are not by your hard work. First, King Pandu had conquered these lands and after his Swargvas, his sons Pandav brothers had again conquered these lands. You have just taken everything away from them, it is their hard work that you are enjoying so do not brag about how great you are.
Duryodone felt embarrassed and sat back on his throne. Unseen by Duryodone, everyone laughed at Krishna's remark toward Duryodone.
Duryodone - Look at that Krishna, trying to insult me.
Karna - Why did you say all the insults to everyone else. Now you must prove that you are no cowhard. As a great King should, get up and perform this task as a hero.
Duryodone - The fish is too high and what if I fall, who will get my throne?

Sakuni - Duryodone, do not look at the fish. Look how beautiful Draupadi is. She is fit for only someone like you. Complete this simple task and win her. Show everyone how great you are.
Duryodone looked at Draupadi and was amazed at her beauty.
Duryodone - Mama, you are right. I have never seen anyone more beautiful and since I am the greatest King, she is fit only for me. But, look at her, she is not even looking at me.
Sakuni - Do not worry about that. Once you marry her, teach her all the lessons to respect you. Beat her to remove her proudness.
Draupadi's dasi - Rajkumari, the great Maharaj Duryodone has gotten up to perform this task. I know that he will be successful and you will be going to Hastinapur soon.
Druapadi - He is too proud and overconfident of himself. He is not going to be successful in performing this task. Let us see who is right.
Duryodone came near the pool and started to laugh at all the Kings and warriors that had failed.
Duryodone - All of you are cowards and failures. I am going to be successful and win this swayamver. All of you will be going back to your kingdoms as failures, while I will be taking this beautiful Princess with me back to Hastinapur.
No one was able to say anything but everyone was praying to the Baghwan and Mataji to let the karma of Duryodone punish him at this time, let him fail.
Duryodone did not bow to anyone even though five satya men were there. Duryodone removed his jewelry and tied a bow and quiver on his back. Then he ran and grabbed the pole and started to climb up. Duryodone is climbing the pole very fast and steady. Everyone is amazed to see him climb so fast. Everyone is talking that no matter what we say about him, he is a great warrior. He will win and marry Draupadi. Duryodone, by climbing the pole reached all the way to 5.45 guas.
Baghwan Krishna saw that Duryodone has almost reached the point so he took his strength away from him. Moments ago Duryodone was very confident, now all of a sudden he was scared and grabbed the pole tight.

Duryodone started to think that what have I done? How did I get up here? I do not want to marry this beautiful Princess, I just want to live? Duryodone started to scream - Mama, Karna Vira, help me. Catch me, I am going to fall.
Bhim - Motabhai, your brother is struggling. It is very funny to watch him struggle. Let him fall for all the things that he has done to us.
Yudhisteer - Bhim, we should not think that. We are all in same Kuul and nagar. If he fails, it means that our Hastinapur has lost.
Durydone could not hold on the pole anymore and he fainted and fell in the pool. Servants brought Durydone out from the pool.
Dornik Guru - Duryodone, you must sit on the wooden chair with naked head.
Duryodne - I am not like those cowardly kings to sit there. I am the great Chatrapati Samrat. I am not going to sit there.
Dornik Guru - Durydone, you bring disgrace on yourself. Why do you even dare to look up? First, you come and insult everyone and then you fail to perform the task. Even though you have failed, you still refuse to accept the results. What kind of a man are you?
Sakuni - Duryodone, let us not argue with him? We will find some way to take Draupadi with us?
Durydone was brought by the wooden chairs where other kings were sitting. Jarasandth, Shisupal, Shalya and Dhantvark were great warriors and not afraid of Duryodone so they all got up.
Jarasandth, Shisupal, Shalya, Dhantvark ( mocking )- Welcome Oh great Maharaj Duryodone. Come and sit on your great throne ( pointing at a wooden chair ) oh great Maharaja. You are the anthkumar, oh son of a blind man.
Shalya - Durydone, I have heard that your mother Ghandari was married to Nandi. You probably take after him that is why you failed. Now, go home and perform this Matsya vedhan at home and marry that Bhanumati who is a bhutdi, again.
Jarasandth - First, you insulted all of us. Now see what your karm has done to you. We are not cowards and not afraid to fight you.

All the Great Kings started to argue with Duryodone that Dornik Guru had to come and calm everyone down. After the failure of Duryodone none of the warriors dared to get up for the task. Only Karna stood up and got ready for the task. Karna bowed to everyone and came near the pole. Duryodone saw this and called Karna over to him.
Duryodone - Vira, I was the one who came as Var Raja to get married to Draupadi while you were a Janiyo ( attendant ) so it does not look proper that you get married.
Karna - Duryodone, you can marry Draupadi. I would just like to show everyone that I am capable to perform this Matsya Vedhan. I would like to bring our honor of Hastinapur back. We have prepared everything for your marriage and it is not right for us to go back empty handed.
Duryodone - In that case, take the copper board and write on it that I will do the matsya vedhan but Duryodone will marry Draupadi.
Karna took a borad and wrote his promise on it and gave it to Duryodone. Karna jumped and started to climb the pole. Karna is very powerful and he climbed all the way to 6 guas steady and fast. Karna grabbed the rod and started to take a rest. Baghwan Krishna saw how Karna had climbed the pole and was about to perform further tasks. Lord Krishna thought that Karna is Daanveer and a great bhakt of mine, how can I make him fall? But, I must find some way to bring him down, otherwise adharm ( Duryodone ) is going to marry Draupadi.
Baghwan Krishna called Naradji and told him to explain few things to Draupadi. Naradji approached Draupadi with a sad face.
Draupadi - Great one, why are you upset? Finally, I have seen one warrior who is ready to perform this task.
Naradji - The one who is on the pole now does not know his parents or kuul. He has been raised by a daasi. A kshtria Princess like you marring a daasi putra just does not look right.
Draupadi - ( to daasi ) Go and tell Karna that I refuse to accept him and tell him to come down from the pole.
Four dassies came by the pole and played the conches.


  1. Very good translation sanjay , it must have taken a lot of hard work from you to do this translation. But l have one doubt , karna wrote it in the board and have shown it to everyone right and so draupadi must also have known it . so it is duryodhana who is going to marry her if karna wins by any way karna is not going to marry her . she is going to marry duryodhana only if karna wins and duryodhana is the chakravathi. So, why should she call him sut putra.

    Another suprising fact is that karna had been raised by a dasi in here

  2. Thanks Gandherva,
    I still skipped lot of minor things in this post. I still plan to continue until the Pandavs leave Panchal with Draupadi. So, if you get chance, keep on reading.
    1 The Dassi is servant in Hindi and Gujarati.
    2 Duryodone had planned to show the board with Karna's writing once Karna won the task so only Krishna, Karna, Duryodone and Sakuni knew about it.
    3 In Gujarati version none of the other Kings really liked Duryodone. Even Jaidrath, Shusarma, Burisrava and Baghdatt followed his orders but did not like him. Karna and Sakuni were too valuable for Duryodone so he treated them properly.
    Any other questions, just let me know. Thanks.