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Draupadi Swayamver part 4

Shisupal climbed 4 and half guas, when Baghwan Krishna took his strength away from him. Shisupal started to breath very heavily and with his strength gone could not hold on to the pole so he too fell. Servants also brought Shisupal out of water and took him where Jarasandth was sitting. Jarasandth got up from his seat.
Jarasandth - ( mocking ) Welcome, Shisupal. Come and sit by me now. Now, you are like me.
Shisupal - I do not know what happened. How did I fall?
After while, Shalya Raja, King of Madra got up. Everyone started to laugh among themselves because Shalya was a wrestler so they all thought it would be very funny to see him climb. Shalya removed his Surval which weighed three maans, five maan jaamo and the great turban weighing 12 maans. Shalya took of all the jewelry which weighed over hundreds of maans. Shalya is an expert at wrestling, Gada yudh, Dhanush yudh and driving chariot.
Drupad Raja's servants placed additional boards by the pool to support Shalya's weight. Shalya, even though a wrestler ran at a good speed and grabbed the pole. Shalya climbed the pole even though he was heavy. It seemed like Shalya can never get tired and kept on climbing.
Bhim - Bhai, look our Mama is climbing. I hope he is successful so we can get to eat Kansar ( sweet item ) from Draupadi.
Yudhisteer - Bhim, we should not think about anything before something is done. I hope that our Mama is successful.
Shalya Raja got up to five guas, when Krishna took all his strength away. Shalya, also fell and there was a huge splash in the water. It took many servants to bring Shalya out of the water. Shalya went and sat in the wooden chair with naked head.
Shisupal - By neck was hurting from looking down. Now that you are here, I can look up.
Shalya - Leave me in peace and let me sit properly.
When Shalya fell, Shisupal's younger brother Dhantvark got up from his throne and started to get ready. Shisupal saw this and called his younger brother to him.

Shisupal - Nana Vira ( little brother ) why did you get up? Sit down, if I can't perform this contest, you probably can't either. Our father's name is disgraced because of my failure but you are still safe. Because of me, our father's one hand is lost but becasue of you our father's other hand is well. So, do not disgrace our father's name and sit down.
Shalya saw this and thought that if more great warriors would join us, it would look less insulting for us.
Shalya - ( to Dhantvark ) You have already gotten ready to perform this Matsya Vedhan. If you go back and sit now, you will not be called a Kshtria but a coward.
Dhantvark - I am not going back, I am going to perform the Matsya Vedhan, no matter what happens to me. Motabhai, by winning I can bring our father's honor back.
Dhantvark started to climb the pole to save the honor of his father Dhamgosh Raja. Baghwan Krishna saw this and thought that Dhantvark is performing this contest not for himself but for his father so I must not make him fall. But, Dhantvark is still on the adharm side so I cannot let him be successful. Bahwan Krishna let Dhantvark climb about two guas and made him tired so Dhantvark climbed down the pole.
Dronik Guru - Dhantvark, you have not continued the contest so you must sit on the wooden chair without your crown.
Dhantvark also went and sat with others. Shisupal was very upset that his family honor was lost.
Shalya - Looks like, Dhamgosh's both sons could not bring honor to their father's name.
Everywhere, there is a talk that no one could perform this contest. Four of the greatest warriors failed so who could perform this contest. Drupad Raja was very upset and thought that if Chatrapati Duryodone was here, he would have been able to win this contest. All of a sudden, Duryodone with his brothers and other great men entered the Swayamver hall. All the Kings, warriors, and Princes got up to welcome Duryodone. Drupad Raja was very glad that the Great King had finally arrived and will win this contest.

Drupad Raja had the servants bring refreshments for Duryodone and all the men that came with him. Duryodone had entered the Swavamver Hall by seating on top of an elephant. The rest had followed him in the hall. Duryodone got down from the elephant. None of the other Kings, Princes and warriors dared to talk about him by whispering. All of them could not even look at him directly. They were all afraid of Duryodone. Drupad Raja gently accompanied Duryodone to his great throne. The others that came with Duryodone also sat on their thrones.
Pandav brothers were behind other men so none were able to see them.
Bhim ( in whisper ) - Motabhai, look there is your adharmi brother.
Yudhisteer - Do not say that about anyone. Despite the way he is, he is like a great flower in a mud. The Swavamver is now shining because of him. He is still our brother so we should not be jealous of him.
Five satya men Bhisma, Dorna acharya, Kripa acharya, Ashwattama and vidur also sat on their thrones. Karna, Jaidrath, Sakuni, Bhurisrava, Shusarma and Baghdatta were subject Kings under Duryodone. All of them sat by Duryodone. Drupad Raja came to greet them all.
Duryodone - ( yelling ) Bring your daughter and marry her to me. You can see that I am the greatest King there is.
With Drupad Raja, Dornik Guru was also there. Dornik Guru was not afraid of Duryodone.
Dornik Guru - I do not care how great King you are. This is a Swavamver which you are invited to participate. You want to marry the Princess, first win this Swavamver, then marry her.
Dornik Guru repeated all the rules of the Swavamver to everyone. Duryodone looked around and saw that none were getting up and the ones that tried had failed. Duryodone got up from his throne and went around the Swavamver.
Duryodone - ( loud ) I am not an ordinary person. I am the great Chatrapati Maharaj Duryodone. I am not a loser like all these weaklings. Why did all of you come here, to be a failure? Looks like without me, none of you were able to perform this contest.

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