Monday, April 5, 2010

Lord Rama VS Lord Krishna

Both are Lord Vishnu's avtaar. But both have very different life of earth and way they tackle problems is also very different. Whom you admire more?

Please share your views.


  1. I admire Lord Ram more because his life style was more simple than Sri Krishna ie one wife. Lord Krishna had many wives. Lord Ram valued life of living beings more than Lord Krishna. After killing Ravan various gods aproached him to congratulate him and he asked one of them to revive all the vanaras slain in the war. Lord Krishna revived only Pariksheet after the mahabharata battle. Lord Ram was known to chasitise his loved ones when they were misbehaving. In banvaas when Bharat came to meet them Lakshmana got angry thinking Bharat has come to attack them. Lord Ram immidiatly curbed Lakshmana. Lord Krishna never stopped Bhima Arjuna or Draupadi from using insulting language to Karna although Lord Krishna knew Karna to be the elder brother of the Pandavas. Even when Bhima stamped on the head of Duryodhana after hitting that foul blow on his thigh there is no record of Lord Krishna reprimanding Bhima. It was Balram who scolded Bhima. Lord Ram never lied. Lord Krishna for human benefit has lied and in his child hood days also has lied. In forgiveness also I feel that Sri Ram has displayed a higher ability. He completely forgave Manthara and Kaikeyi who were directly responsible for his father Dashrathas death and protected them from the wrath of Bharat and Ayodhya subjects. Lord Krishna did not protect Vikarna the innocent Kaurava brother who objected to Draupadis insult from Bhima just becoz he was fighting on the side of adharma. Please dont get me wrong. I am not critisizing Shri Krishna. Nor am I saying that He was superior to Lord Ram. But Lord Ramas lifestyle was superior to that of Lord Krishnas life style. Both are infinetly great but becoz of circumstances Lord Ram cuts a more impressive figure.
    Best regards

  2. Nice comments
    And I am 100% agreed with you. Lord Rama’s life is a ideal life except 2-3 glitches like Bali and Sita Tyag else Rama lived a perfect life. Krishna’s life is way different.

  3. Baghwan Sri Ram
    Lord Ram shot Vali by hiding behind trees. Lord Rama had no choice but perform this act because Vali had a boon that whoever comes to fight him will lose half of the power to Vali. Baghwan Ram tells Vali that he is a representative of King Bharat and if someone breaks the rules, he has the right to punish that person.
    Lord Ram also tells Vali that daughter, son's wife, brother's wife, and sister are all considered same. If someone does something inappropriate to them, that person deserves to die. Vali had forced Sugreev's wife to stay with him.
    Lord Ram tells Vali that a younger brother is like a son and if treated badly, that person has committed a sin. Baghwan shows Vali all his faults at the time of his death. Baghwan also tells Vali that in my next avatar, you ( Jara the hunter ) will shoot me ( Krishna ) in the same way. ( Writing on the wall of the temple, where Krishna was shot )
    Lord Ram makes Laxmanji take Sita Mataji to the jungle.
    From this we can see, that even Dhobi had the right to speak up in Ram rajya, while in Ravan rajya, even the ministers were scared. Baghwan Ram listens to his people and than makes the dicision about Sitaji Tyag. In order to serve his people, Sri Ram even abandons his wife.
    During the ceremony, a wife was supposed to sit by Sri Ram. Baghwan Ram makes a statue of Mata Sitaji instead of accepting another wife so it shows that Sri Ram abandons Queen Sitaji but not his wife Sitaji.
    In order to praise Indra, after defeating Ravana, Baghwan Ram prays and says that Surpati, many vanars have died in helping me so please rain your amrit and make them alive. Even though, Indra rains amrit which makes all the vanars alive but by Baghwan Sri Ram's blessings all the dead rakshases disappear.( Baghwan Sri Ram had given them moksh )

  4. /*
    Baghwan Ram tells Vali that he is a representative of King Bharat and if someone breaks the rules, he has the right to punish that person.
    so what
    Vali himself have his own Kingdom and Vali is not part of King Bharat's empire.
    And elder brother's wife is like Mother but Sugreev also did the same what Vali done to Sugreev's wife.
    And Sita Tyag was the biggest mistake and later on Lord Rama also regretted.

  5. Jai Shri Krishna
    Thank you Mr. Sanjay Patel. I am extremely greatful to you for enlightening me on the greatness of Shri Krishna and dispelling my ignorance. I would like to know more about Gujrati version of Mahabharata. Who is the author ?
    And more about Karna also from the Gujrati version.
    best regards
    Niraj Sharma

  6. Mr. Niraj
    Jai Sri Krishna,
    I am glad that you liked Krishna's information. There is lot more, but I just wrote some of the main information. The author of Gujarati version of MB is Surajram Vallabhram and it was translated in 1869. If you ever have a chance read Baghwat Puran, which shows lot of information about Krishna. I have written about Karna, here and I plan to write more so keep on letting me know that you like it. The next post that I plan to post is " Laxagrah " ( Wax Mansion ) because I saw a topic about Bhim's intelligence. If you ever need to ask me anything else, please let me know, I will be glad to help.

  7. Jai Shri Krishna.
    Shri Sanjay Patel thank you for your offer to help me. I have read the final Karna Arjuna battle of the Gujrati version which you have posted. I want to
    know just a few details about Karna. First I want to know about his wifes name in the Gujrati version. Also I would want to know about his sons. Their names and what becamo of them

    best regards
    Niraj Sharma

  8. Hi Dhruv,

    u r misleading brother, the ideal life for every human being is Lord Shrirama. Let me clarify u r doubts.

    1. vaali vadh: Sugriv not forcefully kept Thara. It is common in Vaanaras to keep brothers wife and it is also said in Ramayan, but vaali forcefully sent sugriv out of his kingdom and kept his wife ruma. Which is absolutely wrong in everyway, incase of Vaali, so he deserves the punishment. So thats why Shri Rama punished vaali.

    2. Seetha Agni Pravesh: Seetha kept in ashok vanam for 11 months by Ravan. So it is common for everyone to think about Sita's chastity. The only one person who believes sita is a chaste wife is Shri Rama. If you read Vaalmiki Ramayan completely , you know the essence of Shri Rama. Shri Rama asks whereabouts of sita to mountains, air,water,birds and everything that stands in his way of searching sita.

    So, he doesn't want someone to hurt sita's heart and her feelings. He is full confident that she is pure, thats why he ordered sita to enter fire.

    Sita Tyaag: only a few persons witnessed the sita entering the fire,after ravan vadh. After coronation of Shri Rama's kingdomship, he heard lot of people saying that sita is abducted by ravan and having doubts about her chastity.

    So , he doesn't like "Yadha Raja Thadha Praja". He doesn't want someone to blame sita's chastity and he also doesn't want to enter fire again and again infront of people. Shri Rama loved Sita so deeply right after the marriage. He doesn't have any option to sacrifice sita. In Ashvamedha yagna he made golden statue of sita and kept it beside when performing the yajna.

    Now a days no one is looking into the reports given by people in the police stations and courts. But Shri Rama loooked into the report even that case is not present in his court, so how great he is.

    Jai Shri Ram.

  9. Hi Sri,

    I admire Lord Shri Ram a lot, an ideal human being in all aspects.
    1. vaali vadh: Sugreev also kept wife of Vali who is like mother to him.
    2. Seetha Agni Pravesh: At this time Ram have to set an example for his praja rather then discarding Sita. Thats the reason of women's sufferings in Hindu Dharm till now.

  10. Guys you are all missing one thing is the essense of both the avatars

    Rama life was sad and not at all happy. But he lived his life in complete tranquility not letting sorrows affecting his duties.

    Krishna life was filled with opulence and luxury but he was never carried away in his happiness . He always did his duties with equanimity.

    Both were stithpragya .. one should be like that not to be drowned by sorrow or happiness .

    Avatars don't come to earth for fame r luxury they come only for duties.As krishna said if he becomes attached to his karmas . The karma cycle will cease to exit.

  11. Prakash i am agree with you,but krishna is not popular than Lord Rama .God Rama is more popular than krishna.....

  12. Dhruv i think you haven't much more knoledge of Ramayana
    Firstly Rama didn't killed vaali hiding behind the trees because arrow was thrown by standing in front of vaali and arrow was attacked in vaali's chest.
    Also sita tyag was necessary at taht time and this decision was taken by sitadevi and not by god ramaif you read the valmiki ramayan carefully then you will know the greatness of god Rama.......

  13. Praveen ji, you are right. But what I am saying is also a fact. The reason is simple. To conduct like Lord Rama is not easy for today's society. Poeple find more masala in lord Krishna's character the way it is presented by modern day sadhus/babs who have opened their shop in every TV channel now a days and in public domain they are giving pravachan by befooling innocent public in the pretext of pravachan on Lord Krishna. Every fine morning a new baba comes on tv channels with Radaha Krishna stories. the innocent public thinks that Lord krishna character is very usual. But Rama's characer is cxample of supreme sacrifiace which is very difficult to follow and beyond capacity of human being. Otherwise lord Rama is most powerful and real lord who is worshipped by all gods and by Shankar Mahadev whom all other god worship. Similarly, without asking Lord Indra offers himslef in Lord Rama,s service when he had final war with lankesh who is fully equipped with pushpak Viman . Lord Rama was very popular as a king of Ayodhya as well and his subject was very loyal and loving to him..

  14. Heres wishing Dhruv and all the readers a happy janmasthami. May Lord Krishnas blessings be on all of us.

    Best wishes

  15. Lord Rama was for everyone.Beyond relation,caste,creation and anything else. From Ahilya to Nishad to Sugreev to Vibhiyhan to Jamvant to Jatayu to numberless creatures some even Monkeys, bears etc during his exile Lord Rama helped everyone.None of them were related to him.

    In the contrast Lord Krishna helped Pandava, Draupadi, Sudama etc who all were his relatives and nears and dear ones.

    The Lord Rama has never played any politics he was humble,polite and a serious person. His supremacy was proved without any efforts by him. He never pose to be a god, yet he was addressed always with Lord. Evry god Mahadev, Brahmaji, Hanumanji worshipped him.

    In the contrast Lord Krishna always played politics and diplomacy. As per Shrimadbhagvad he is the full incarnation of Vishnu with all 16 arts in him, though, whch I do n't endorse. It is Lord Rama who is th most powerful god in human form. Lord Krishna never got so much respect from human and other creatures for being as lord Rama. Even before his departure from earth, the god Kaal had to come personally to take him. On the contrast, Lord krishna was killed by a hunter mistaken to be an animal.

    Lord Rama though was a prince born with a silver spoon but always preferred to live difficlut life. Lord Rama, was an army in himself, a great warrier leading from the front. A unparellel archer a handsome man beyond imagination, an ideal son,idle father,ideal brother,an ideal king and an ideal husband and an ideal friend. A very straight forward and brave very cool and calm and if angreed with someone then no god can protect. Examples are numerious : Ravana was a Shiv divotee, Vali son of Surya when they facd Lord Rama no one could save them.

    To live lord Rama's life and to follow his ideals are really diffcult so some people do not want to follow them, they feel Krishna' joyful life is ideal for them. But it is not so.

    In Kalyuga, the ideals of Lord Rama are more relevant. It wll be in human benefit to propagate lord Rama's ideals in Kalyuga to overcome the evils.

    Jai Sri ram

  16. stop it yaar... just a nonsence..
    there is no difference between both & both had given the way of life.
    one who is rama had given living of life on the way lord krishan touche the peole deed.

    don't be stupid just go ahead through both of way