Friday, November 4, 2011

Killing of Vali

Everyone is aware of Killing of Vali.

Sugriva challenged Vali to a fight. And when Vali & Sugreeva are fighting Rama shot Vali from behind.

Now Rama faces the injured Vali. A dying Vali told Rama if you are searching your wife you should have come to me for help and friendship. Whoever took Sita even if it is Ravana I have defeated them and would have taken them at you feet and at your mercy.

These questions arises
What was Vali's crime to Rama?
Even if Vali committed a crime (with his brother), what is Rama's right to kill Vali?

These questions are answered by following ::

The younger brother should be treated like a son. Even if he made a mistake you should forgive him, specially when he promised to respect you for your whole life.
Some people says Vali was not a human so Rama can hunt him like people use to hunt deers etc at that time.

But if we keep Vali in category of animals then what Vali did wasn't a crime. And also at that time monkeys are not hunted by people. And another thing is Vali was a very well known king of his time.

Vali was wrong but same thing is done by Sugreeva after death of Vali. He must have treated Vali's wife as his mother.

So the reasons of Vali killing are not justifiable.

Only good reason is to give respect to boon which Vali have.


  1. Lets take this situation in an another way...suppose u see a boy teasing girl and interfere in between and he asks u same questions:
    1)what is my crime?
    2)what if i committed a crime, who gave u right to interfere in this situation?
    what do u say Mr. Gaba?

  2. at that time what happened was correct, rama needed sugreeva's help and so he kiled vali.
    bali said to rama that he would have helped him but what was the guarantee, if he didnt even trusted his brother then y would he have trysted rama..?

  3. Tara married Sugriva by her own choice . She wasn't forced by anybody.And thereafter she became devoted wife of Sugriva.This may be becs she wanted to secure her son Angad future. But its only a speculation.

    Regarding Vali destroying entire Ravana's army ,its look like very unlikely.
    Why Vali took a complete year to defeat the demon inside the cave?

  4. @Sharingan
    The Situation is quite different.Vali didnt forced Ruma.And Sugreeva did the same thing. So different laws to both dont seem righteous.

  5. @Gourav
    Sugreeva even not tried once to find out what happened to Vali. And before that incident Vali treated Sugreeva as his son.

    And even Sugreeva forgot afterwards that he have to help Rama.

  6. Well in that case the boy who is teasing a girl in front of you can also argue as he didn't forced you to interfere......
    By the way u still didn't answered that what would you do in the situation mentioned above????

  7. @Sharingan
    I am not going to kill him from behind that is for sure

  8. @Dhruv Gaba
    Where do u source ur information from?
    First of all I never knew Tara married Sugreeva after Vali was killed. And on the contrary Vali forcibly captivates Ruma against her wish considering the fact that her husband was alive and was his younger brother, which meant she was akin a daughter to him.

  9. @Anonymous
    Tara marrying Sugreeva is mention in Ramayana only. And I am not aware of abduction of Ruma by Vali. Will check and let you know.

    Abduction of Ruma is only stated by Sugreeva. Other half of story is not known.

    And after killing of Vali, Sugreeva forgot that he need to help Rama in finding of Sita.

  10. I am not aware of the marriage between Tara and Vali but one thing is clear that Ruma was siezed by Vali forcible because Tars herself suggests to Vali to return Ruma to Sugriva and to make peace with him.

  11. @dhruv
    what sugreeva did was right at that time because he saw blood coming out of the cave and to stop the evil to come from there he closed it (according to what is in ramayana). what he did that time was correct.

  12. @Gaurav
    1st Vali came out of that cave after moving the stone which Sugreeva kept there. So the demon can also easily move the stone if he can kill the mighty Vali.So keeping evil away is not a good reason.

    And 2nd Vali was not aware whether Sugreeva closed the cave on 1st day or he waited for Vali for 1 month. And it was quite a shock for Vali when instead of Sugreeva he got a stone waiting for him.

  13. @Dhruv
    Q) What was Vali's crime to Rama?
    A) There was no crime to Rama from Vali.

    Q) Even if Vali committed a crime (with his brother), what is Rama's right to kill Vali?
    A) Rama made a gentlemen's agreement with Sugreev that he will restore him to the throne of Kishkindha (only possible by killing Vali) and in return Sugreev will use all his resources to find Sita and help Rama in getting her back.

    This shows that Rama is a good friend and man of his word as he saved Sugreev's life and kept his promise. He could have snubbed Sugreev and gone to Vali who was more powerful but that would mean breaking their agreement.

    This also shows that Rama is a military genuis by restoring Sugreev to the throne without a single casualty apart from Vali. The other alternative would have been a civil war in Kishkindha which would have taken up valuable time and wasted resources. Rama could have challenged Vali himself, but that would have been risky as Vali is powerful and Rama needed to stay in top good condition in order to travel to Sita's location, rescue her and then get back safely.

    This also shows that Rama is truelly noble as he knew that people who don't understand military strategy will question him, so he took the responsibilty of shooting Vali himself. He could have easily ordered someone else to shoot. He also saved many lives by avoiding a civil war in Kishkindha.

    It's a shame that Rama/Krishna's brilliant military strategies have been misinterpreted as treachery/cowardly. I think this happened when Valmiki and Vyas's original works were copied onto new leaves/paper to preserve them. The new authors didn't understand military matters so misinterpreted them.