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Best Archer of Mahabharta


  1. Karna no doubt was one among the best but I personally feel that pitamah Bheeshm was the greatest ever!!!!

  2. Both are great. And no doubt Gangaputra is the best warrior of that time.

  3. Yeah, because bhisma has seen hunderds of battle fields and won all of them, so his experiance becomes important, but karna achieved this height in a short time , may be when karna is as old as bheesma he would be better than bheesma(unlike nowadays warriors only grow stronger with age at that time )

  4. Jai Sri Ram. Dear friends as an aspiring devotee of Lord Ram I am aware of one thing. The ultimate test of a warrior is either to fight Sri Parshurama or wield a bow given by Sri Parshurama. This is evident in Sitajis Swayamwar. When Lord Ram broke the Shiv dhanush, Parshuramji made an appearence and he was NOT impressed by Sri Rams feat. He gave Sri Ram his bow and told him to fire an arrow from it. He said then I will be convinved that you are the greatest warrior and worthy to do battle with me. In the Mahabharat only 2 warriors have achieved this. Bheeshma had a battle with Sri Parshurama and Karna wielded the bow of Sri Parshurama ie the Vijaya bow. Hence these 2 are great. However please do not underestimate Arjuna. He is in no way inferior. He too did battle with Lord Shiva. Although my favourite character in Mahabharat is Karna I have no intention to be the member of the Arjuna hate club.

  5. The best archer in MB is Krishna. The main reason I say this is that there was a great Swayamver just like Draupadi Swayamver for a princess to get married. This Swayamver ( Baghwat Puran ) was just like Draupadi Swayamver except it was even harder. Jarasandth, Shisupal, Rukmi, KalingRaja, Paudyhak, Shalva, Arjun and Karna could not be successful in shooting the fish. Krishna finally got up and shot the fish successfully.

  6. Please elaborate the story
    never heard about it

    Dhruv Gaba

  7. I will reply by writing a story named " Krishna marring 6th Wife"

  8. Yes, I agree with SanjayPatel2010 that Krishna was the best archer ever.
    The story mentioned in the Bhagat Puran is such that there was a swayamvar in Dwapar Yuga. The archery test in this swayamvar was much tougher than
    Draupadi's swayamvar.While only Karna and Arjuna succeded in the Draupadi swayamvar, in this swayamvar both failed miserably. However Arjuna's performance was better than Karna's.After failing in this swayamvar, Arjuna remarked in Krishna's presence that even if Lord Rama participated in this swayamvar then even he would fail in this swayamvar.Arjuna further added that while Draupadi's swayamvar was much tougher than that of Sita's
    Lord Rama's performance in this swayamvar would have been worse than that of Arjuna's. Then Lord Krishna stated that Lord Rama would participate in this swayamvar and suceed at it. Then Krishna got up, took part in the swayamvar and while succeding in this swaymavara, he took the form of Lord Rama.

  9. Lord Rama was the best archer ever. And I dont think anyone can doubt on it. And regarding this story I think this story is added just to show powers of Krishna. I dont think this was a true incident.

  10. Karna is undoubtly the best warrior he was taught by parsurama. bhisma, dronacharya both were his guru bhai bhisma has defeated his guru parsurama he has a boon of icha mirtyu, dronacharya could not be defeatd in any war but parsurama gave his vijay dhanus to karna not to bhisma nor to dronacharya.

  11. Hari Om.
    I have a feeling that Shri Parshuramji gave a highest level training to both Bheeshma and Karna and not Drona. Otherwise how come Arjuna did not have the Pashupat astra which Karna had ? Arjuna obtained Pashupat astra after tapasya. Drona had the highest level of affection for Arjuna. Had he possessed the Pashupat astra he would have definitely given it to Arjuna. I am sure one reason is that Drona never really had the enthusiasm to be a great warrior ie something which Karna and Bheeshma had. He had gone to Shri Parshurama to get wealth and money from him as Parshuramji was donating all his wealth which he had won in wars. (Drona was facing poverty at that time ). But Drona was too late and Parshuramji told him that I have nothing left except knowledge in astra vidya hence Drona accepted the vidya becoz he had no choice. Later he visited Drupada got insulted and then became guru to avenge insult.

  12. The world has seen only one great valour, which is Lord Shri Rama. No one comes close to rama. And u can't think of anyone. No one can cut Rama's arrow, which is so powerful.

    I think in the Mahabharat, there are two great archers, none other than Bheeshma and Karna. In the entire mahabharata no one have the capability of defeating Bheeshma,including arjuna himself. When arjun can't face bheeshma, lord krishna lifts the chariot wheel to kill Bheeshma. He(Bheeshma) never lost . Karna failed so many times. Sadly Bheeshma and karna were killed in the battle by tricking, not defeated. So there is no greatness of arjuna in this case. Bheeshma broke arjun's gandiva into pieces,which is powerful. So, i don't think arjuna is the great archer in the mahabharat.

  13. Hi Sri,

    Your points are valid to some extent but it seems you dont believe in Karma. And in Mahabharata Karna/Bhisma are only two person who lived according to there Karma and according to Geeta you must follow the path of Karma. And helping Suyodhana was the Karma of Bhisma and Karna and they both done it very well. May be it seems wrong to you according to your believes and ideas. But Bhisma/Karna were the greatest archers of Mahabharata and ever Krishna/Parsurama acknowledge this so I dont think there is any need for you to nullifying these facts. Because these are facts and you cant change facts.

    Thanks a lot for sharing your views :)

    Dharamvir/Dhruv Gaba

  14. And whatever Arjuna was just because of Krishna else he was just an ordinary archer and you can check this in Mahabharata. There is fight between some burglars and Arjuna and there Arjuna lost very badly.

  15. Hi dhruv,

    let me tell you one thing, arjuna never lost in the battle. Thats why he called Vijayo, Bheebatso. Put Kurukshetra aside. Consider the rest of mahabharat. Arjuna fought singlehandedly and won all of them without Shri Krishna's help. Shri krishna was present with him in the kurukshetra only. Its is impossible to describe everything even to Ved Vyaas Maharshi also. Just read Mahabharat like everyone, and try to capture the inner meaning and essense of it.

    Tell me where Karna won over arjun. In the Mahabharat where arjuna lost. How many times Karna won the fights,just give me references.


  16. Below is Karna valour extract from Ganguly. ” O bull of Bharata’s race, and supported by many Kuru heroes and many mighty Madraka car-warriors, protected Karna while the latter was engaged in battle with the Pandavas, the Pancalas, the Cedis, and Satyaki. Destroying that vast division with his sharp arrows, and crushing many foremost of car-warriors Karna succeeded in afflicting Yudhishthira. Cutting off the armour, the weapons, and the bodies of thousands of foes and slaying his foes by thousands and sending them to heaven and making them earn great fame, Karna caused his friends great joy. The son of Radha then, that crusher of foes, turning back from the pursuit, quickly covered Bhima himself with sharp arrows from every side. Then Satyaki, of immeasurable soul, O Bharata, placing himself on the side of Bhima’s car, began to afflict Karna who was in front of Bhima. Karna too, otherwise called Vaikartana, O Bharata, in that battle, resisted Bhimasena, and the Karushas, the Kaikayas, and the Srinjayas Sanjaya said, ‘Meanwhile Vikartana himself, resisting Bhimasena supported by the Pancalas and the Cedis and the Kaikayas, covered him with many arrows. In the very sight of Bhimasena, Karna, slew in that battle many mighty car-warriors among the Cedis, the Karushas, and the Srinjayas. Then Bhimasena, avoiding Karna, that best of car-warriors, proceeded against the Kaurava troops like a blazing fire towards a heap of dry grass The son of Radha, too, O monarch, singly resisted the Pancalas and the Pandavas and the (five) sons of Draupadi and Yudhamanyu and the mighty car-warrior Satyaki, in consequence of which feat he became the cynosure of all eyes.” Here I read Karna resisting Pandavas . Pandavas definitely include Arjuna as well.

  17. Who is this idiot? Does he even know Mahabharat? lol Your wank job was entertaining anyway. ;)

  18. Sorry, Niraj! That was meant at Tushar Mundaada!

  19. Who is this idiot? Does he even know Mahabharat? lol Your wank job was entertaining anyway. And, I'll advice you read the "original" texts of Vyas's Mahabharat!

  20. I don't know how long it took for a simpleton like you to type all this biased stuff. I pity you. Let me counter that with a single line. You are an Idiot who is prejudiced. Go read the proper version of Mahabharat again. lol

  21. There are many versions of MB. We cannot really go by one. In some versions Arjun is the greatest but in other versions Bhisma, Dorna and Karna are greater. It is true that with the help of Lord Krishna, Arjun was able to fight against them.
    I have seen statements such as Virat was there was no Krishna but that was biased by Parkshit and Janmejaya who has changed MB being closely related to Arjun.
    In Ramayan, the warriors were lot greater than MB warriors. Shahastrabhau used to equip 500 bows in his hands and fight against his enemies. Ravan knew all types of fighting, every divya astra and maya. Indrajit had performed so many yagnas and received so many powers and weapons. Demons like Mahisasur, Shubh, Nishubh, Jalandhar and Tarkasur had defeated almost everyone. We cannot say that Arjun, Bhisma, Dorna or Karna were greatest warriors of all time.

  22. In the end of war krishna himself says that "sakshat lokpal bhi bheesma. drona karna aur bhoorishrava ko dharam purvak yudh main nahi maar sakte the."Then krishna says that "duryodhana shastra bahut tirvata se chalata tha aur yudh se thakta nahi tha is liye sakshat danddhari kaal bhi dharam purvak yudh main use nahi mar sakte the"Then Krishna add that that i had to use my "maya" to kill all these great warriors.

  23. Mahabhartha happened for one and only reason! To end the era of Gods and demi-gods and to handover the future of the planet to humans, which in turn was the commencement of Kali Yuga. Mahabharatha is the only epic where people can have numerous interpretations of the events. Ved Vyasa exaggerated it and kept it open ended to keep the epic open for numerous interpretations.

    Since it is open to numerous interpretations, I would like to pose a question of my own in this wonderful forum.

    We all know that Ved Vyasa recited the Mahabharatha and Lord Ganesha wrote it, but there was a pact between Lord Ganesha and Ved Vyasa. Lord Ganesha said that Ved Vyasa should recite it wthout a break and Ved Vyasa said that Lord Ganesha should understand it fully before writing it down. So my question is as follows: Are we actually reading Ved Vyasa's Mahabharatha or Lord Ganesha's interpretation of Ved Vyasa's Mahabharatha.

  24. And I would like to humbly request a few individuals, to not deviate from the discussion. Let us only discuss characters from Mahabharatha only. Comparing between Parashurama, Rama and Krishna is not fair. It is like asking who is better: Vidura or Chanakya. I know it should have been the other way round, but I am hoping you get the point. Parashurama was a Brahman who took upon himself to rid the earth of Kshatriyas (which was very essential as the kshatriyas were drunk on power). Rama proved to Parashurama that Kshatriyas were needed to rule the earth and he showed the way to do it (which was essential as brahmins could not take care of kingdoms), and Krishna wanted to eliminate the earth of all Gods and demi-gods (including their children) to prepare it for Kali-Yuga.

  25. Now for the geniuses in this forum who seem to think that only Pandavas were right in Mahabharatha. Here are a few questions which I would like the so called geniuses (especially Mr. Tushar Mundaada) to answer:

    1) I agree that it was Kshatriya dharma to accept chausar (the game of dice), but which dharma was Yudhishtra following by betting his brothers and later on his wife. If you prove this with your wisdom, then kindly enlighten me as to why did he stop at Draupadi? Why did he not bet his mother Kunti as well?

    2) If Pandavas were right completely, what was Draupadi's motivation to say "Andhe ka putra andha" (Even the son is blind) to Duryodhana? We know she repented it later, but is repentance always an excuse to say whatever one wants?

    3) Why is it wrong when Karna uses Divyastra against Arjun, but right when Arjun kills Karna with it?

    4) If Arjuna was truly good, why did Krishna save him by pushing the chariot downwards when Karna fired Nagastra?

    5) If Karna was not Daan Veer Shur, why did he still donate his Kavach and Kundal despite knowing that it was Indra, and also knowing that it could end up killing him? If there is swarth behind this, why did Indra insist that Karna ask him for something?

    6) Why did Karna promise Kunti that he would spare all her sons except Arjuna, and also promise her not to use Nagastra more than once? If he kept his promise, how can he not be great?

    7) If Karna was not a great warrior how did he manage to defeat Bhima, Yudhishtra and Sahadev and spare them because of his promise?

    8) If Bhishma was not a great warrior, why did he reveal the method to defeat him when Pandavas came to ask him for that?

    9) Why do you think Bhishma kept Karna away from the war till his fall? (HINT: He knew who Karna was)

    So my dear friend (Mr. Tushar Mundaada) let me see you answer these questions!

  26. Two incidents that happened before and after the death of Karna

    During Arjuna's battle with Karna, Karna shot an arrow which pushed Arjuna's chariot a feet back. When Arjuna shot an arrow it pushed Karna's chariot ten feet back. Lord Krishna praised Karna for it. When Arjuna asked him why was he praising Karna when Karna was able to move him only one feet and Arjuna was able to move Karna ten feet. Krishna replied that Arjuna's chariot was a blessing from Durga, the flag was of Pawan putra Hanuman and the Lord Vishnu himself was on that chariot, so for anyone to even think about moving the chariot with their arrows was a practical impossibility. But Karna managed to do it, and thus he was amazed by it and hence praised Karna for it.

    After the death of Karna Krishan showed him the effect of the war on his chariot. Lord Krishna got down from his chariot, asked Lord Hanuman and Goddess Durga to remove their protective shield of blessing, and Arjuna immediately saw the result. His entire chariot was burnt to cinders within minutes. He said to Arjuna, because he had the blessings of all these, that is why he was safe!

  27. What I like about hte epics Ramayana and Mahabharatha are the links, which are formed so brilliantly.

    a) Vali in Ramayana was Indra's son, but was cheated by Rama to provide Sugriva, the son of Surya, the victory. Vishnu promised Indra that in his next avatar he would take care of Indra's son.

    b) Vishnu also promised Vali that in Vali's next incarnation Vali would be responsible for Vishnu's avatar's death.

    c) In Mahabharatha, Indra's son Arjuna was the hero and Surya's son Karna was the victim.

    d) Barbarik, son of Ghatochkach and grandson of Bheema, in his display of his unique weapon ended up hitting Lord Krishna's toe (Lord Krishna was himself responsible for this). The toe became so soft, that Barbarik said Lord Krishna should take special care of his toe as it might prove troublesome.

    e) After Mahabharatha, when Lord Krishna was resting in a forest, a hunter (who was Vali in Ramayana) accidentally mistook Lord Krishna's foot for a dear and shot an arrow that struck Lord Krishna on the same toe as Barbarik's shot. It bled profusely and signalled the end of Lord Krishna and the end of God's for that and the forthcoming yuga.

  28. these incidents are not mentioned anywhere in ved vyasa-mahabharat.Geeta press gorakhpur is the only press in the world that prints the real vyas mahabharat.

  29. Guess, I need to buy the six volumes of Mahabharata from Gita Press available for online purchase. My only worry is that it is only available in Hindi Language. I do know how to read in Hindi, but I am not comfortable. But what makes you so sure that Gita Press books are the ones that are the closest to Ved Vyasa's Mahabharata? Everyone, who actually, publishes a mythology uses the actual author's name and publishes their interpretation of Mahabharata. But all in all, thanks for the valuable info of Gita Press.

    As for my two events that I mentioned, i've had three sources mention this story to me and I validated the same from two scriptures. I cannot say it is 100% authentic, but then who on this planet can actually single out the veracity of one particular source for Mahabharata?

  30. The bit about Arjun's chariot exploding after Lord Hanuman leaves is mentioned in Vyas Mahabharata transalated by Krishna Mohan Ganguly. It also mentions that Lord Shiva was walking in front of Arjun's chariot during the war.

    It also mentions Karna defeating Jarasandh on more then one occassion, in both hand to hand comabat as well as in war. Something that the Pandavas and the Yadavas were unable to do.

  31. Mahabharat Padhi Bhi Hai Ya Nhi.Read It Again

  32. Agar Galat Baat Brahma Bhi Kahe To Un Ki Bhi Na Maano.
    Ap K Paas Vivek Ki Drishti Honi Chahiye.Karna & Bhishma Was The Greatest One.Arjuna Was Nothing Before Them.
    I M Also The Fan Of Arjuna & My Aradhya Is SriKrishna.
    Always Follow The Right Yahi Vivek Hai.

  33. Tushar Mundaada has said correctly. Karna is good at running away from battlefiled

  34. Jai Shri Rama
    Karna was also good at standing upto many warriors and Arjuna was good at obtaining help from both divine and huma levels. Below is proof ie battle on 1st day of Karna parva
    “ Arjuna, cutting off his adversary’s bow and driver and steeds and standard with seven shafts, next cut off his umbrella with one arrow. Obtaining then an opportunity, he sped at Duryodhana an excellent shaft, capable of taking the life of the person struck.( Hey has Arjun forgotton Bhimas pratigya ? ghajini like short term memory loss eh !) Drona’s son, however, cut off that shaft into seven fragments. Cutting off then the bow of Drona’s son and slaying the four steeds of the latter with his arrow, the son of Pandu next cut off the formidable bow of Kripa too. Then cutting off the bow of Hridika’s son, he felled the latter’s standard and steeds. Then cutting off the bow of Duhshasana, he proceeded against the son of Radha. At this, Karna, leaving Satyaki quickly pierced Arjuna with three arrows and Krishna with twenty, and Partha again ( the word again written after Partha is proof that the partha here is Arjuna NOT any other son of Kunti ) repeatedly. Although many were the arrows that he shot while slaying his foes in that battle, like Indra himself inspired with wrath, Karna yet felt no fatigue. ( here its evident that Karna is getting better of Arjuna ) Meanwhile Satyaki, coming up, pierced Karna with nine and ninety fierce arrows, and once more with a hundred. ( Here its clearly evident that satyaki rescued arjuna as Arjuna was repeatedly pierced by Karna when another warrior intervenes between the fight the man whom he is attacking is obviously in advantageous situation. See Ashatthama intervening to protect Duryodhana who was in trouble while battling Arjuna. Lord Rama also attacked Vali when Vali was thrashing Surgreeva. Hence its clear that when Karna was fighting at his best he was indeed equal or perhaps superior to Arjuna. In the final battle also he had rendered Arjuna unconscious before the curses took over ). Then all the foremost heroes among the Parthas ( Parthas means sons of Kunti and Arjun is definitely included here. He cannot have been somewhere else because Its just been shown him being pierced by Karna just moments ago ) began to afflict Karna. Yudhamanyu and Shikhandi and the sons of Draupadi and the Prabhadrakas, and Uttamauja and Yuyutsu and the twins and Dhrishtadyumna, and the divisions of the Cedis and the Karushas and the Matsyas and Kaikeyas, and the mighty Chekitana, and king Yudhishthira of excellent vows, all these, accompanied by cars and steeds and elephants, and foot-soldiers of fierce prowess, encompassed Karna on all sides in that battle, and showered upon him diverse kinds of weapons, addressing him in harsh words and resolved to compass his destruction. (Satyaki made the first move to rescue Arjuna and he was filled by a crowd of maharathis attacking Karna ) Cutting off that shower of weapons with his sharp shafts, Karna dispersed his assailants by the power of his weapons like the wind breaking down the trees that stand on its way. Filled with wrath, Karna was seen to destroy car-warriors, and elephants with their riders, and horses with horse-men, and large bands of foot-soldiers. Slaughtered by the energy of Karna’s weapons, almost the whole of that force of the Pandavas, deprived of weapons, and with limbs mangled and torn, retired from the field. Then Arjuna, smiling the while, baffled with his own weapons the weapons of Karna
    ( okay fine here arjuna makes a recovery but please realize that it took many warriors up there to subdue Karna after satyaki rescued Arjuna )


  36. Reasons Why Arjuna is better warrior than Karna:
    1) Karna tried to imprison Drupada with help of Kauravas and their army but he retreated. Where as Arjuna defeated and brought Drupada before Drona

    2) Karna was defeated by Arjuna during Draupadi swayamvar.

    3) Karna was defeated by Gandharvas and ran away from battlefield leaving Duryodhana to Gandharvas. He was not drunk at that time. Arjuna defeated Gandharvas and released Duryodhana from their hands

    4) Arjuna single handedly defeated Bhishma,Drona, Karna etc in virata yudh and spared their lives

    5) In Mahabharata in one instance Arjuna shot an asthra that would kill Karna But Aswathama saves Karna with his counter asthra.

    6) Karna relied on shakthi weapon to kill Arjuna. But Arjuna relied on his prowess and strength.

    7) Karna was defeated by Bhima many times and ran away from battlefield. Once Karna won against Bhima by hiding in his chariot.

    8) Arjuna did not use pasupathathra against Karna. Pasupathasthra would have destroyed complete kaurava army in single day.

    9) Arjuna defeated Lord Indra at khandava vanam.

    10) Karna was defeated 2 times by Ahimanyu and ran away from battlefield. It was Karna who asks Drona how to kill Abhimanyu with deceit.

  37. Most of your points against Karna have been answered. Please don’t bring these points again and again. Initially it appears funny but afterwards it becomes a little boring and irritating. Drupad capturing incident is a new doubt. Remember Dronas instructions to both the parties. They had to capture Drupad alive in their attempt. In other words while fighting Drupad both Karna and Duryodhana cannot hit Drupad a killing blow as Dronas instructions would be nullified. – He wanted Drupad alive not dead. Drupad on the other hand had received no such instructions hence was NOT fighting under the psychological handicap fight but not to kill. Hence in this battle the advantage of aggression was heavily in Drupads favour. Arjuna too had this disadvantage after all he also could not fight to kill. But don’t forget in that battle he was under the charge of Yudhishthira who was the wisest character in MB. If you have understood MB properly you will realize immediately after this Drupad capturing incident Yudhishthiras prospects as Yuvraj increased forcing Duryodhana for the Lakshagraha incident. In kurukshetra Drupad did not have any advantage. He and the Panchalas did nothing of note against Karna. Infact heir only claim to fame was that Karna was their biggest nightmare

  38. Do you know how many different versions of Mahabharat there are? The things you listed are different in every version so they may be false. For example in some versions Karna doesn't even fight Arjuna before the Virat war. In some versions Abhimanyu is killed before Karna joins the fighting.

    However in every version what is always the same is that Lord Krishna tried to convince Karna to join the Pandavas just before the war. After Krishna failed he asked Kunti to ask Karna to join the Pandavas in order to demoralise him.

    That shows that Lord Krishna the greatest strategic/tactician considered Karna to be a serious threat to Arjuna and the rest of the Pandavas.

    And by the way nobody in the Mahabharat war took part in treachery/deceit. It was brilliant strategy/tactics which got misinterpreted as deceit by the same type of idiots who advised Prithviraj Chauhan lower his guard and let the enemy go.

  39. Only Person who had the ability to kill Arjuna fairly and not when he was unaware was Pitamah Bhisma and Karna. But Pitamah Bhisma has already declared not to Killed any of the Pandavas since they were his own blood. So only person left was Karna.So Duryodhana relied all his life upon Karna. Now somebody will asked Why Bhisma and Karna alone and not Dronacharya and Ashwasthama. Simple Dronacharya himself has admitted his inability to fight Arjuna. And Ashwasthama was not great as his father so they don't come into contention.

  40. There can be only one warrior who can be called best .IN CONTENTION are Narakasur,Banasur, Kansa,Jarasandh, Bhisma , Dronacharya and Bhagadatt ---------------------------- Arjun,Karna,Bhimsen,Ashwathama, Abhimanyu,Satyaki and GhatockachaSeptember 17, 2011 at 12:55 AM

    Arjun can be compared with Bhisma
    Karna can be compared with Dronacharya

  41. A person how much skillfull and talented he is can't succeed without the grace of Almighty. We don't have to wander anywhere take the example of two brothers one eldest the other youngest. Both possesses same kind of attributes ,skill ,talent but see the results. Where Arjun got everything an warrior can accomplised and Karna became indebted to a Friend who was towards Adharma.
    BUT God is not unkind he finally de justice to the noble soul of Karna.
    Now who was the greatest warrior if played on the same field.
    Arjun, Bhisma,Karna, Bhimsen, Dronacharya, Ashwatthama, Abhimanyu , Satyaki, Bhagadatt and Ghatokacha.
    All of them are Maharathis so they are very well matched and on their best day anyone can outclass the other. So we have see their low points and high points.

    He faced his father Lord Indra and others along side Lord Krishna.
    He also defeated the Nivatakachas the mighty group of warriors which Mighty Ravan failed to win over.
    He also defeated Dronacharya,Karna, Kripacharya and Ashwatthama during Virat war.
    He again had small wins over The great Bhisma during Kurukshetra war and defeated Karna, Dronacharya, Ashwatthama,Kripacharya,Duryodhana ,Bhaggadatt and Kritvarma.
    He also killed the great Karna and Mighty Bhagadatt.
    But he also had low points he was defeated by his own Son Brabrubahan, and fled away when failed to compete with group of Robbers.
    (2) Bhisma= When there was no Pandavas ,No Karna,No Dronacharya and No Ashwatthama,
    HASTINAPUR was safe becs of only one name Bhisma.
    He fought with Lord Parashurama and the Lord Parashurama couldn't defeat him. He was only one who was not defeated by Arjun during Virat war.
    In Kurukshetra war Bhisma defeated all the pandavas including Arjun and made Abhimanyu unconsious. He was so powerful that he knew that if he fought with full might other than Lord Krishna nobody can stand before him at Kurukshetra war.
    (3) Karna= He had showed such skill that only Arjun have it in him to match him.
    He defeated mighty Jarashandha. He won territories from all over for Duryodhana.
    He had Arjun in all short of trouble during the 16th day .Arjun was to be rescued by joint efforts.
    He was the only warrior to broke the strings of Arjuna,his Crown and his Armoured. He also made Arjun unconsious. He also defeated Bhimsen and Satyaki numerous times when he was the General.
    But as a complete warrior he also faced defeats many times.
    He was defeated by Abhimanyu and Bhimsen severely.He was also no matched agains Arjun during the Virat war.

  42. I will simply ask...why did they take a movie on karna? and not on any other character? i rest my case

  43. Dear Smartboy. I am indeed impressed by your smartness. Your point on Karna ( He was defeated by Abhimanyu and Bhimsen severely.He was also no matched agains Arjun during the Virat war.) A deep understanding of mahabharata will enlighten you that a disciple of Parshuraman has to take a pledge that he cannot kill the following. A woman, a eunuch and unarmed warrior and a son who is an eklauta putra of his mother or father. This is revealed in a conversation between Bhisma and Yudhishthira on the first day of the battle. Abhimanyu was eklauta putra of subhadra hence none of the 3 disciple of Sri Parshurama could kill him. Ghatotkacha too was killed by shakti a weopon given by Indra not by bhargavastra which Karna did use against arjuna. When Karna used the Bhargava astra Arjuna was taken away from the battle field by Krishna. Arjuna chariot was burnt to smithereens under the divine weapons of karna and drona. Karna could not have used his divine weapons in Virata yudha because he was not expecting Arjuna and there were cows in close by vicinity. You know that when 2 ultrapowered divine weapons clash with each other it has a very shattaring impact on the beings close by. Ved vyasa makes this clear to Ashwatthama duing the brahmastra firing episode. When you compare 2 people in any field or any profession the criteria both performing at their best and then who is better. If I compare Salman Khan with Aamir Khan it has to Dabang versus 3 idiots. I cant quite Salmans movies like veer and quote Aamirs performance in Ghajini to prove Aamir superior.

  44. Thanks Niraj, for your enlightement about Karna. I have to search about that. Can you suggest where i can get information about that.Lord Parashuram students has to take such a pledge i didn't know. But why did you only noticed the low points of Karna. Be positive , i have said many good thing about Karna and is having a healthy debate with with Mr Chiraan and Co regarding Karna. And i have made Mr Chiraan uncomfortable many times when i supported Karna in his blog "Karna the unfortunate,jelous and egoistic warrior" follow that.
    When i said Karna was defeated by Abhimanyu ,Satyaki and Bhimsen. You don't need to get offended other than Almighty nobody is invincible.
    When Lord Parashuram wasn't able to win over Bhisma,when the Lord Ram itself was answerless against Megnaad in Certain occasion so you see Karna getting defeated is not a big issue.
    Not only Karna ,
    Arjuna and Bhimsen was saved by The Lord from Bhagadatt on 11th day. And Bhimsen also was to be saved from Alambusa and Alayudha during the night fight when Rakchasaas becomes very powerful. It is quite evident when Ghatokacha was defeated by Ashwathamma during day but The entire kaurav army is no match against Ghatokacha only to be saved by Karna in Night.
    But many die hard supporters of Bhimsen won't agree that Bhimsen can be defeated at all. They considered Bhimsen to be equalled to Lord Hanuman.when he even failed to move the tail of Bajrang Bali an inch. They thinks when we show the low points of Bhimsen we are Critcizing the Lord Vayu,which we are not.
    Be truthfull to yourself than you can be truthful to others. And in truth Resides God.

  45. Dear Smart boy. I have been observing Mr. Chiraans blog. I myself have debated there see my post in his blog Krishna praises karma. As your well wisher I would advise you not to debate with him much. There is a saying in English. Never argue with a fool the onlookers would not be able to notice the difference between you and him. You are the wise man that’s why I am telling you. Explaining something to him is like throwing pebbles on a rock of Gibraltar or like wrestling the incredible Hulk.
    Chiraan follows an ideology of a saint called madhavacharya whose name is mentioned in the Rigveda. According to madhavacharya Bhima is supreme. What chiraan does not realize that madhavacharyas birth was for the dvaita philosophy ( a Hinduism thought ) hence he had to promote vayu ( bhima ) great people do that ie hyping up a deity for a particular purpose. Agastya muni in his work the aditya hruday which he composed before lord Ram hypes up Surya devta as supreme equal to even Shiva Brahma Vishnu. Agastya muni too is revered by the Vedas and Lord Ram himself. Now whom to believe? Both Surya and Vayu have a history of defeats and running to Sri Vishnu or Lord Shiva for protection. Coming to you doubt about Parshuramas disciples. More than source pleas rely on observations. The biggest source of K.M Gnguly is also not 100% authentic. I have recorded his confessions in this very website. I can post them again. See Karna interaction with Abhimanyu. He cut the bow of Abhimanyu from behind. Whereas Arjuna cut the arm of Bhurishrava from behind. Why didn’t Karna do any bodily injury to Abhimanyu despite having opportunity. Instead of cutting bow he also could cut the hand of Abhimanyu. Observe Mahabharata carefully. A maharathi does not need his bow to launch a counter attack. After killing the sons of Draupadi Ashwatthama was attacked by Pandavas. He took a twig and charged it with brahmastra. He did not have a bow and launced his attack. Hence Karna cutting the bow of Abhimanyu is non contextual.
    Why Bheeshma could not defeat Ghatotkacha. Bheeshma was a warrior whom even Parshurama could not defeat. Infact in Kaurava army except Ashwatthama no one could register a victory over Ghatotkacha. Ashwatthama was not the best warrior in Kaurava army. He was not a disciple of Parshurama. He was son of Drona and his disciple. See disciple of drona can do what disciple of Parshurama cant do – that includes drona. Why didn’t Karna fire bhargava astra on Ghatokacha ?

  46. Animal and can be differentiated from Human where Animal acts instinctively Human on logics.

    The Most controversial issue In Mahabharata is the characters of Mahabharata more so incase of Karna. Its a very complex compared to Ramayana probably becs in Ramayana it was God vs Evil,so easy to distinguish and in Mahabharata action are of Human so not white not black ,only grey.So you can see both white or black or only the whitish or Blackish part ignoring the other.

    Now on the unanswered question causing controversy are .
    (1) In anti Karna version of Mahabharata, Karna was protrayed as jealous,undeserving student of Drona,where he is disregarded by Drona by stating is not eligible for Brahmastra.BUT the same Karna became eligible in Lord Parashurama Ashram. Now it Put the Character of Drona into more controversy which is already having tough time after Ekalavya incidence.

    (2) Now only by obtaining Brahmastra Karna became a great warrior? When he never used the Brahmastra and only time he wanted it never comes out. So what Karna was doing in the battle field Was truly on his merit. So he had the skill from the very beginning but his name is never mentioned during Dronas task of "shooting the bird" was he even pathetic then Duryodhan brothers.
    (3) when Karna enter the exihibition, Kripacharya asked about his lineage and Bhimsen passed harsh word about Karna when he Came to Know that Karna was Charioteer Adhiratha child.
    WHAT THEY CAN'T RECOGNISE HIM EARLIER. OH sorry Karna was a backbencher and Frontbencher the Pandavas never had a glimpse of him before.
    What is going on? Karna was born with Natural armour and Kundal which after how much he tries never can be Concealed.
    So the Duryodhan remark has to be like "are yeh to wohi freak hai ,woh jewellery wala ladka jo kiski kaam ka hi nahi thaa are yeh Arjun jaisa behtar kaise ban Gaya. Isko to mere team hona chaahiye."
    This further raises question mark about Drona's teaching pattern.

    But What Karna displayed during Exihibition was so pleasing to the great BHISMA that he enquire about Karna's life to Devrishi Narad,who revealed Karna's identity.
    And due to this Bhisma always discouraged Karna all his life,since he knew Duryodhan would wage a war against pandavas based on Karna's potential ophh sorry his Brahmastra.
    Since Dronacharya was a noble soul so Karna was Never his student. And Karna's defeat to Drupad now its now your rational mind to judge.

    (3) And it is Mentioned that Karna was defeated by Arjuna many times when he had VASAVA SHAKTI ,SO WHY DIDN'T HE USED IT AGAINST ARJUNA INSTEAD OF REPENTING oh God i used it on Ghatokacha now what can i do i was backbencher all my life without any abilities so i have to run from the battle feild,but he stayed and went on to defeat Maharathis like Arjun,Bhimsen,

    (4)Now Lord Indra, has already shared all his weapons with his son Arjun but he had a weapon left Vasava shakti which was a extremely potent weapon but it was not his VAJRA,so don't get confused with these two weapons.
    Now howcome his Vasava shakti is amog when he has lost many a times.

  47. I will answer your question.
    Karna was defeated by Arjuna many times when he had VASAVA SHAKTI ,SO WHY DIDN’T HE USED IT AGAINST ARJUNA INSTEAD OF REPENTING oh God i used it on Ghatokacha now what can i do i
    Answer. After Duryodhan fell to Bhimas foul blow he said something to which for the first and the last time in his life Sri Krishna agreed with Duryodhana. “‘Duryodhana said, “! That end again which is courted by Kshatriyas observant of the duties of their own order, death in battle, hath become mine. Who, therefore, is so fortunate as myself? I am going to heaven, O thou of unfading glory! As regards yourselves, with your purposes unachieved and torn by grief, live ye in this unhappy world!”‘‘Upon the conclusion of these words of the intelligent king of the Kurus, a thick shower of fragrant flowers fell from the sky. The Gandharvas played upon many charming musical instruments. The Apsaras in a chorus sang the glory of king Duryodhana. The Siddhas uttered loud sound to the effect, “Praise be to king Duryodhana!” Beholding these exceedingly wonderful things and this worship offered to Duryodhana, the Pandavas headed by Vasudeva became ashamed. Hearing (invisible beings cry out) that Bhishma and Drona and Karna and Bhurishrava were slain unrighteously, they became afflicted with grief and wept in sorrow. Beholding the Pandavas filled with anxiety and grief, Krishna addressed them in a voice deep as that of the clouds or the drum, saying, “All of them were great car-warriors and exceedingly quick in the use of weapons! If ye had put forth all your prowess, even then ye could never have slain them in battle by fighting fairly! King Duryodhana also could never be slain in a fair encounter! The same is the case with all those mighty car-warriors headed by Bhishma! From desire of doing good to you, I repeatedly applied my powers of illusion and caused them to be slain by diverse means in battle. If I had not adopted such deceitful ways in battle, victory would never have been yours, nor kingdom, nor wealth! Those four (Bhishma and Drona and Karna and Bhurishrava ). Here Krishna admits that he had used his power of illusion to protect Pandavas from danger and ensure their victory. Arjuna was in danger from various weapons of Karna including sakti bhargava astra although Krishna did not make a direct reference he does make it clear that he had used his power of illusion. Illusion includes deceiving the mind. Hence we have an indirect explanation of karma not using his sakti earlier

  48. Answer to your next question
    “ Now Lord Indra, has already shared all his weapons with his son Arjun but he had a weapon left Vasava shakti which was a extremely potent weapon but it was not his VAJRA,so don’t get confused with these two weapons.
    Now howcome his Vasava shakti is amog when he has lost many a times.”
    Yes Indra never had any weapon which was amogh. That’s precisely the reason he keeps getting defeated by Asuras and keep running Now Lord Indra, has already shared all his weapons with his son Arjun but he had a weapon left Vasava shakti which was a extremely potent weapon but it was not his VAJRA,so don’t get confused with these two weapons.
    Now howcome his Vasava shakti is amog when he has lost many a times. Now Lord Indra, has already shared all his weapons with his son Arjun but he had a weapon left Vasava shakti which was a extremely potent weapon but it was not his VAJRA,so don’t get confused with these two weapons.
    Now howcome his Vasava shakti is amog when he has lost many a times.X s profession is only in the bank. Mr. Y apart from the bank works parttime in a grocery shop. Now although X and Y are equal in capabilities. Y is on superior income as he has an added backing of his small work in the grocery shop. And the work at the grocery shop although may not be big but can have a telling factor in Y being slightly richer and affluent than X and thus has its own significance. Same logic in Karna Arjuna and Vasava Sakti. Karna was equal to Arjuna in prowess. Because of this added advantage of the not very powerful but significant vasava sakti it was a strong possibility that Karnas position would be more advantageous than Arjunas position just as Mr. Y being equal to X yet superiorly placed financially. Hence the Sakti was dreaded by Sri Krishna. The sakti not being amogha yet being dreaded by all Pandavas and Krishna is in itself proof of Karna being equal to Arjuna

  49. Niraj thanks for sorting out some of my doubt. It gives more Assertion to the fact that when Arjuna and Lord Krishna fought with Lord Indra ,it was Arjuna who defeated Lord Indra.if so why did he went to Lord Indra to collect weapons when he already has defeated Lord Indra.But still the clound of confusion is still there.
    (1)what about the Vasava shakti of Lord Indra. Was it certain that the person against whom it is used gonna die. Was it really Amog. If it was how could Lord Indra came second best many times against his antagonist.

    (2) And what about Karna's educational background. Was he ever the student of Dronacharya. Which is beyond my intelligence.
    How can a person of Karna's personality can't be noticed at his Ashram then.

    (3)During Draupadi's swayambar when the mighty Jarashandh fail to even lift bow ,Arjun and Karna did with ease. Thats means Arjuna and Karna were stronger than Both Jarashandh and Duryodhan. They may not be skillful in wrestling or mace fighting but were stronger.
    What you have to say.

    (4)Who are your top 5 warriors of Mahabharata. excluding Lord Krishna and Lord Balrama.

  50. Niraj thanks for sorting out some of my doubt. It gives more Assertion to the fact that when Arjuna and Lord Krishna fought with Lord Indra ,it was not Arjuna who defeated Lord Indra.if so why did he went to Lord Indra to collect weapons when he already has defeated Lord Indra.But still the cloud of confusion is still there.
    (1)what about the Vasava shakti of Lord Indra. Was it certain that the person against whom it is used gonna die. Was it really Amog. If it was how could Lord Indra came second best many times against his antagonist.

    (2) And what about Karna's educational background. Was he ever the student of Dronacharya. Which is beyond my intelligence.
    How can a person of Karna's personality can't be noticed at his Ashram then.

    (3)During Draupadi's swayambar when the mighty Jarashandh fail to even lift bow ,Arjun and Karna did with ease. Thats means Arjuna and Karna were stronger than Both Jarashandh and Duryodhan. They may not be skillful in wrestling or mace fighting but were stronger.
    What you have to say.

    (4)Who are your top 5 warriors of Mahabharata. excluding Lord Krishna and Lord Balrama.

  51. Hi Niraj/Smartboy

    Great posts.

    I've seen several different versions of Mahabharat on the web. In some versions Karna doesn’t even fight Arjuna before the Virat war. In some versions Abhimanyu is killed before Karna even joins the fighting. So how do we know if he even lost to anyone?

    However in every version what is always the same is that Lord Krishna tried to convince Karna to join the Pandavas just before the war. After Krishna failed he asked Kunti to ask Karna to join the Pandavas in order to demoralise him.

    That shows that Lord Krishna the greatest strategic/tactician considered Karna to be a serious threat to Arjuna and the rest of the Pandavas.

    I also believe that nobody in the Mahabharat war took part in treachery/deceit. It was brilliant strategy/tactics which got misinterpreted as deceit by the same type of idiots who advised Prithviraj Chauhan to lower his guard and let the enemy go.

    I've also noticed that Arjuna had an unfair advantange over everyone else. He not only had the divine weapons and bow but also a divine chariot, horses, armour and helmet given to him by Indra/Varun, while everyone else was using ordinary chariots, horses, armour and helmets.

    The Mahabharata by KMG also describes Lord Shiva walking in front of Arjuna's chariot during the war.

    Yet despite all this, at the end Arjuna abandoned the Yadu women and children being kidnapped (and raped), which is why I have no respect for the man. I consider this to be worse then anything the Kauravas did.

  52. 1. And what about Karna’s educational background. Was he ever the student of Dronacharya. Which is beyond my intelligence. How can a person of Karna’s personality can’t be noticed at his Ashram then.
    Ans. Karna was tutored by Drona at some stage. Infact he was doing well. But after Arjuna got Brahmastra Karna requested Drona to give it to him too. Drona refused. Its not because of low caste but this knowledge was reserved for Rajputras ie sons of royalty who were deserving. Karna was rejected because he was not a rajputra. His low caste had nothing to do with rejection.
    2. During Draupadi’s swayambar when the mighty Jarashandh fail to even lift bow ,Arjun and Karna did with ease. Thats means Arjuna and Karna were stronger than Both Jarashandh and Duryodhan. They may not be skillful in wrestling or mace fighting but were stronger.
    What you have to say.
    No. Karna was equal to Duryodhan and Jarasandha not stronger. Arjuna was not as strong as them. This bow lifting was more technical knowledge rather than brute strength. Similar to Chakravyooha.
    Arjuna could break Chakravyooha. Abhimanyu could. Bhima the strongest Pandava could not. Why ?
    Technical knowledge not brute strength was the criteria of penetrating the chakravyooha. Same criteria in picking up dhanush at draupadis swayamvara. Arjuna able to penetrate charkavyooha does not make him stronger than bhima. Similarly Arjuna Karna picking up the bow does not make them stronger than Duryodhana.

  53. Niraj you said Karna was initially taught by Dronacharya who denied Karna plea for Brahmastra becs he was not a Rajputra. BUT Dronacharya never gave the Knowledge to Any Rajputra other Than Arjuna.Since Arjuna was deserving and was the n.o 1 student of Dronacharya and had Sanity of understanding the situation, when to used the Brahmastra and Didn't lose his composure for a moment. For that Same reason Dronacharya denied Ashwatthama the Brahmastra but after repetative pleading he gave him the Knowledge of Brahmastra but on a condition that he can't called it back ,since he knew Ashwatthamas Hyper nature.

    Now on the above ground Arjuna had firmly established that he was definately the best student of Dronacharya including Karna.

    But, if Karna was a reasonably good student of Dronacharya why his name is not mentioned in Drona's shooting of the Bird task.

    If Karna was a reasonably good student and The Pandavas and Kauravas should be well familiar with him.when he approached Dronacharya for Brahmastra he should be reasonably old by then ,so when he entered the Exihibition they should have recognised Karna at once. But they didn't ,all were shocked and guessing who this person can be?
    An Karna can be recognised by any amateur detective at one look for his one "golden" quality. Who ever has got one look of his can't forget him for that definative "GOLDEN"feature.
    And neighter in any version of Mahabharata Karna was reffered as Guru Bhai of Duryodhan.

    So it is very apparent that Karna never for an instance in his life was a Student of Dronacharya . He learned all his elementary knowledge by practicing himself by Making Lord Surya as his Guru and went to do his P.G and PhD with Lord Parashuram. Its just an Anti Karna and Pro Pandav attempt to proove Arjun was really superior .

  54. Umm well I have to admit you have got me here. Its proven in this blog there is a certain amount of exaggaration in mb. Ved vyasa had valid reason to do so. In the end he had to give correct message to society. Hence he had to paint Karna grey duryodhana black pandavas white.

  55. Hello Prahlad. Since yours name is also Prahlad , i thought that you will be the right person to Enquire about Bhakt Prahlads life. I Know about his life till the Narashimha incidence but what happen thereafter. I got to know that he had fights with Lord Indra, But did he turned evil in his later life and why Virochana was killed by Lord Indra?

  56. Can anybody tell me about the life of Bhakt Prahlad and Virochana

  57. What you have said of Arjuna's chariot being pushed is additional later day folklore and not from the Puranas or Ved Vyasa'a Mahabharat.

    Why did Karna not achieve this feat in the Virat war?????

  58. Arjuna broke karna's bow in Draupadis' swayamwar.

    Karna was defeated by Gandhravas. weh chipke vaar nahi kiye. Karna ke saath Duryo, Dushasan, Aur bahut sainik the. Iske baavajut, Karna waha se apni jaan bachane ke liye baag gaya aur Duryodhan ko sankat me chod diya. Lekin Arjun ne akele hi sabhi Gandharvo ko haraaya aur Duryo ko bachaya. Kaha gaui Karna ki veerta???

    Virat yudh me Arjun easily defetaed all great maharathis of KAurava including Karna. THis proves Arjuna is more powerful

    Karna divyastro pe bahut depend karta tha. Anth me woh Brahmastra ko yaad kar raha tha. Lekin Arjun sirf apne baahu bal se yudh karta tha. KArna Abhimanyu se bhi haar gaya.

    Karna cud not defeat Drupad inspite of having his kavach kundal and 100 Kauravas and Hasinapur's army. But Arjuna only with 4 brothers defeated Drupad and his army.

    KArna se yeh kyo nahi hua??? Arjuna was the most powerful warrior after Bhishma and Drona!!!!!!!!!!

  59. Fully agreed with you. Arjuna was greater

  60. Bhisma was the best. Karna is quite behind. He depends too much on divine weapons . He left Duryo in Gandharva war and ran away. He was defetaed in war against Drupad, At Virat war and by Abhimanyu. How is he the greatest?????

  61. Hey Niraj , i got to the reason why Karna didn't used Vasava Shakti on Arjuna. After Ghatokacha's death Lord Krishna revealed the exact reason for that .Lord Krishna had Spellbounded Karna, as such whenever he came to face Arjuna he forgot everything about Vasava Shakti.And it was the Lord Who manipulated Karna to used Vasava Shakti on Ghatokacha becs The Lord wanted Ghatokacha to die,since he had boon that he will be almost Invincible in Night fight and thereby forcing Karna to used Vasava Shakti on him.

    But one more thing that is bothering me, Karna had Kavach Kundal which can protect himself from even Sudarshan Sakra,so how he was bitten by the insect, how he was said to have fainted in many occassion .

  62. To my humble knowledge the kavach and kundal were dipped in amrit hence making him immortal. Kavach protected the chest area and the insect bit him on the thigh. Karna was invincible in kavach kundal but that means invincible to an extent ie he cannot be killed or completely conquered. But on a given day he could be inconvenienced ie made to withdraw or be sent in a swoon. Many warriors do get unconscious in battle. Hanuman was vajrang but he too swooned when hit by Indras thunder bolt and when he was carrying sanjeevni hill Bharata mistook him for an asura and fired an arrow which rendered Hanuman unconscious despite Hanuman having so many boons for Gods in his childhood. Karna himself knew that Kavach kundal was not supreme gift. Hence he had a craving to learn shastra vidya and went right upto Sri Parshurama. Just as Shakti not being amogh weapon did cause a worry in the Pandava camp as Karna was equal to Arjuna in archery by the same logic Kavach kundal not being supreme gift was capable to cause worry in Indra as Indra also knew in the long run the kavach could have a favourable impact on Karnas side in his battle with Arjuna.

  63. Hey Niraj why Abhimanyu was Undefeatable on 13th day of war.There has to be some secret for that .without doubt he was a exceptional warrior he defeated the entire Kaurava army on 13th day.But this can't be his prowess alone, if so The war should have been over in first half of 1st day definately and when you have Arjuna ,Bhima ,Satyaki and Ghatokacha in your side .

    And there was no point of Arjuna to fight the war and Lord Krishna needn't have to preach the Geeta before Arjuna to motivate him,As Abhimanyu could have finished the war on its own.

    And why Everybody called Arjuna the supreme human warrior this title should belong to Abhimanyu.

  64. Nice question smart boy. Mahabharata is a gallery of heroes Arjuna Abhimanyu Drona Bheeshma Karna Bhima and many others. All these gentlemen were great warriors so its difficult to rank them as no 1 or no 2. In their military career every one of had a particular day on which they were invincible. Abhimanyu fought at his best on battle day 13th and proved to hot too handle. Arjuna did it many times for eg at Virata yudha he was too hot to handle. Karnas day was battle day 16th. So you see on a given day every warrior had his moment of glory. So saying a certain warrior could be so powerful on that day so why the war lasted for many days and why it did not end on the first day itself is non contextual. A great warrior is one who is not only expert in warfare but his power of mercy and his adherence to dharma are the hall mark qualities. Arjuna had all these qualities hence he is the supreme warrior. Arjunas greatness was that despite Duryodhana and his brothers had done him so much harm still he had soft corner for them and did not want to fight them because of brotherly love. Lord Krishna had to give him the Gita updesh to enlighten him so that this quality of his does not nullify his other quality ie adherence to dharma which is most important quality.

  65. Karna/Bhisma are the greatest archer of Mahabharata without any doubt.

  66. For all karna's Fans:


    Incident 1:Karna fled rom battlefield from Arjuna(Virata Yudh):


    Incident 2:Karna defeated by Gandharwa chitrasena:



    Incident 3:Arjuna defeat Ghandarwas & rescued Duryodhan & kurus:



    Incident 4:Karna defeated & freightened by Abhimanyu in chakruvyuhu:

    Hearing these words, Karna, afflicted with the shafts of Arjuna's son, once more said unto Drona, 'Exceedingly afflicted with the shafts of Abhimanyu, I am staying in battle, only because (as a warrior) I should stay here. Indeed, the arrows of this south of great energy are exceedingly fierce. Terrible as they are and possessed of the energy of fire, these arrows are weakening my heart.'


    What Karna's own friend Ashwathama & kripacharya think of karna:



    what Lord Krishna think of karna's bravery:

    Krishna said(To Arjuna):.I swear by Truth to thee, O friend, that my limbs are burning at the thought that while the son of Subhadra was thus advancing, consuming the hostile army with his shafts, even on that occasion the wicked-souled Karna was engaged in acts of hostility to that hero,Unable, O Partha, to stay in that battle before Abhimanyu's face, mangled with the shafts of Subhadra's son, deprived of consciousness, and bathed in blood, Karna drew deep breaths, inflamed with rage. At last, afflicted with arrows, he was obliged to turn his back upon the field.


    & Finally karna himself accepting Arjuna's supeority:







    Authenciaty of vyas original mahabharat by km ganguly:



    Hope Now you all will get your answer!