Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Factors that contributed towards Karna's death

  1. The first and foremost contributor towards Karna's death was Sage Durvasa himself. While blessing Kunti with a mantra by which she could call upon any god of her choice, he did not tell her the consequence of this incantation. Thus, Kunti called Surya without being aware of the consequence of the Mantra much before her marriage, panics and subsequently abandoned the baby. His upbringing by the charioteer Adiratha denied Karna the recognition of a Kshatriya. It was Karna, not Yudhishtira or Duryodhana, who was the true heir to the throne of Hastinapur, but this was not realized as his birth was kept secret.

  2. Lord Indra who in the form of a giant bee, stung Karna's thigh,which angered the guru Parasurama, who in turn cursed Karna for lying about his caste. It is later revealed that Parasurama knew about the impending massacre at Kurukshetra. He explains to Karna in a dream, the night before the battle with Arjuna that he purposely cursed him in a harsh manner so the defeat of the Kauravas would be certain. In the dream, he blessed Karna with everlasting glory after his death due to his humble acceptance of the curse.

  3. The curse of a Brahmin who owned a cow.

  4. The curse of Bhoomidevi.

  5. The giving away of his Kavacha and Kundala as alms to Lord Indra, this time disguised as a beggar, because of his extremely generous nature.

  6. Invoking the Shakti weapon on Ghatotkacha.

  7. His two promises to his mother Kunti.

  8. Krishna pressed the chariot to save arjuna from karna's nagastra

  9. Not using the "Nagastra" for the second time in accordance with his second promise to Kunti.

  10. Shalya, who left Karna's Chariot the midway while the fight was in crucial phase.

  11. When Karna came to know that Pandavas were his brothers by Krishna just before the beginning of the Mahabharatha war, just to nullify the Karna's vengeance on Pandavas. Karna's hatred towards the Pandavas vanished. But, to be loyal to Duryodhana, Karna decided to fight against Arjuna in the war. On the other hand, none of the Pandavas were aware that Karna was their brother until after Karna's demise.

  12. Lord Krishna, by exhorting Arjuna to kill Karna when he was trying to push his chariot out of the mud.

  13. Karna didn't use his celestial bow Vijaya from the beginning


  1. How about this: #14: Karna Himself, by calling Draupadi a whore after the first dice game. By insulting Draupadi's honor, he earned the ire of the one person who could goad the Pandavas into action. During the 13-year exile, Yuddhistira contemplated giving up his claim to the throne and becoming a Brahmin like his grandfather, Vyasa. It was Draupadi who banished all such thoughts from his head. When Krishna went as peace ambassador to the Kauravas, offering to settle for just five villages, Draupadi took him aside and insisted on having her honor restored by blood, and Krishna assured her that she would get satisfaction. I don't think Draupadi would have ever let Karna off the hook for what he said that day.

  2. First ,karna didnt call her as a whore, she called her as an unchaste woman because she married five people (also understand it is in vedas that a woman becomes unchaste if she haves intercourse with more than 5 people , this is also told by kunti before ), i think that karna called her like that because she insulted karna during her swyavar by calling him as a suta, then still agian this is not a justicifaction,but karna unlike others in mahabharat is just a human like us, he gets angry some times too, but after this incident is over, then dhirastra gives two boons for draupadi, druapadi wins her husbands back , karna knows his mistake later , and praises draupadi for the rightfull act of winning her husbands from the boons ,karna also says that the act of winning her own husbands back is such a noble thing and haven't been done by anyone in history before
    The 14th reason cannot be this because draupadi would have surely had vengance against dussana (so surely war),she never had the vengance against karna ,also before the war draupadi also asks krishna to speak peace to the kauravas ,so karna's death doesnt depend upon this