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Draupadi Swayamver part 3

Drupad Raja was confused about the situation. He decided to seek advise from others so he sent servants to ask Jarasandth, Shisupal, Shalya and Krishna to meet him in the assembly hall.
Drupad Raja - Tomarrow, I am supposed to start the Swaymver because of the subh mahurat and Chatrapati Maharaja Duryodone is still not here. What can I do?
Krishna - If you want to wait for Duryodone, go ahead but others will be upset. If you think that he is the greatest, why did you invite others? Think about it.
Jarasandth - I can never stand that anthkumar. If you want to wait for him, I am leaving.
Shalya - My nephews Pandavs are not there. Otherwise if they needed help in attacking that anthkumar, I would be there to help them. I am also against anthkumar.
Drupad - All of you can say this, but Maharaj Duryodone has many great warriors such as Ganga Putra Bhima, Dornaacharya, Kripaacharya, Ashwattama, and Karna to defend him. These warriors are undefeatable so I do not think that I can fight them. ( During the battle with Drupad, Karna did not have full knowledge of great weapons )
Krishna - Drupad is right about Duryodone being a threat to him. Let us all stand together and defend Drupad and fight Duryodone, if he threatens Drupad.
( Even though Jarasandth and Shisupal did not like Krishna, they all hated Duryodone the most and were willing to fight along Krishna against Duryodone. ) Everyone agreed to help Drupad and gave him permission to began the Swayamver the next day. The Pandavs also heard about the Swayamver and decided to go there. Yudhisteer and Kuntiji warned Bhim to just avoid Duryodone and his brothers.
The Next day.
Swaymaver for Draupadi began. All the Kings, warriors and Rishies came and sat on their thrones and ashans. Servants guided them for sitting on the right throne. Two servants were placed by each throne and ashan to get the items desired for that person. Dronik Guru ( Drupad's Kuul guru, not Dorna ) came forward and explained all the rules about the Swayamver.

Entertainment was also provided for everyone. Some Kings or warriors bragged about themselves. Some said that Draupadi will marry me, look how handsome I am. Others said that I have great Kuul, while others said that I am very wealthy so I will have Draupadi. Drupad Raja came and sat on his great throne. Draupadi came in a palkhi, wearing all shola shangar ( dressed on all parts of body ) accompanied by friends and dasies. Draupadi also sat on the balcony and watched the Swaymaver. Everyone were seate, only the thrones of the Kauravs were empty. Many other regular people also came to watch the Swamver, with them came the Pandavs and stood in the crowd. Music was played and jugglers did amazing tricks.
Even though great warriors were present, by looking at the contest many were not able to get up. Some Kings and warriors got up but they could not even catch the pole properly and fell in the pool. They were all brought out by the servants and had to sit on the wooden chairs by the pool without the crowns on their head. After seeing many fail, no one was getting up to compete.
All of a sudden, Jarasandth, King of Magadth got up from his throne. Jarasandth is very proud and does not bow to anyone. Jarasandth took off all his jewelry and tied the bow and quiver on his back. Jarasandth ran on the board and jumped. On the way, Jarasandth with great accuracy grabbed the pole and started to climb up. Everyone saw Jarasandth climbing the pole and thought that Jarasandth will be successful.
Bhim - Oh Dharam Vira, look at Jarasandth climbing. If he falls, it will be very funny to watch.
Yudhisteer - Bhim, do not ever think bad about anyone. Whoever thinks bad about others, nothing good can happen to that person.
Draupadi is not even looking at Jarasandth. Jarasandth, by climbing reached all the way to four guas height. Everyone thought that now Jarasandth will be the winner. Baghwan Krishna saw this that Jarasandth is almost there.

Draupadi, being ansh avatar of Mataji is bhakti. Bhakti would marry Dharm not Adharm. Jarasandth is a great adharmi, locking up many innocent Kings. Baghwan Krishna thought that Pandavs are dharm and they have suffered much now I must do something for them. Baghwan Krishna looked at Jarasandth and took away all his strength from him. Jarasandth, with all the strength and confidence gone grabbed the pole very tight. Jarasandth was thinking that how did I get up here, what will happen to me?
In few moments, Jarasandth was unable to hold on the pole and fell from the top into the pool. Servants ran and brought Jarasandth out of the pool. Servants dried Jarasandth and made all the water come out from inside his body.
Kuul Guru Dronik- Maharaj Jarasandth, you have failed so you cannot wear your crown in Swayamver and must sit on the wooden chair with others who have failed.
Jarasandth sat with other failures and started to think that what happened, how did I lose, how can I a great champion sit with all these weak Kings? Let the ground open so I can be swallowed inside. I cannot stand this insult.
Seeing Jarasandth fall, Shisupal, King of Chaidi, got up. Shisupal came where Jarasandth was sitting.
Shisupal - Maharaj Jarasandth, you have failed and have disgraced the name of your father. Now, watch me, how I perform the Matsya Vedhan and marry the beautiful Princess.
Jarasandth thought and prayed to Bholenath that take all my punya but let Shisupal fall. Shisupal is very proud of himself, thinking that he is the greatest. Shisupal made his mustache curl showing his strength. Shisupal performed all the same acts done by Jarasandth and started to climb the pole.

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  1. Well it is good to note several variations among the versions, in all the other versions sisupala and jarasandha are friends of duryodhana and karna, indeed jarasandha was a very good friend of karna and then sisupala mentioned several names as alternatives of krishna to be honoured in the rajasuyu sacrifice , in that i think sisupala mentioned karna's name in the alternatives for strength or so.