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Draupadi Swayamver part 2

The Araspan Swayamver Hall had many windows decorated with great colorful decorations. Inside, there were jewels and diamonds built in wall that gave light so fire was not necessary. A huge gate with magnificant doors were created. There were chandliers with jewels giving lights all over the hall. Inside the hall on one side, there were thousand thrones with four steps for Kings, Princes and great warriors to sit on. On top of these thrones there were chatras. By each throne, names were also written so there would be no arguments. Among these thrones there were great thrones also, with nine steps for Great Kings such as Jarasandth, Shisupal, Salya, Karna Duryodone.
On the other side there were more thrones for the Yadav heroes that were invited. Among them there was a great throne ( sofa size ) for Baghwan Krishna and Balramji to sit on. This throne also had nine step.
The third side had thousand simple ashans preferred by Brahmins to sit on. These ashans were simple and had two steps.
Fouth side had a Great throne for Drupad Raja is to sit upon and a balcony for Draupadi and her friends to sit on. There were also places for people to sit and watch this Swayamver. In the center of the hall, there was a great deep pool filled with water. Around that pool, there were simple chairs that were made of wood, where the failures would have to sit. In the center of the pool, a great sthumb ( pole ) 12 gua long was placed. Half way of the sthumb, a small rod was placed where a warrior can rest after climbing the sthumb. Slightly higher than the rod a scale with golden chains was placed. All the way on top of the sthumb, Viswakarma placed a fish which would spin by wind. This is how Viswakarma built the great Swaymver hall.
Viswakarma - If you find any mistake, let me know.
Vyassji - No, everything is perfect. There are no mistakes.
Viswakarma - Abhar, I also have made this hall with maya so no matter how many people are inside there would always be more space and it will disappear after the swayamver is over.

Viswamkarma disappeared after building the great hall. Vyassji stayed to give Drupad further guidance.
Vyassji - Write invitation letters to all the great warriors, Princes, Rishies and Kings. I will find a good time to start this subh karya. When everyone is gathered, first let them know all the details so there would be no arguments later.
Vyassji - The one that successfully performs this Matsya Vedhan ( shooting of the fish ) will be the right person to marry Draupadi. A person must remove all the jewelry and tie a bow and quiver on the back of himself. ( In Gujarati version, there is no special bow, a person can use their own bow ) That person must run on the board placed by the pool, jump and catch the pole. After that, that person should climb the pole up to six gua, where he can rest on the rod. Then that person should place both feet on the scales, just above the rod. After completing these tasks, the bow should be taken and bended to place the string on it. The person should be looking down on the pool and shoot the arrow up to shoot the fish. One arrow should do three things, shoot the fish's eye, then cut the tail and last shoot the fish in the center and throw it on the ground. ( This sounds tought but as I write more, I will explain how this is done ). If anyone falls while climbing the sthumb or misses the target, then that person would have to sit on those wooden chairs by the pool, without the crown on his head. This is how the Matsya Vedhan should be performed.
After saying this, Vyassji left the palace. Drupad got all his family together and started writing the invitation letters to Kings and Rishies to attend the Swayamver. Drupad sent servants to deliver these invitations. Viswakarma had also built places to stay for all the guests. There were different places for Kings and Rishies. Many merchants heard about this and came from all over and built small shops along the way to sell their goods.

Great warriors, Kings, Princes and Rishies from all over started to gather by Drupad's Panchal nagar. Jarasandth, Shisupal, Shalya and many others came for the Swayamver. Baghwan Krishna and Balramji with other great Yadav warriors also came for the Swayamver. Many great Rishies from many places started to come to bless Draupadi for marriage. Drupad Raja and his sons greeted them all and placed servants to perform seva for them all. Viswakarma had also built mansions so all the guests were able to stay properly.
A servant delivered a letter to Dhrum Rishi inviting him for the Swaymever. With Dhrum Rishi, the Pandavs were staying performing seva for him. Pandavs consulted with each other and thought that if we can go to Pancahl nagar for the Swayamver, we will be able to find work to survive.
Dhrum Rishi asked all the students and Pandavs to come with him to the Swayamver. Everyone got ready. Yudhisteer told Bhim to do nothing in case they see Duryodone. When everyone arrived, Dhrum Rishi and his students went to the guest places made for Brahmins. The Pandavs had spoken with the Rishi and that they would have to find another guest place because they were not Brahmins so it is not right for them to accept hospitality for Brahmins. The Pandavs found a Kubhar and helped him carry his baggages. Kubhar asked the Pandavs to help him perform work and in return for food and shelter. Kubhar gave the Pandavs a room in his house to stay. Everyday, Pandavs kept on working doing various chores and waited for the Swayamver. Kuntiji also did all the housework for the Kubhar's family. Kubhar was poor and he hardly had enough food for his family but he shared whatever he can with Pandavs.
In the morning, Pandavs went to the river to take shower. Over here, many others were here for the same reason, for shower and then to pray. Pandav brothers took shower on one side of the river, but on the other side they saw Baghwan Krishna with his friends taking shower in the river.

Pandavs thanked themselves for coming to Panchal becasue they had seen the Lord himself. Pandavs prayed to the lord and kept on looking at him. Unknown to the Pandavs, Baghwan Krishna had seen them before and he was glad to see his great bhakts. But, the Lord knew that they are very hungry so the Lord decided to do something.
After shower, Baghwan Krishna went to see Drupad Raja.
Drupad Raja - Great lord, what can I do for you?
Krishna - If you give daan to the poor, you will be blessed and your Swayamver will be successful.
Drupad Raja - You are right, but with so many guests how can I give daan? All the food supply will be empty soon, if I start to give daan.
Krishna - leave that to me, just start giving all the poor people as well as guests annadaan.
Drupad Raja asked servants to start giving daan to the people. Servants thought that after while the food supply will run out but to their amazement the food supply never ran empty. There were enough food supply even though great amount was donated to everyone by the kingdom. ( Baghwan Krishna had used his lila to feed the poor and hungry ) Pandav brothers also got all the food that they needed.
Duryodone also received the message from Drupad Raja.
Duryodone - Bhanumati, I am going to the Swayamver to win a great beautiful bride, not like you. You look like a bhutdi.
Bhanumati - I am not worring about it. A person like you can never win in Swayamver.
Duryodone got dressed as Var Raja because he was over confident in his ability. Duryodone made his brothers, Bhisma, Dorna, Ashwattama, Karna, Bhurisrava, Baghdatta, Jaidrath, Sakuni and Shusarma get ready to come with him to the Swayamver. The Kauravas took army with them and started to march toward Panchal nagar.
Drupad Raja saw that the day when the Swayamver was planned had arrived and still there was no sign of Duryodone. ( Duryodone is made a king now and because Pandavs are not there, he has control of all the lands so he is one of the greatest king. )

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  1. Nice one , gujarathi version has a lot of tasks to be compeleted for the matsya vedan