Saturday, June 5, 2010

Draupadi Swayamver part 1

There lived a great sage named Megavi Rishi who had a daughter named Gunsundari. Her mother's name was Shanta who passed away when Gunsundari was only nine years old. Megavi Rishi looked for a good husband for his daughter but he was too old and soon he passed away.
Durvasa Rishi came and gave Gunsundari knowledge and gave her blessings. Gunsundari performed a great taap by standing on her left foot toe for long time. After great taapasya, Gunsundari saw that Devadev Mahadev had appeared before her. Mahadev refreshed and healed her and asked her to ask for a boon.
Gunsundari - Give me husband, Great Lord.
Gunsundari repeated these words five times before Bholenath could say anything.
Bholenath - You have asked five times so you will have five husbands.
Gunsundari - Mahadev, I only want one husband not five. One man can have more wives but how can a woman have more husbands? I am a Rishi Putri and it does not fit for me to have five husbands.
Bholenath - Have patience. Let go of this body and in the next life you will have five husbands.
Bholenath disappeared while Gunsundari by taapasya let go of her soul from her body.
In the next life, Gunsundari became a cow and was followed by five bulls. The cow came infront of Shiv temple, where unseen by others Mata Parvati with Bholenath was resting inside. The cow because of great punya from the past avatar saw them.
Mata Parvatiji seeing the cow followed by five Nandi laughed. Even though Gunsundari was a cow in this janma she had the ghnaan from pervious janma.
Gunsundari as cow - Mataji, you are the mother of all and you laughed at me. I curse you that you will also have five husbands.
When Gunsundari said this in the form of cow, her soul left the body and emerged into Mata Parvatiji. Mata Parvatiji went to Bholenath for guidance.

Mata Parvatiji - Nath, I have been cursed to have five husbands. I must honor the curse.
Bholenath - Look at my five different forms as five husbands.
Mataji - Nath, I would like to honor the curse.
Bholenath - Take the cow's ansh that has emerged into you and make a Kanya. I will make a Veer Yuvak to accompany her. Both of them will be brother and sister.
Mataji seperated the cow's ansh from her and formed a Kanya. Mataji also took her own ansh and placed it into Kanya to honor the curse. The Kanya shone like sun when Mataji placed her own ansh into in. The Kanya was very beautiful with none except Rukmaniji to match her. Bholenath created a Veer Yuvak and asked Agni to place his ansh into him.
Bholenath - Agni, go with this Kanya as her brother. You shall be called Dhristdhumna and this Kanya will be called Draupadi. Both of you go where Drupad Raja is performing a yagna for a son and appear out of the yagna. Take this chariot.
Agni's ansh sat in the chariot with the Kanya and started to drive the chariot. They both came where the yagna was being performed and appeared out of the yagna.
Drupad welcomed both of them and accepted them as his children. The Rishi guided by Bholenath named them Dhristdhumna and Draupadi.
Drupad - What will both of you desire?
Dhristdhumna - I would like to live with you and help you govern the kingdom.
Draupadi - I will live with you but in garden and perform seva for the family.
Drupad Raja was glad and he built a mansion for Draupadi surrounded by gardens. Drupad Raja gave Draupadi a thousand ladies for seva.
One day Naradji and Ved Vyass came to Panchal. Drupad Raja welcomed them both and performed seva for them.
Drupad - Great ones, I am glad to see you. What seva can I perform for both of you?
Naradji and Vyassji - We are here to perform dharsan to your daughter Draupadi.
Drupad - Both of you are great, while my daughter is a normal person. Why would you like to see her for dharsan?
Naradji and Vyassji - Your daughter is the Great Jagat Mata Jagdhamba.

( Draupadi is the ansh avatar of Jagdhaba Mataji. Mata Parvatiji is the younger sister of Baghwan Sri Vishnu. There is a temple, where three trees are grown. One of the tree is a form of Baghwan Vishnu giving kanyadan of his sister Mata Parvatiji ( second tree ) to Bholenath ( third tree). BR Chopra did not fully explain in his TV show, why Baghwan Krishna says to Draupadi that Shubhdra is my sister in this janma but you are my sister from beginning. Can Duryodone, Jaidrath or Kichak harm mataji? It was all her lila to destroy evil?
Naradji and Vyassji both blessed Draupadi. Naradji disappeared, while Vyassji stayed to guide Drupad Raja.
Vyassji - Have you thought about getting your daughter married?
Drupad - I would like to marry her with a great warrior with strength, wealth and kuul.
Vyassji - Your daughter is the great Jagdhamba's ansh avatar so find a person to match her. Do not just marry her to anyone.
Drupad - How do I know whom to marry her with?
Vyassji - That is the reason I am here to guide you. Let us call Viswakarma by chanting this stuti and I will explain to him to create a great Swayamver Hall. Then we will perform a swayamver for Draupadi to get married.
Vyassji chanted a stuti to Viswakarma and Drupad repeated. Soon, Viswakarma appeared and asked for the reason to be called.
Vyassji - Create a great swayamver hall for Draupadi to get married. I will explain to you how the hall should be.
Viswakarma - Clear the waste land near Panchal and I will build a great hall.
Drupad Raja had the servants clear the land for the swayamver. Viswakarma along with the guidance of Vyassji started to build the hall. First, Viswakarma took water in his hand and chanted a mantra and poured the water on the land to make it pavitra.
Second, Viswakarma took water and reapeated a mantra, poured water and a great hall built of Araspan stones was created.


  1. That was a nice story with new twists and several surprises

  2. Thanks, Gandherva. I will keep on posting more so read more. You asked me few questions about this so I posted the whole story. Over here, you can see that Arjun was successful not because of his own strength but by the blessings of Lord Krishna.