Sunday, June 6, 2010

Draupadi Swayamver part 6

Duryodone - Mama, Karna vira has climbed all the way, now he will perform the task and soon I will get married to Draupadi.
Sakuni - Yes, Duryodone you are right. You will be marring soon.
All four daasies came by the pole and told Karna by playing conches that Karna, the Princess will not accept you even if you are successful in this task. You do not know your parents or kuul and have been raised by a daasi so the Princess is not willing to accept you. Saying this, daasies ran fearing Karna. Karna, after hearing this came down from the pole because it was useless to continue the task.
Duryodone - Karna vira, you were stopped in performing the task. Looks like I will be going back without the Princess.
Karna - Let us see who is capable of performing this task.
( Because Karna was brought down, he did not sit on the wooden throne or remove his crown. From this incident, we can see that Karna was noble and a great friend to Duryodone while Duryodone is just using Karna as a tool to achieve success. )
Drupad Raja was now under great stress, when Karna was called to come down. Everyone can see that Drupad was very upset that the task could not be performed.
Balramji - Krishna, I could see that Drupad Raja is very upset. If this task is not performed soon, either he or his daughter will commit suicide. I must make sure that nothing wrong will happen to them and since no one is able to perform this task, I must get up to do it.
Krishna - Motabhai, why would you like to get up for? I have accepted Draupadi as a sister and you would like to marry her.
Balramji - Krishna, I do not want to marry her. If you have accepted her as a sister then she is also my sister. I would like to get up so the warriors can see that this task can be performed and someone will be able to do it. This way I can save Drupad from committing a suicide. If our Pandav Kumars were still alive, this task would have been completed by now but they are not here.
Krishna - Motabhai, what if I showed you one of the Pandav kumar, what will you do for him?
Balram - Where is he? If you show me a Pandav kumar, I will give all my punya to him.
Krishna ( laughs ) - Remember your words, Motabhai.
Krishna gets up and comes to where five satya men were sitting.( Bhisma, Dorna, Kripa, Ashwattama, Vidur )
Bhisma - Welcome, oh Purushpurani. Druapad is very upset that no one is able to perform this task. Duryodone could not perform it but if our Pandav kumars were here, they would have been successful.
Krishna ( to all satya men ) - Since you are praising Pandavs, what will you do for them? If I showed you one of them, what will you give that person?
All Satya men - If you showed us one of them, we will give all our punyas to that person.
Krishna - Remember your words, oh great men.
Bagwan Krishna went back and sat on his throne next to Balramji. Drupad was under too much stress so went to one of the room and took out a cut of poison. Drupad was about to drink the poison when Vyassji came and took it from his hands.
Vyassji - What are you doing? Trying to commit suicide is a sin.
Drupad - Great one, you have placed me in this mess. Why did you ask me to perform this matsya vedhan, now I cannot find anyone that can perform it. Balram and Krishna have accepted Draupadi as sister so they will not perform this task. There is Karna that is capable but he is a daasi putra so Draupadi will not accept him. Now there is no one that will perform the task. How can I live, when I am unable to get my daughter married?
Vyassji - Go around the hall and say that whoever is capable and will hide from this task, will have bhahma hatya sin on him.
Drupad followed Vyassji's instructions. No one is getting up from Yadav or Kshtria side.
Duryodone - Mama, look at the fool, going around and announcing this.
Sakuni - Let him, Duryodone, see no one is getting up.
Pandavs are standing next to Brahmins when Drupad comes over there and repeats Vyassji's words.

Yudhisteer - Arjun vira, now we cannot hide but we must get up.
Bhim - You are right Motabhai, let me get up and I do not even need to climb up. I will just use my strength to pull the sthumb out and throw the fish in water.
Yudhisteer - No, we must follow the instructions so just sit and stay clam. Out of all of us, Arjun is the great bowman, so let him perform the task.
Bhim - Arjun, this time you get up and perform the task. Do not worry about falling.
Arjun - Mota bhai, I will get up but just sit quietly and let me perform the task.
Arjun gets up and bows to Yudhisteer, Bhim and Dhroom Rishi. Drupad Raja sees Arjun in disguise and thinks that who can this be? Baghwan Krishna came and stood next to Drupad.
Krishna - That person will be your Jamatra ( son in law ).
Drupad - Great one, please do not tell lie. How can someone like that perform this task.
Krishna - Trust me and I will make sure this task is performed. Give him the permission to perform this task and let go of all the stress.
Drupad listened to Krishna and gave Arjun the permission for the task.
Krishna - He will perform the task but make sure he gets whatever he asks for.
Duryodone and Sakuni were watching Krishna closely.
Duryodone - Mama, that Krishna is running all over the place and talking to everyone. He must be up to some trick.
Sakuni - Let him do whatever he wants to do. We will make sure that Draupadi will marry you. Looks like someone from Brahmin side has gotten up. That person is nothing but an uneducated jungle man. But, his height and body reminds me of Arjun.
If he is Arjun, Bhim must be here somewhere and he will not let us live.
Duryodone - Mama, think what you are sayin. It has been three years since the Pandavs have died. If this was Arjun, can Bhim stay hidden? I can recognize Bhim, no matter what disguise he takes. The Pandavs have died in Laxa Grah.
Drupad and Dronik Guru went to greet Arjun.
Drupad - In order to perform this task, what can I get you?

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