Sunday, June 6, 2010

Druapdi Swaymaver part 7

Arjun - All I ask for is a bow and quiver to perform the task.
Drupad Raja asked the servants to bring bows and quivers. Servants brought over thirty differnt kinds of bows and placed them infront of Arjun. Arjun checked all the bows.
Arjun - None of these bows can help me perform the task. If you want me to perform this task, give me tools according to my ability.
Drupad - What type of weapons can I get you?
Arjun - The great bow that rests on the shoulder of Karna Raja and the divya arrows that are in his quiver. Bring me those weapons and I will perform this task.
Drupad Raja approached Karna for weapons.
Drupad - Mighty one, please give us your weapons. Take my suffering away from me.
Karna - I cannot give you weapons without the permission of Duryodone Maharaj.
Drupad approached Duryodone and bowed to him.
Drupad - Great King, I need the weapons of Karna and only with your permission I can have them. Please, let us use them then they will be returned to you after the task.
Duryodone - I am not going to give you anything. Now, go away from here.
Baghwan Krishna gets up and approaches Drupad.
Krishna - What is the matter?
Drupad - The one that has gotten up is asking for great weapons that only Karna has but Duryodone Maharaj is not giving them to us.
Krishna - I will make sure that you get the weapons but agree with everything that I say.
Krishna approached Duryodone and Sakuni.
Krishna - Duryodone Maharaj, why are you not giving the weapons to Drupad?
Duryodone - If I cannot marry her, no one will. That's why I am not going to help at all.
Krishna - You are missing a chance to win Draupadi. If all these great warriors were unable to perform this task, how can a brahmin from jungle perform it. Give the weapons on one condition that in case this person does not succed, you will get Druapadi.
Duryodone - How come I didn't think of such a good idea? Yes, the weapons can be given in excange for the promise to give me Draupadi in case this person fails to perform the task.

Drupad Raja wrote the promise on a copper board and gave it to Duryodone, while Karna gave the weapons.
Duryodone- If great warriors cannot perform this task, how is this jungle man going to perform it. Draupadi will be mine now.
Sakuni - Duryodone, lets watch him climb, he will fall in few moments.
Arjun prayed to Krishna that Oh great lord, you have saved us so far, please think of me as your servant and help me perform this task. Arjun bowed to everyone and kept on praying as he moved to perform the task. Arjun jumped from the board and started to climb up on the pole. Draupadi is just watching Arjun's every movement.
Dassi - Princess, why do you look at this jungle person? Why were you not interested in those great Kings that tried to perform this task?
Draupadi - You do not understand. Some of those Kings like Jarasandth, Shisupal and Duryodone were too proud and did not bow to anyone but look how humble he is. Inside of him, he is filled with great personalities. He must be a great man hidden among the jungle people.
Arjun kept on climbing with great speed and reached six guas length. Arjun grabbed the rod and started to rest.
Duryodone - Mama, you said that he won't be able to climb the pole. He has reached six guas on the pole.
Sakuni - Duryodone, he lives in the jungle and he has climbed trees that's why he was able to climb the pole but how will he place his feet on that scale? If he places one foot in one the other scale will go up.
Arjun also thought about that, how will I place my feet on the scales? Placing foot on one will make the other go up then it will not be possible to put the other foot on the other scale. Arjun prayed to Baghwan Krishna asking for help. Baghwan saw that his bhakt is in trouble.
Baghwan has said that I will help dharm win, and no matter how strong adharm is but adharm cannot win. Baghwan Krishna had taken strength out from adharm even though they were capable of performing this task. Baghwan Krishna is placing strength in dharm to make him stronger.

Baghwan Krishna placed strength in Arjun making him stronger. With strength, Arjun climbed little above the scales and jumped on them, with equal balance on both scales. Other spectators cheered when Arjun performed this task.
Duryodone - Mama, look he even landed on the scales properly.
Karna - Now, he must bend my bow, which only few men have been able to do.
Sakuni - Yes, Duryodone, I don't think he will be able to bend Karna's great bow.
Baghwan Krishna saw that almost everyone except brahmins were dressed greatly so why is my bhakt dressed in rags. Draupadi is dressed in sola sanghar while Arjun is not dressed properly. Baghwan Krishna called Naradji and asked him to deliver the message to Indra.
Naradji went to Swarg and delivered Krishna's message to Indra.
Naradji - The son that you gave Kunti is going to perform a great task. Will you let him be dressed in rags or as a father will you dress him properly?
Naradji disappeared from swarg. Indra Raja gave everyone command to get ready and get in their vimans. 33 corore Devas got in their vimans and headed toward Panchal. Only the great and satya men were able to see the Devas in the sky. They all thought that why did all the Devas come? On this pole, this must be a great man in disguise. Some said that must be a Dev, others said that Brahma, Vaikunthrai or Kailashrai, must be one of them. The adharmi did not see the Devs, they thought that this must be a jungle man on the pole.
Indra took his bow and placed an arrow on it. Indra shot first arrow which took off Arjun's turban and threw it down. Everyone in the hall laughed at this. Indra took the second arrow and shot it which placed a crown on Arjun's head. Indra shot third arrow which and placed mukhvas in Arjun's mouth to make it sweet. Indra shot fourth arrow which turned the rags that Arjun was wearing into great Surval. ( man's dress )
Indra took fifth arrow and placed a great shining kavach on Arjun. Indra took a sixth arrow and with it placed a great necklace on Arjun's neck.

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