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Druapadi Swayamver part 8

The sixth arrow also placed kadas on hands, kundals on ears made of diamonds. This arrow also gave Arjun a Jamo ( pants ) made of shining jari. Indra shot the seventh arrow with Gorastra mantra and made Arjun brighter. Arjun was amzed with all this and bowed to Baghwan. Everyone saw this and wondered who this great person is.
Baghwan Krishna saw this and thought that Arjun is now greatly dressed but there is no tej( shining ) in him while Draupadi being ansh avatar of Mataji is shining greatly.
Balramji - Jughdar ( Krishna ) this is amazing. The swaroop of this man changed greatly from a jungle person to a Dev. I wonder who this great person is.
Krishna - Motabhai, remember your words to give your punya if I show you a Pandav kumar. This great person is none other than Arjun.
Balramji - Krishna, do not joke. How can I belive that this is Arjun? Pandavs have died in Laxa Grah. If this is Arjun, than where is mighty Bhim?
Krishna - Motabhai, look behind the Brahmins. Do you see that big person? That is Bhim.
Balramji was glad that Pandavs had survived.
Balramji - Krishna, you are great. Here, I am going to give my punya to Arjun as I have promised.
Balramji gave his punya to Arjun and Arjun shone brighter with great tej. Baghwan Krishna got up and came where five satya men were sitting. The satya men welcomed Krishna.
Satya men - Krishna, tell us who is that great person that is on the pole?
Baghwan Krishna - Remember your promise. That is your kuver ( prince ) Arjun. Now give your punya to him.
Satya men - How can we belive that Oh, great Baghwan?
Krishna - Becareful, do not let anyone see you. Look on the Brahmin side and do you see that big man, that is Bhim, your other Kumar.
The satya men got up, one by one and saw Bhim. All of them were very happpy to see that their Pandavs are still alive.
Satya men - Devkinandan, you are great. Here is our punya.
All the punya made Arjun shine even brighter than everyone else except Draupadi in the hall. Draupadi and Arjun became equal in brightness.

Draupadi had asked Baghwan to give her a husband greater than her. At this time both of them were equal. Bagwhan Krishna approached Dhroom Rishi.
Dhroom Rishi - Devkinandan, when I look at all these five men, I can see that they are no ordinary men. They must be great men in disguise. I just got up from phadmasan and I saw that they are the great Pandav kumars. What have I done to them? They have given me great help before and I treated them like servants.
Baghwan Krishna - Great one, do not weep but help them out and give your punyas to them in blessings.
Dhroom Rishi gave his punya to Arjun and at the same time Baghwan Krishna also placed some of his own punya in Arjun. Arjun was shining greatly, even greater than Draupadi now. Arjun shone like Surya dev himself. Everyone cheered for the great warrior. Draupadi was amazed at this wonderful sight. Everyone came thinking that will Draupadi marry me, now Draupadi is asking her friends and dassies that will this great person marry me after the task, I hope he does not refuse.
Dassies - Great Princess, you were right. He is a hidden fower in the mud that just shone now. Let us all pray to Baghwan that he will accept you as a wife.
Arjun's shining fell on the pool which made the hall shine brighter than before. Arjun took the bow from his back and wondered that how can I place a string on it? There is nothing for support. If I lean it on the pole, than I will fall back. If I place the bow on a scale, it will go down and I will lose the balance.
Baghwan Krishna saw that his bhakt was in trouble so he sent his Sudharsan chakra in very small form that none can see. Arjun saw the chakra by his feet and leaned the bow on it. By bending it properly Arjun placed the string on it and made a thundering noise. Everone were amazed to see this.
Duryodone - Karna vira, he even bent the bow that you said that only few men could succeed.
Sakuni - But, now he has to shoot three targets with one arrow. How will he do that? I think that he will fail.

Duryodone - Mama, I think he might be successful but if I cannot have Draupadi, no one will. Karna vira, let us all plan. If he is successful, you can shoot him and kill him. Mama, let all my brothers and our loyal kings know about getting ready. We are going to kidnap Draupadi. This way I can marry her.
Karna took another bow and got ready to shoot Arjun. Sakuni went around telling all the Kaurav brothers, Jaidrath, Shusarma, Burishrava, and Baghdatta to get their weapons ready for Draupadi haran. All these warriors got all their weapons ready for attack.
Dhroom Rishi saw the Kauravs getting their weapons ready so he gathered his students.
Dhroom Rishi - I think that Kauravs will attack Arjun. The Pandavs have lived with us and Arjun has gotten up from our side so it is also our responsibility to protect him. Let us let all the Brahmins know that even though we are not Kshtria, we will also die protecting the Pandavs.
The students passed the message to all the Brahmins and they also got ready. Some of the Brahmins got their sticks out, others got their kamandals out while other got their bhasmas out to throw at Kauravs in their eyes.
Drupad Raja had an elephant bring Draupadi for marriage. The elephant came and stood by the pool with Draupadi getting varmala ready.
All the great brahmins looked at Arjun and discussed that this warrior was dressed in rags but now changed his form into a wealthy and tejasvi person. Since we do not know his name, let us call him " Dhananjaye " All of them cheered for Dhananjaye.
Arjun saw the fish on top and it was spinning so fast that it looked like a circle. The timing calculation was even tough for Arjun to figure out. Arjun prayed to Baghwan Krishna.
Arjun - Great lord, Govind, Murlidhar. You have always watched us. Without you we can never be successful. You have saved Bhim from poison, you have saved us from Laxa grah, you have given strength to Bhim to fight Hidamb, you have given me strength to accomplish success so far. Please, have pity on me, Lord and help me.

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