Monday, June 7, 2010

Draupadi Sawyamver part 9

Baghwan Krishna saw that his bhakt Arjun is in trouble. Baghwan Krishna controled the wind to lower it and the fish that was spinning too fast started to spin very slowly now. ( Pandavs brothers were powerful, but the battles with adharm was even greater task for them, the adharmi warriors were even greater but with the help of Lord Krishna they are able to win. Baghwan Krishna shows us by these examples that when Dharm is weak and Adharm is stronger I come to destroy Adharm. )
Arjun prayed to Ganesh and Govind, then took an arrow out of the quiver. Arjun looked down in the pool and saw the reflection of the fish and figured the calculations.
On the arrow, first Arjun placed shakti mantra so the arrow would be strong. Then Arjun placed vayoo mantra so it would shoot the arrow all the way up, the arrow would not drop. Finally, Arjun placed Brahmaji's mantra on the front of the arrow, Baghwan Sri Vishnu's mantra in the middle part of the arrow and Baghwan Shanker's mantra on the end part of the arrow. Arjun also place Dharm Raj Yudhisteer's punya on the arrow and after careful calculation shot the arrow.
The shakti mantra made the arrow go straight and it did not shake. The vayoo mantra made the arrow shoot up like rocket. Brahmaji's mantra made the arrow find the eye of the fish and went right through the eye. After this task the part of the arrow with Brahmaji's mantra broke off the arrow. Next, Baghwan Sri Vishnu's mantra started to work and the arrow turned and flew downward cutting the tail. Then the arrow part with Sri Vishnu's mantra broke off the arrow. Last, Baghwan Bholenath's mantra took over and made the last piece of arrow turn and hit very hard in the center of the fish which made the fish drop in the water pool below.
In the hall, there were great cheers and music was played by dhols, shanks and dhunduvies. From the sky, Devs also played music and cheered. Devs rained flowers on Arjun.


  1. Well......I am dying to know what after next
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  2. Prabhjot,
    I will place the next post as soon as I can. Would you believe, I have written only half of this story. Thanks.