Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Draupadi Swayamver part 10

At the time when the fish fell in the water, Duryodone and all his men got up with weapons in hand. They all started to walk toward Draupadi inorder to kidnap her. Dharm Raj Yudhisteer has held one of Bhim's hand tightly so Bhim will not do anything, but Bhim thought that if I don't get up, these men will kidnap Arjun's wife. Bhim freed himself from Yudhisteer's grip and ran by the pool. Bhim stood infront of the Kaurav kumars.
Duryodone - Mama, that is Bhim that is blocking our path.
Sakuni - Let us get out of here for safety.
All of a sudden Bhim saw Burisrava, Jaidrath, Baghdatta and Shusarma trying coming closer to Draupadi from behind. Bhim ran and caught all these warriors and threw them back. Bhim also ran forward knocking Duryodone and his brothers along with Karna and Sakuni back. Then Bhim jumped on the elephant and caught Draupadi and placed her on his shoulder. With Draupadi on shoulder, Bhim ran out of the hall to Kubhar's house.
When Bhim reached Kubhar's house, he called for his mother.
Bhim - Mother, look what I have brought?
Kuntiji thought that Bhim must have brought a food item. Kuntiji was very busy performing her tasks so she did not want to come out.
Kuntiji - Bhim, all brothers share that item together.
Bhim - Mother, what have you said? Today in the Hall, Arjun has performed Matsya Vedhan and won the Princess. The Kauravs were going to kidnap the Princess so I have brought her home.
Kuntiji started to cry thinking what have I done. All of sudden Bhim remembered that I must go back to the hall where Arjun might need help. Bhim ran back to the hall at a great speed.
In the hall, all the Kaurav warriors had gotten up. Karna had taken an arrow and placed a yahoo mantra along with Mohestra mantra and shot the arrow up to throw Arjun down. The arrow hit Arjun and knocked him out of the scale. Baghwan Krishna made Arjun fall very lightly so he will not get injured. When Arjun fell unconscious, all the Kauravs and their soldiers started to beat him but Brahmins also got up.

The Brahmins, even though not warriors fought against Kauravs. Baghwan Krishna called his Sudharsan Chakra, while Balram called his Haal ( plow ). Both brohters rushed where everyone were fighting. But, Bhim came and saw the battle, between Karuavs and Brahmins. Bhim saw that he needed a weapon to fight and saw the 12 guas pole. Bhim with great strength took the pole out of the ground and rushed and at Kauravs. Brahmins were about to lose, when Bhim joined the battle. Kauravs saw Bhim coming with the pole and ran out of the Hall, Sakuni being the first one.
Baghwan Krishna along with Balram made sure that there was no more fights or arguments. Five satya men also came forward with weapons to stop the battle. Arjun and othere wounded Brahmins were taken care. Yudhisteer, Shadev and Nakul joined and all the Pandavs along with others started to walk toward the Kubhar's house.
Kuntiji - I thought that Bhim must have brought some food item and I told him to share it among his brothers.
All the Pandavs were confused about this situation. Druapad Raja came and heard about this and became upset.
Drupad Raja - One man can have multiple wives but how can one woman have multiple husbands?
Vyassji and Baghwan Krishna came and calmed everyone.
Vyassji and Krishna - Druapad, first ask your daughter about this. Listen to what she says.
Drupad Raja - Five men are going to marry you, daughter.
Draupadi - Father, I am going to have five husbands according to my boon and curse so do not worry.
Drupad Raja was glad to hear this from Draupadi. Baghwan Krishna and Vyassji told everyone about Draupadi's past life.
Drupad Raja - How will I be able to marry you to all five husbands? After marring one, you will need to be pure again.
Draupadi - Father, I appear from agni so create a agni kund at the time of marriage. Once I marry one husband, I will go in the agni kund and appear again to be pure. This way I will marry all five brothers.

Drupad Raja- Krishna, how can I believe that these are the Pandav brothers?
Krishna - Let us all go to the Palace and follow my instructions. They are all handsome men but by their qualities I will prove that they are Pandavs.
Baghwan Krishna and Drupad Raja along with the Pandavs went to the palace. At the palace, Krishna asked the Pandav brothers to look around until the marriage preparitions. The Pandav brothers went in the palace and started to look around. Yudhisteer came to the throne room, where he started to help the ministers in administrations while the rest of the brothers went to explore different areas. Baghwan Krishna pointed at Yudhisteer.
Krishna - Drupad Raja, that is Yudhisteer, who will one day be an Emperor. Yudhisteer is helping others rule the kingdom properly. He is the great Dhram Raj.
Bhim found a room with great maces so he stayed in that room while his brothers went to different rooms. Krishna pointed at Bhim and started to explain to Drupad.
Krishna - That is the mighty Bhim who had taken the great pole out and fought against the Kauravs. He is mighty and brave.
While checking all the maces, Bhim found a divya mace that weighed 10,000 maans. Bhim thought that I will ask this mace for dowry. Krishna and Drupad follwed the rest of the Pandav brothers. Arjun stopped at a room filled with bows and arrows where he started to test them. Krishna showed this to Drupad.
Krishna - That is the mighty archer Arjun. You have already seen how great he is when he performed the Matsya vedhan.
Shadev saw a room filled with books so he started to read them. Krishna pointed this out to Drupad Raja.
Krishna - That is Shadev who is trikalghani. He is filled with wisdom.
Nakul went in to the room where clothes and jewelry for men were placed. Nakul started to wear different things.
Krishna - That is Nakul, who is the handsomest man. His interest is wearing nice clothes and jewelry to make himself look great. Now do you belive that these are the Pandav brothers.

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