Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Sri Ram, Sri Krishna, Sri Shanker, Sri Shakti - All are one. Part 1

In order to begin Rajsuya Yagna, lots of gold was needed.  Pandavs went all over to have all the Kings accept Yudhisteer as their Emperor. Many kings gave gold and diamonds for protection and joined the Pandavs. The Queen of Lanka also offered great amount of gold for the protection of Pandav brothers. Bhim, Arjun and Krishna traveled to Lanka to receive the gold.                                                                                                                                              All three of them came near the great ocean, where Bhim saw a monkey laying down.                                                                                                                                   Bhim - Why are you in our way? Get out of the way, otherwise I will throw you in the ocean.                                                                                                                    Monkey - I can't get up so help me. I am too old and weak.

Bhim curled his moustache and tried to lift the tail but could not even move it. Bhim used all his great strength with both hands but could not even move the tail at all. Bhim thought that what kind of monkey is this and approached Krishna for advice.

Bhim - Jagjivan, there is a great and powerful monkey. I cannot even move his tail.

Krishna - Bhim, do not call him a monkey. Call him Rambhakt Hanuman.

Bhim - I tried to get him up but he would not get up and I cannot move him. Devakinandan, why don't you go first and I will follow you.

Krishna came where Hanumanji was laying - Please, get up Hanumanji. Give us way, Anjanisuth.

Hanumanji - Where is the one who was going to throw me in the ocean.

Krishna - He is your little brother. Both of your father is Vayoodev so both of you are brothers.

Hanumanji (glad)  - He is my brother so it does not matter if he said things to me. Let him come out, I would like to meet him.

Bhim came forward and bowed to Hanumanji and hugged him. 

Hanumanji - Where would all of you like to go?

Krishna - We would like to go to Lanka to collect the gold that was offered.

Hanumanji thought that how will they go to Lanka. Sri Ram had to build the bridge of rocks to get to Lanka. How will these warriors go there? Hanumanji - Go ahead, you all can go. I would like to see how Krishnabhakt will go on the other side.

Than Hanumanji thought of Sri Ram and jumped on the other side.

Arjun - Krishna, how can we go on the other side?

Krishna - Place agnito mantra on your arrows and with it build a bridge. Arjun took an arrow and placed agnito mantra with yahoo mantra and built a bridge of arrows from one side to the other side. 

Arjun ( feeling proudness ) I am the greatest, being a Krishnabhakt, greater than Ram. I have built this bridge of arrows which Ram didn't do.

Hanumanji saw that Arjun was comparing himself to Sri Ram. Hanumanji didn't like it when someone spoke bad about him. Hanumanji came and stepped on the bridge breaking it entirely. Arjun was shocked so see the bridge breaking and built the bridge again shooting it multiple times making it stronger. Seeing a new bridge, Hanumanji stepped on it again and broke it.


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  2. Tejas, Dhruv
    Thank you guys, I plan to write the next part very soon.

  3. Jai Shri Ram
    Hello friends. Since I will be opening my computer on Monday I here by wish all readers a Happy Dushsher and pray that the blessings of Shri Ram be on all of us. I have had many pleasent interactions with Mr. Dhruv, Tejas Sanjay Patel and Mr. Gandharva. Hope to meet you guys some day
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