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Draupadi Swayamver part 11

Drupad Raja left to prepare for the marriage, after making sure that these were Pandav brothers. Ladies sang and danced by the Swayamver hall. The Pandavs came accompanied by Kuntiji, Krishna, Balram, Bhisma, Dorna, Kripa, Vidur, Ashwattama, Kubhar family and Yadavs. They were all greeted by Drupad Raja. Marriage ceremony was performed by both kul gurus, Dornik and Kripa acharya.
First, Draupadi married Yudhisteer, then she went in the fire and came out, purified. ( Because, Draupadi had appeared from fire, it wouldn't harm her ) Then Draupadi married Bhim and went in the fire again to reappear to marry Arjun. This way Draupadi married all the Pandav brothers. Pandavs and Draupadi bowed to all the elders to receive their blessings. After the marriage, everyone had bhojan.
When everything was over, Drupad Raja gave many villages to the Pandavs as Kariavar. Drupad Raja gave thousand servants and two Akshoni army to the Pandavs.
Drupad Raja - ( to Kunti ) If I have not given anything, please let me know.
Kunti - No, you have given us many things, we do not want any more.
Drupad Raja - ( to Pandavs ) If I have not given anything, please let me know and ask.
Yudhisteer, Arjun, Shadev and Nakul - No, Father, you have given us lots of things. We do not want anything more.
Bhim - Father, I do not want anything else. Just give me this divya mace. That is all I want.
Drupad Raja - That is all you want. You are a strong warrior that have lifted that mace. That mace was given to my grandfather, who was strong just like you, by the Devas. None of us can lift it so it has just been left alone for long time. I am glad that I have finally found a warrior that can lift that mace but you must defeat the great Jai Mangal elephant to get that mace. Jai Mangal elephant has been untamed and none dare to approach it.
Bhim - Father, show me where that elephant is and I will tame it.
Druapad Raja - We will take you to a fort, where Jai Mangal is locked inside. No one can go in, our servants throw food from the top of the fort.

Everyone followed Bhim to the fort and climbed outside to see Bhim fight the elephant. Jai Mangal was just like Bhim, much stronger than other elephants and was undefeatable. Bhim climbed the fort and jumped inside. Jai Mangal rushed at Bhim to kill him but Bhim stopped the elephant using his great strength. Bhim pushed the elephant back and jumped on it. Feeling the weight, Jai Mangal struggled to throw Bhim down, but Bhim was very strong and was able to keep the elephant under his control. The elephant ran all over, but Bhim was able to sit on it and was not thrown down despite all the struggles.
The elephant was finally tamed and Bhim brought it outside the fort.
Drupad Raja - You have lifted the mighty mace and tamed the great elephant that none of us could perform. Both of them are yours to take.
Bhim - Father, I thank you for that.
Now that the marriage was over, everyone were about to leave. Drupad Raja gave gifts to all the Kings, Princes, and Warriors. The Rishies did not accept anything but left giving Drupad blessings. Krishna did not receive any gifts, which made Bhim upset.
Drupad Raja - Son, please do not be upset with me. I have found out that Krishna is the great Lord Laksminath. How can I give him gift of wealth, when he is the owner of all? Because of him, I was able to give gifts to everyone. I know that I did not possess all this wealth, but he has helped me and I was able to perform all this due to him and Vyassji.
Bhim was satisfied after hearing this. Everyone had left after receiving gifts. Krishna and Balram with Yadavs also left for Dwarks. Pandavs with two Akshoni with all the Satya men also started to march toward Hastinapur. The staya men were the first to travel toward Hastinapur, followed by Pandavs.
In this version, the Pandavs lived by Khandav forrest. After Bhim had been poisoned, Pandavs had left Hastinapur and lived in one of the nagar near Khandav forest. The Satya men went towards Hastinapur, while Pandavs went toward the Nagar near Khandav forrest.

The spies brought all the news to Duryodone about all this. After the Swayamver, Duryodone and the rest had started to march toward Hastinapur very slowly. Along the way, there came a passage between hills. Duryodone saw that a person must pass through these hills in order to get on the other side. The passage was many guas long and can even hold an entire army in between.
Duryodone - Mama, Pandavs must pass through this passage in order to get to their nagar.
Sakuni - Duryodone, why don't we surprise them here and kidnap Draupadi from them.
Let the satya men go first, otherwise they will interfere taking Pandavs' side. After that we will surprise attack the Pandavs once they enter this passage and defeat them.
Duryodone - Karna vira, once the Pandav army has entered this passage, you can block it on one side. I will be on the other side and we will defeat and destroy them. Take half of the army and hide in the jungle, block the passage once they all enter it. I will be waiting on the other side with the other half of the army. Baghdatta, Shuserma, Jaidrath, Sakunimama and Bhuriserva will stay with me.
Duryodone created this battle formation to trap Pandavs. They all lay hidden and let the Satya men pass through without interference. After this they all divided into two groups and waited for Pandavs to enter the passage.
Pandav army was marching slowly with Bhim sitting on Jai Mangal elephant on the front. The army was about to enter the passage, when Bhim sensed danger.
Bhim - ( to the army ) get the weapons ready. Something tells me that we are going to have a battle.
Kuntiji - Bhim, what are you saying?
Bhim - Mother, we are not on a Yatra. We are traveling to our Nagar and can be attack along the way. Let us all get ready.
Yudhisteer - Mother, let Bhim handle this. All the time, he has been sensing danger and we are alive because of that. The one that is awake can live, while the one that is sleeping will be slain.
Bhim created a formation, placing himself in the front.

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