Saturday, May 8, 2010

Bhima vs Hidamb part 2

Hidambsur keeps on asking for immortality and weapon to conquer Vishnu and Shiv. Devi Mataji knows that Hidabmsur is evil and does not give him anything. Now, Mataji saw that Pandavs were also in the jungle so she thought that let me bring them here somehow and they can defeat Hidambsur. Since, Hidambsur is praying to me, I cannot kill him, but Pandavs will.
One day, when Hidambsur is praying, Devi Mataji appears before him.
Mataji - You have worshipped me and I am happy. What would you like?
Hidambsur - Mataji, make me ammar, and give me your trishul which will help me conquer the three worlds.
Mataji - In order for me to give you my trishul and make you ammar, bring me people who have 32 laxans ( qualities ).
Hidambsur - Where can I find such people, who have 32 laxans?
Mataji - By the lake, there is a hut. Inside the hut, there are five men and one woman.
They all have 32 laxans, and one of them has ( Bhim )36 laxans. Bring all of them here and I will do what is best for you.
Hidambsur - I will bring all of them here. Than I will be ammar and ruler of three worlds.
Saying this Hidambsur left the temple. Hidambsur used his magic to fly and soon came by the lake, where he saw the hut. At that time, Bhim was with Hidamba. Since it was a night-time, everyone were sleeping. Hidambsur came closer and saw this so he grew in size and took the hut in his palm. Than Hidambsur flew on top of the mountain with the hut. Hidambsur placed the hut inside a castle and placed guards all around it. Hidambsur also used a mantra to make the mountain slippery so no one can climb it. Hidambsur looked inside the hut and saw that there were four men and one woman so he knew that one of them is missing. Hidambsur sent his Rakshases all over to find the missing man, but since Bhim was in Hidamba's mansion, they could not find him.
Next day, Bhim came by the hut to take his brothers and mother, but found the hut gone.

Bhim looked for his family all over the forrest but could not find them anywhere. Bhim sent his Rakasases all over the jungle but they were not able to discover his family. Bhim was very sad and told Hidamba about this incident. Hidamba knew that this act was performed by her brother but did not tell Bhim.
Hidamba - Nath, we do not know what happened to them. Maybe another Raksas took them and ate them. There is nothing we can do now so let us just live as family. You have me, the jungle, servants and Ghatotkach. Otherwise let us go to Hastinapur with our Rakasas army and together we can fight your cousins, the Kauravs and get your kingdoms back.
Bhim - No, I can fight them on my own, but without my mother and brothers what use do I have for kingdoms. I cannot live now. We have searched for them all over but cannot find them anywhere. Now I wish to take agni samathi. Ghatotkach, prepare a fire, I will enter it and die.
Ghatotkach prepared a fire for Bhim. Hidamba took Ghatotkach and went inside the mansion. Bhim started to pray before entering the fire.
Ghatotkach - Mother, father is going to take agni samathi. What are you doing here? Why are you not stopping him?
Hidamba - You are a child and you will not understand. He is probably just pretending. Your kakas and Dadi are taken by your Mama who will sacrifice them to Chatrisvari Devi Mata. From Devi Mata, your mama will get great boon which will help him defeat everyone and he shall rule the universe. Your Mama will make you a great King. For your good I am not saying anything.
Ghatotkach grew big and grabbed Hidamba with one hand and with the other hand he took a sword. Ghatotkach brought Hidamba where Bhim was praying and getting ready to take agni samathi.
Ghatotkach - Father, instead of finding my kakas and dadi why are you taking agni samathi? My mother knows where they are so let us ask her. I do not want to be a king, I want my family. Both side of the family are important but once married than the husband's family becomes more important.

Bhim - Son, you are great. You have helped me and given me wisdom. Let us all work together and find them. Hidamba, tell me where is my family?
Hidamba - Nath, even though you are a great warrior, I don't think you can defeat my brother. He is very powerful and now he will get great weapons and boons from Mataji.
Bhim - I do not care if I die, but I want to find my brothers and mother.
Ghatotkach - If my mama is powerful, let me come also and I will do what I can to help.
All three of them got ready and started walking towards Makanio mountain. The mountain was 12 guas tall and Hidamb had placed a mantra on it. Bhim tried to climb it but slipped.
Bhim - Hidamba, how do I climb this mountain?
Hidamba - My brother has placed a mantra on it and no one can climb it. My brother can leap and get on the mountain, that's how powerful he is.
Hidamba enlarged herself becoming very tall. Her hair also grew very long. Hidamba by magic made her hair go up the mountain and wrapped around a boulder. Ghatotkach grabbed Hidamba's hair and started climbing the mountain. Bhim also followed his son. Both of them landed on top of the mountain. Ghatotkach grabbed Hidamba's hair when he got up the mountain.
Ghatotkach - Father, one of us must watch over my mother. She might still warn her brother. You stay here, while I will go and fight against my Mama.
Bhim - No, son, let me go and fight against him. You are still too young.
Bhim left and saw Mataji's temple. Bhim went inside and bowed to Devi Mataji. Mataji appeared before Bhim.
Mataji - Your mother and brothers are here. Your brother in law has brought them here. Hidamb keeps on asking me to make him ammar and my trishul to conquer three worlds. But, if I give anything to him, he will perform adharm that's why I have brought you here. Go in that castle and meet your mother and brothers. Than come back here and help me destroy Hidamb.
Bhim saw the Vajra castle and jumped to get inside. There, Bhim saw his mother and brothers. They hugged Bhim and were glad to see him.

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