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Bhim vs Hidamb part 1

All the Pandavs except Bhim were very tired and could not even walk further in the jungle. Seeing this, Bhim carried his mother and brother and kept on walking deeper in the jungle. Bhim walked over 125 guas carrying everyone on his shoulders. Finally, Bhim stopped and rested. The Pandavs were burned in many places so the flies started to get on their bodies all over.
Bhim got up and uprooted some trees. By breaking their branches, Bhim built a hut, where all the Pandavs finally rested inside. Bhim also covered the roof and doorway with long leaves. After taking some rest, Bhim went outside and brought fruit, roots and water using leaves.
Shadev brought medicine leaves and used them to heal everyone. The Pandavs prayed to Baghwan and lived a normal life for six months. Everyday, Bhim would go out and bring fruits and roots for food. One day, Bhim saw that fruits were low in the jungle so he went deeper into the jungle. As he went deeper, he saw huge quantity of many new kinds of fruits.
Bhim started to climb trees and gathered fruits. In this jungle, there were Rakshases and they saw Bhim taking fruits. The Rakshases gathered and came where Bhim was.
They were surprised that this man is not running like other men. The Rakshases started to scream and came closer to Bhim, but Bhim just stood there.
Rakshas - Who are you? How dare you enter our jungle? Your death is here to get you.
Bhim - I have not taken anything from any of you. All I have taken is fruits from the trees for food.
Rakshas - Don't you know that you have entered the Hidamba Jungle. Our Queen is the mighty Hidamba and she owns this jungle. You are a thief for stealing our fruits.
Bhim - I am not afraid of death and I will fight all of you.
All the Rakshases discussed and thought that let us take him to our queen and let her decide his punishment.
Rakshas - Come, we will take you to our Queen.
Bhim - Why? All of you want to kill me. All of you can try, but none of you will be successful.
Rakshas - No, just meet our Queen.

All the Rakshases gathered around Bhim and they all started walking. Along the way, if Bhim saw any fruits that he liked, he would take it and eat it. The Rakshases saw this but didn't say anything thinking that he will run away.
Hidamba is sitting on a swing tied to a great tree outside in the garden. The Rakshases told her about bringing a man. Everyone looked down, but Bhim kept on looking at Hidamba.
Hidamba - Why are you looking at me like that? Whatever I ask you, answer me.
Bhim - Ask and I will answer.
Hidamba - Where did you come from?
Bhim - Outside of this jungle.
Hidamba - What nagar are you from? Who is your Mother and Father?
Bhim - You are a woman, I am a man. First, you answer me. Are you married or single?
Hidamba - I am not married.
Bhim - I am willing to marry you.
Hidamba - Control your tongue. I would not even keep you as a servant.
Bhim - I am not afraid, I can defeat you and your Rakshases.
Hidamba - Listen, if you want to marry me, show me your strength. Push my swing and if you are strong, I will consider.
Bhim - Why don't you invite me to sit with you on the swing. Than I will do what you say.
Hidamba - You dare say that. Even my Raksases are afraid of me. Come and sit on the swing and I will swing it with such a force that you will beg to get off.
Bhim sits on the swing hard and it breaks. Hidamba by magic creates another swing and sits on it. Bhim goes on the back of the swing and swings it very slowly.
Hidamba - Is that all you can do? I thought that you were stronger/
Bhim - Get ready.
Bhim pushes the strength with such a force that Hidamba is thrown up in the sky.When Hidamba is coming down, almost unconscious, Bhim jumps and grabs her.
Hidamba - Swami, now I know how strong you are. I accept you as my husband.
Naradji appeared saying Narayan. Bhim and Hidamba bowed to him. Naradji got both of them married and left. Hidamba and other Rakshases brought many types of food for Bhim to dine.
Hidamba - You are my lord. My body, mind and this jungle are yours.
Hidamba - Swami, please tell me where are you from? Who is your Mother and Father? Do you have any family?
Bhim - I am a Kshtria and Hastinapur is my Desh. I have four brothers and a mother who was a Queen. My father Pandu was a King. We have quarrels with our cousins, Kauravs and they tricked us in a blazing mansion. We survived and came to your jungle. My mother and brothers are not too far away from here and for them I came to get fruits.
Hidamba - Why don't you bring your family here?
Bhim - I will ask them, but now let me take some of this bhojan and give it to them.
Bhim and some of the Rakshases carried bhojan to the hut. Kunti and the other Pandavs sees this.
Kunti - Bhim, I was worried about you. Who are they?
Bhim - I have made some friends and they brought bhojan for everyone.
Everyone eats the bhojans.
Bhim - If I don't come than my friends here will come and bring you bhojan so do not worry.
Kunti - Where did you get this bhojan, here in the jungle?
Shadev - ( laughing ) Today is a special day for Bhim?
Bhim thought that Shadev might tell them so he showed him an angry face. Soon they all departed. Everyday, Bhim would go in the jungle and spend time with Hidamba, than come back with bhojan for his family. After few days, Hidamba became pregnant.
Hidamba used magic and gave birth to a son in ten days. The son was very strong and handsome. ( In Gujarati version, Ghatotkach is shown as very handsome, not fat and bald. )
Bhim named him Ghatotakach because of the shiny body. Ghatotakach was able to grow big and small by using magic. Bhim still didn't tell his brothers or mother that he was married and had a son.
Deeper in the jungle, there is a great mountain named Makhaniyo. On this mountain lives Hidambsur, brother of Hidamba. He is very powerful and rules the other part of the jungle. On top of the mountain, there is a Chtrisveri DeviMata's temple. Hidambsur
prays to her all the time and makes sacrifices.

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