Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Laxa Grah ( Wax Mansion ) Part 1

Duryodone - Mama, we must get rid of Pandavs somehow. Before it was only Bhim, but now they are all great warriors. We gave Bhim poison but he was saved. What can we do?

Sakuni - Before, my plan was just for Bhim, but now watch how I will get rid of all five Pandavs and their mother. I have a rakshsas friend named Pulochan, who is the student of Maya Danav the great Architect.

Duryodone - Mama, invite Pulochan and get rid of Pandavs. I will reward him greatly by giving him some nagars. ( town )

Sakuni wrote a letter to Pulochan " Friend, I know that you need help. Come to Hastinapur and meet me. We have some work for you to perform, complete it and you will be made a king of few nagars."

Pulochan read the letter and told his wife that I will be away for few days and came to Hastinapur. Pulochan was welcomed by Sakuni and Duryodone.

Duryodone - You are my Mama Sakuni's friend so that makes you my mama. I will make you a King, just finish this simple assingment.

Pulochan - Bhanej ( nephew ) what do you want me to do?

Duryodone - Mama, I have five enemies. They are going to steal half of my land. Just finish them by treachery and you will be a King.

Pulochan - I am the student of Great Maya Danav. I can build a Lakha grah made out of wax. Give me one thousand servants and show me where to build the mansion. Only in few days, I can have the mansion built. ( Maya Danav had built the whole city of  Indrapresht  in few moments. Pulochan needed few days to build a mansion so we can figure that he was only a beginner student. )

Duryodone - Great, Pandavs are too trusting so I can send them where ever I like.

All of a sudden Vidurji sees the four ( Pulochan, Duryodone, Sakuni, Dushasan )conversing. Vidurji also recognizes Pulochan and decides to join them to help Pandavs.

Vidur - Duryodone, half of your land is lost to Pandavs. Who knows if they are Pandavs? I do not trust them.

Duryodone - Kaka, I am glad that you are also on my side. I plan to burn them in Laxa grah. I need a person that I can trust to watch all the servants perform work properly. Why don't you go with them and make sure the job is done?

Vidurji agreed to help Duryodone. Vidur thought that by helping Duryodone, I can help Pandavs. Vidurji left with Pulochan and thousand workers to Varnavat. Pulochan checked the land and found a good spot. The river was also very close to the place.

Pulochan - ( to servants ) All day dig as much dirt as you can. I will be meditating in the jungle. In the evening, I will come.

The servants, with Vidurji ate and started to perform work. All day the servants kept on digging dirt. At evening they saw Pulochan approaching. Pulochan sat down cross- legged and  started to repeat a mantra. The dirt all of sudden started to form a base for a mansion. Walls, steps, and rooms were being built for the first floor. All the dirt that was piled was used up in building the first floor.

Pulochan - ( to servants ) tomorrow, dig more dirt.

As soon as Pulochan went back to jungle, Vidurji gathered all the servants.

Vidurji - ( to servants ) All of you, will you do me a favor?  Please, keep this secret in mind and help me.

Servants - Vidurji, you have always treated us fair. Tell us what you need and we are ready to give our lives for you.

Vidurji - They are building a Lakha Grah to kill our Pandavs. All of us must do something to save them, otherwise they will be dead. Help me, and I will make sure that all of you get a great reward.

Servants - Pandavs have always been kind to us. We will do whatever we can to help them. We do not even want a reward.

Vidurji explains the situation to all the servants. They all create a plan to save Pandavs. The next day, when Pulochan is gone in the jungle, the servants start digging a tunnel behind the mansion for the dirt. The servants dig all day and pile the dirt. At evening, when the servants knew the time for Pulochan to return, they cover the tunnel entrance.

Pulochan sits cross-legged and repeats a mantra. Second and third floors are formed by the mantra. All the dirt is used up so Pulochan leaves for the jungle. Next day, servants again dug as much as they can to completed the tunnel. Many of them went inside the tunnel to dig further. The next day, Pulochan built fourth, fifth, sixth and seventh floor.  By evening time, the servants completed the tunnel leading to a river. Servants covered the opening with trees and the other end was dug under the mansion all the to stone floor. Next day, Pulochan used maya to make decorations, colors, windows and gates of the mansion. Pulochan also used a mantra to turn the mansion into wax at many places so it would burst in flame when ignited. The mansion waw very beautifully built inside and outside.

Pulochan - What do you all think about this mansion?

Vidurji - Looks great. You are a great magician. We will all be leaving now that our work is complete.

Vidurji told all the servants that go back to Hastinapur, do not say a word to anyone about this and I will give all of you  great rewards. Than Vidurji went by the river and saw a boat man sitting in a boat and praying. Vidurji approached him and gave him a ring to complete work. Vidurji also gave him some simple clothes and said that in few days you will see five men and a woman come here, just take them on the other side and do not say a word to anyone.

Boat man - I will take them on the other side. I am a bhakt of Baghwan like you. I do not want any reward for helping good people.

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  1. very good sanjay......
    good interpretation.....
    you explans importance vidur....
    great...i like it very much.....go on....

    see just confirm one thing, "is karna present in this planning with duryodhana???? "

  2. Tejas,
    Karna was not involved in this planning. He was involved in few basic things about getting ready to send Pandavs but he did not know about this treachery. Do not worry about grammer, when you write more and you are being helped by others about correcting your grammer, you will get better. You are doing a good job and thanks to Gandherva for helping you. This is the reason, I use simple English so it would be easier for everyone to understand. There is one person on Orkut trying to tell me to write in sloak form, but than many people will not understand because we are all from different parts of India and we speak different languages. I will continue the story. If you need any help with English, you can also ask me for help, just like you are getting help from Gandherva. Ok, bye.