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Laxa Grah Part 2

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Vidurji went back to Hastinapur with servants and told Duryodone about the completion of Laxa grah. Duryodone went to see the Pandavs and fell on their feet. At that time Bhim was not there.

Duryodone ( crying ) - What have I done? I have committed a great sin. I have given my brother Bhim poison. I must be punished for my sin.

Kuntiji - Son, everything is all right. Bhim has been saved so you do not have to worry. You are thinking about your mistake, and that is good.

Duryodone - No, I want to die for committing such a sin. If you want to save me, you can accompany me on a yatra to Varnavat for Shivratri festival. Our family will go there and there I have heard that a sinner can wash his sins.

Yudhisteer - You have a great idea, brother. We will all come. I am so glad to see that you have changed. Everyone deserve to perform good deeds.

Duryodone - I am glad to see that all of you agree with me. But, where is Bhim? I hope he also comes and I would like to ask for his forgiveness.

Yudhisteer - What are you saying, brother? All of us will come, if Bhim doesn't like it, he can stay home.

Duryodone - Give me permission to go home and get ready.

Kuntiji - You can't go like that, you have to take bhojan.

Bhim just comes in and sees Duryodone. Duryodone bows to him and starts crying.

Duryodone - Bhim, my brother, what have I done to you?

Bhim - I am not your brother. Why are you here?

Kuntiji - Bhim, your brother is very upset for what he has done to you so he has came for forgiveness.

Bhim - Get him out of here, otherwise, I am going to beat him. Duryodone is never going to be good.

Yudhisteer - Bhim, you do something to Duryodone and I will let go of my life. Duryodone is trying to repent for his mistakes so we should help him, not go against him.

Kuntiji - Yudhisteer is correct, we are all going on yatra for Shivratri. Duryodone is here to take us along.

Bhim - Mother, do not go with Duryodone. It is probably another plan to kill us all. You do not need a chariot or elephant for yatra. I will carry all of you on my shoulders and take you on yatra. Come with me, but do not go with him.

Kuntiji - Now you are committing a sin by talking bad about Duryodone. We are all going with him on yatra.

Bhim sat outside, while Duryodone and the rest of Pandavs with their mother ate bhojan. Yudhisteer never ate without Bhim sitting beside him, but today he favored Duryodone and ate with him. After bhojan, Duryodone left. Pandavs also got ready for yatra and got on the chariot. Bhim thought that if I am with my mother and brothers, I can help. If I stay here, I will be safe but why do I need to live without my family. Bhim also followed his brothers.

Bhim - Mother, you said that I committed a sin, by talking bad about Duryodone so I would like to come also to repent for my sin. Bholenath will forgive me.

Kuntiji - Bhim, if you want to come, remember do not creat any problems.

Pandavs met Duryodone and his brothers outside of Hastinapur. Duryodone as planned, prepared chariots carrying food items and clothes. Kuntiji saw all this and showed it to Bhim.

Kuntiji - Bhim, see how your brother has everything planned for yatra.

When Duryodone saw Bhim, he was glad because now all the Pandavs will die in the Laxa grah. Vidurji was also there and stayed next to Bhim. Vidurji explained to Bhim that if a house is on fire a rat can get out by digging a tunnel.

Vidurji - Son, do not be upset, but stay alert. You are the one that is alert out of all. Control your sleep because the one who has conquered sleep sees all. The one that sleeps is not alert and loses.

Bhim - Kaka, thank you for your advice. I will stay alert.

As planned by Duryodone, Sakuni came all of a sudden.

Sakuni - Duryodone, we still have so much work that needs to be done. We need as much help as possible so first finish your work and than go on the yatra.

Duryodone - ( to Yudhisteer ) There is some work that I must do, once I complete it I will follow you with my brothers any day. I have built a mansion for all of us at Varnavat. You will see that it it the biggest mansion over there by the river. There is also a servant there named Pulochan who will serve you.

Yudhisteer - Brother, you can go. But, as soon as your work is done, come as fast as you can.

Duryodone and his brothers return to Hastinapur, while Pandavs continue on their yatra to Varnavat. Finally, Pandavs came to Varnavat and saw the great mansion by the river. Pulochan came out, bowed to them and welcomed them.


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