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Laxa Grah part 4

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The mansion was on fire. All of a sudden Bhim jumped from the seventh floor to the ground, very easily. Seeing Bhim, Pulochan ran but Bhim was faster than him. Bhim caught up with Pulochan and grabbed him.

Bhim - You wanted to burn us. Now I am going to burn you and see how you like it.

Pulochan started yelling for mercy, but Bhim wouldn't let him go. Bhim came to the mansion carrying Pulochan.

Bhim - Agnikaka ( Vayoodev and Agnidev were sons of Aditidevi so they were brothers ) take your first bhojan from me, but do not harm my mother and brothers.

Saying that, Bhim threw screaming Pulochan in the fire. Pulochan was burned immediately. All of a sudden, Bhim remembered that my mother and brothers are still inside the mansion. Bhim thought that without my family, why would I want to live? Bhim took few steps back and made a huge jump on top of the mansion. Bhim ran inside the mansion looking for his mother and brother. Everywhere the fire was burning and the lakh ( wax ) was bursting in flame.

Bhim knew that this might happen so he had memorized where his brothers and mother slept and he ran in that direction. Bhim kept on going from floor to floor, finding his brothers and picking them on his shoulders. Bhim found his mother also and placed her on his shoulder. The Pandavs were all coughing, because they could not breath properly. Bhim kept on running all over to find a way out of the mansion but now there was fire all over. There was no escape because fire had blocked all the windows and the main gate. From the top fire particle kept on coming down and harmed the Pandavs. The Pandavs were hurt in many places all over the body. Even, Bhim who was very strong fell unconscious by inhaling too much smoke. The Pandavs all became unconscious, in the burning mansion.

From Dwarka, Baghwan Krishna saw that his bhakts were in trouble. Krishna saw how great Bhim was carrying all his family on his great shoulders and risking his life to save them. Krishna, also saw the greatness of Shadev. Shadev was a trikalghnani, who knew past, present and future, but still he was quiet. Baghwan Krishna had asked him not to tell anything, unless someone ask for it. Shadev had asked Krishna that I will not tell, but help us when we are in trouble. Shadev, even though hurt badly, believed in Krishna and did not say anything.

Krishna refreshed all the Pandavs and placed strength in Bhim. Bhim got up and took his brothers and mother on his shoulders. Krishna also made Bhim remember that when in trouble consult with Shadev for directions.

Bhim ( screaming ) Shadev, why are you quiet? Show us the way.

Shadev - Motabhai, where you are standing, hit the floor and there is an under ground tunnel.

Bhim smashed his foot and broke the stone cover and saw an under ground tunnel that Vidurji had the servants dig up. Bhim placed his brothers and his mother in that tunnel. Shadev was placed last and Bhim just dropped him in the tunnel. Last, Bhim got in the tunnel.

Shadev - Motabhai, why did you drop me?

Bhim - Why didn't you tell me about this tunnel before?

Shadev - Motabhai, you didn't ask me so I couldn't tell you.

Bhim - Yes, you are right. Please, forgive me. ( even though Bhim is older, he asks Shadev for forgiveness )

Pandavs with their mother moved forward in the tunnel. Agnidev saw this and came in the tunnel and blocked both openings. This time, Bhim approached Agnidev.

Bhim - Agnikaka, let us go. Let one mother and five sons go and I will give you a hundred sons of one mother.

Agnidev still did not move from the entrance. Bhim said the same thing two more times. This time, Agnidev showed himself to Bhim.

Agnidev - Bhim, you have spoken three times so I want three hundred sons of three mothers and I will let you all go.

Bhim started thinking that I know hundred sons of Ghandarikaki and because they tried to kill us, soon I will have to fight and kill them. But, where will I find the other two hundred sons of two mothers. At this time, in order to be safe let me just agree, later I will figure out something.

Bhim - Agnikaka, let us go and I will give you three hundred sons of three mothers.

Hearing this statement from Bhim, Agni disappeared. Now the way was cleared. The Pandavs came out of the tunnel and took a bath in the river. They were burned in many places and their clothes were  also damaged. The Pandavs saw a boatman approach them.

Boatman - Vidurji has asked me to stay here and help the ones that come out from this tunnel. Come with me and take these simple clothes that he has given me. I will take you on the other side in my boat.

The boatman took the Pandavs on the other side of the river and dropped them. Pandavs went inside the jungle, while the boatman started to go back.

Krishna thought that it will be a threat for the Pandavs if Duryodone knows that they have survived. To keep this secret, Krishna sent the boatman to Vaikunth and turned the boat over. Only the boatman had seen the Pandavs escape so Krishna sent him to Vaikunth so no one will know of Pandavs survival.


  1. good sanjay.......
    i don't know about that bhima's vow regaurding 300 sons.....
    i got new info good........
    i know about 100 kaurav and 100 anu-kichak but what about remaining 100 men......

  2. I never heard Krishna helping Pandavas in rescuing from Laxa Mension

  3. ya even i havn't heard about it........

  4. Bhim had taken a vow to give 300 sons of 3 mothers to Agnidev.
    100 Kauravs - Duryodone and his brothers.
    100 Kabiras - Brother- in - laws of Hidamb. When Bhim kills Hidamb, they come after Pandavs for revenge and Bhim kills them. The oldest of them is Kadhbasur.
    100 Kichaks - In Virat nagar. The one that is harressing Draupadi is the oldest of the Kichaks named Kaiyo. After Bhim kills Kaiyo, his brothers beat Draupadi up badly and wanted to burn her alive. Bhim says that I will come with all of you and makes the fire very big. Than Bhim sends them all in different directions to get more wood. As the Kichaks start to come, Bhim throws them in fire.

    All of them start with letter " K ".
    If you guys want me to write further, with lot more information just like here in Laxa Grah, let me know and I will continue. In the jungle, it is not simple that Bhim fought and killed Hidamb. It is lot more than that.
    In Gujarati version, Krishna has helped Pandavs many times.

  5. yeah you can write more about bhim in jungle , another great post by sanjay patel

  6. Thanks Gandherva. It is good for all of us to share information.