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Laxa Grah – part 3

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Pulochan welcomed the Pandavs and carried all the yatra items inside the mansion. Pulochan showed the Pandavs  the mansion. The Pandavs were impressed with the way the mansion was built. Great paintings and decorations were everywhere. The mansion was filled with beautiful furniture.

Kuntiji - Bhim, see how your brother Duryodone is taking great care of us. Look at the way, he has built this mansion for us and you were saying bad things about him.

Bhim - ( didn't want to argue ) yes mother, you are right.

Bhim was alert and he thought that why didn't Duryodone send other servants. There is only one servant in this great mansion and he seems to be too nice.

Pulochan - Princes, there are food items which Maharaj Duryodone has sent. You can use it to cook for yourselves. I will be outside, if you need anything, let me know.

Kuntiji took some of  the items and cooked for all of them. Bhim kept on watching Pulochan and when he left, he gathered his brothers.

Bhim - I will not say anything bad about anyone, but listen to me. Let us all sleep separately, at different places. Everyday, we must change the place where we are sleeping. Keep alert  and watch for one another at all times.

Yudhisteer - Bhim, you are right. There is no harm in being alert. We will all follow your ideas.

At night, the Pandavs  picked different floors to sleep. Bhim took a vow that as long as we are in this mansion, I will sleep at daytime, when my brothers are awake. At night, I will guard my brothers and mother and watch Pulochan all the time.

At middle of the night.

Bhim was hiding and watching Pulochan. Pulochan got up and went outside. Bhim followed Pulochan and hid behind trees. Pulochan looked around to make sure that he was alone and went behind trees. Pulochan took shower by the river,  made an animal sacrifice and stood on one leg.  Next, Pulochan took a religious mala ( necklace ) and kept on repeating a mantra. All of a sudden Agnidev appeared and was very angry. ( In Ramayan, when Agnidev appeared, to give the kheer to Dasrathraja, he was gentle. Dasrathraja had called Agnidev by performing a religious yagna, performing puja, and giving daan. Pulochan had called Agnidev by black magic so Agnidev was very angry. )

Agnidev - You have called me. Give me my bhojan? You promised me that you will give me five men and one woman. Where are they?

Pulochan - Agnidev, let me see to make sure they are all there. Than I will give you your bhojan. In return, you have said that you will give me a boon.

Pulochan went by the window and saw only Kuntiji sleeping. Pulochan looked inside but could not find anyone else. ( Bhim had told them to sleep by hiding in places, behind furniture not on bed.) Pulochan was upset and came back in the jungle.

Pulochan - Agnidev, forgive me. I do not see all of them together. Next time, I will not fail you.

Agnidev - Next time when you call me, I want my bhojan otherwise I will take you. ( This way, Agnidev would get rid of evil men and protect good people )

Agnidev disappered and Pulochan went back to sleep. Bhim saw all this by hiding. Now, Bhim knew that Duryodone wanted to kill them. Few days passed, but Duryodone and his brothers did not come. Everyday, Bhim made sure that his brothers slept at different places. When the rest of the Pandavs and Kuntiji went outside of the mansion, than Bhim slept in the jungle and stayed up at night. Pulochan looked inside the mansion, but always found Bhim or others missing so he could not call Agnidev.

After few days.

Bhim - Motabhai, what happened to our wonderful brother, Duryodone? Why didn't he come yet? tomorrow is Shivratri and he is still not here. He was the one that wanted to come here to wash his sins on Shivratri.

Yudhisteer - Maybe, there is too much work for him.  He will come by tomarrow.

Kuntiji - Bhim, there is something wrong. You are not talking much to anyone. Tell me what is it?

Bhim - Mother, Duryodone wanted to come here, but why didn't he come yet? Why is there only one servant, when we could have many? Why is he gone at daytime, and at night he moves around in this mansion? Tonight is Shivratri, and still Duryodone or his brothers are not here. Let us all leave from here after the festival.

Kuntiji - Bhim, do not be silly. ( What many fans think about him, but let us all think by getting all the information about Bhim ) Your brother, Duryodone will come today. Duryodone has spent so much money for us to perform this yatra. We cannot leave.

Pandavs enjoyed the festival, took a bath in the river and prayed to Lord Shiva, during day time and late at night. Pulochan was not there, but in the jungle, performing black magic to get ready. Pulochan knew that he couldn't wait too longer so today he will have to do something. Pandavs came back to their mansion. At that moment, a beggar woman with her five sons approached the mansion.

Beggar woman - Bhen, we came for the Shivratri festival from far away. Now it is night time, we have no place to go. Will you give us shelter for tonight?

Kuntiji was very kind and let the beggars come in immediately. Kuntiji told them to sleep on the first floor, and she went on the second floor. Bhim told all the beggars to cover themselves all over with blanket and do not remove the blanket if they hear someone walking ( Pulochan ).Bhim got on the last floor on the roof and started to watch for Pulochan by hiding. Pulochan came inside the mansion and saw the six beggars sleeping. ( They were covered by blankets and it was dark so he could not see them well with just a lamp ) Pulochan was glad, thinking that these were the Pandavs and their mother. Pulochan went outside and performed all the vidhis for calling Agnidev. Unknown to Pulochan, Bhim was watching from the top of the mansion.

Agnidev was summoned and was very angry.

Agnidev - Pulochan, you did not call me for few days. Why? Now, let me have my bhojan.

Pulochan ( bowing ) - In that mansion, sleeps five men and one woman. They are yours, my lord. After that, give me a boon.

All of a sudden, there was fire all over on the mansion. The beggars were burned immediately.


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  1. good......
    bhima seems real hero here......
    i am happy that atleast gujarati writer doesn't thinks that bhima is very silly
    they try to show clever bhima......very good......

  2. Tejasbhai,
    This is the reason why even though this is a Karna site, I wrote about Bhim because the issue came up that Bhim is silly and an angry person. In Gujarati vesion, Bhim is not brilliant student like Karna and Arjun but he is very clever. You can also see that for his family, Bhim has risked his life lot more than other Pandavs.