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Krishna tests Karna and Duryodone- Who is the Real Danveer?

When Karna returned to Hastinapur after receiving warfare education from Parsuram, he was very eager to see his friend Duryodone. Duryodone saw him and instead of asking him about wellness, asked him about the warfare education. Karna was upset because he was seeing Duryodone as a great friend, but Duryodone was selfish.

Karna-Duryodone, you are not asking me about friendship. You are just asking me about weapons.

Duryodone- I am your King, I have made you in charge of Anga. It is up to me to treat you anyway I desire. If you don't like it you can leave.

Karna-I shall leave your kingdom at this moment, with my family.

Karna took his mother and his wife ( in this version, his father Adhirath had passed away at this time ) and left Hastinapur. When fighting against Parsuram, his father Suryadev had saved him so Karna knew that he was the son of Surya dev. Karna also knew from the bee incident that he was a Kshtria and not a Sutputra. Karna thought of Surya dev to get some answers. Surya dev appeared before Karna and seeing the great dev, Karna bowed to him.

Karna-Father, tell me who is my father and mother on earth? Do I have other family members?

Suryadev-Karna, my son, your father on earth is now in heaven. You do have a mother and brothers, someday you shall know who they are. I am not allowed to tell you. Let me give you this shawl ( blanket ). When someone approaches you claiming to be your mother, place it around her and you shall see a miracle. Than you will know that she is your mother. Now, I know that Duryodone has ordered you away from Hastinapur. Take this Mani and go to this dessert land. The mani shall create a great nagar for you to live and perform a puja to the mani and it will give you gold, everyday.

This way Suryadev was always watching his son Karna. Karna went to the wasted land and performed the mani pujan and a great city was formed.  Karna named it "Karnapur" and thougth that why do I need all this gold and big place? Why not start giving dann to other people? Karna saw many poor people and brahmins so he invited them all to live in his city. Soon, Karnapur was filled with many people because Karna was giving them place to live and was donating generously. Karna was performing mani pujan everyday which was giving him gold. Karna also started to donate the gold and became known as the "Great Danveer".

Many people started to talk about Karna's generousity and it reached Duryodone. Duryodone-Mama Sakuni, how can Karna become so great?  Now he is King and a great dannveer.                                

Sakuni-Duryodone, he is a King of only one nagar, but you have many nagars under you. He is a great daanveer, but by donating you can become a greater daanveer than Karna. Why don't you tie a Dharm Daja and start donating?

Duryodone tied a dharm daja ( flag ) and started to donate. When Duryodone and Sakuni donated they told the people that make sure all of you go around and say that Duryodone is a great daanveer. Karna did not tell people about praising him when donating, still people said good things about Karna. Baghwan Krishna said let me see who the real daanveer is and who is the imposter. Baghwan Krishna came as an old, ugly brahmin with blood coming out in many places. First, he went to Hastinapur and saw Duryodone.

Duryodone-what can I do for you? What can I give you in daan?

Krishna-I do not want any gold. I would like to go on yatra.

Duryodone-I can give you an elephant, horse or a chariot.

Krishna-I do not want those things, I would like to perform a yatra by walking. With a mantra that I have, I can switch bodies. Will you donate your body and once I complete my yatra, I will return it to you?

Duryodone- I am not the master of this body, but my wife Bahanumati is. I have to ask for her permission, first.

Duryodone goes to Bahanumati and tells her the entire story. Bahanumati was tired of Duryodone so she thought that I can have another body in Duryodone's form. Bahanumati went to see the old brahmin and she screamed.

Bahanumati-Duryodone, how can you think about switching bodies with this ugly, old brahmin? Send him away, I can't even stand looking at him. Take down the dharm daja, do you know how much gold we have lost?

Krishna-Duryodone, you are unable to give daan so do not pretend to be a daanveer. You and your wife are just like each other and made for one another.

After that Krishna appeared in Karnapur and saw Karna.

Krishna-Can you give me your body as daan? After completing my yatra, I will return it to you.

Karna-Graet Brahmin, please take my body in daan. I will feel great in giving it to you in daan.

Krishna-No, first you must ask for your wife's permission. Only than, I will take your body.

Karna-When donating and doing good deeds, one must not ask a wife. Please, take my body.

Krishna-I will accept your body, only if your wife gives you a permission.

Karna goes and asks his wife about donating his body to a brahmin.

Karna's wife-Please, you do not have to get my permission. Give your body to the brahmin in daan.

Krishna-Why do you want to give up your body? Look how ugly I am?

Karna's wife-Please, accept my husband's body. When you shall perform yatra with my husband's body, his body will be purified. I will also be able to take great care of your body in my husband's form. Please, take your daan.

Baghwan Krishna shows his true form to both Karna and his wife.

Krishna-Both of you are great daanveers. Both of you are same and made for one another. Please, ask me any boon that you would like.

Karna-Give me your Bhakti and at my death, let me see you.

Karna's wife- Give me your Bhakti.

Krishna granted the boons to both of them and disappeared.


  1. This story from gujarathi version translated by Shri Vallahbram Surajram, from Sanscrit to Gujrati in 1867


    Compiled by
    Sanjay patel

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  3. How they got back together?? Can you recite stories on the friendship??

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  6. Great history of Indian mythology . "Maharathi karan toh mahano se bhi mahan hai"

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