Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Rama-Vali battle

Sugriva challenged Vali to a fight. When Vali sallied forth to meet the challenge, Rama emerged from the forest to shoot and kill him with an arrow.

Now Rama faces the injured Vali. Rama could have killed him instantly with one arrow or he may have even shot another arrow to avoid facing Vali. But he chooses to keep him alive for some time so that he can ask questions which he is ready to answer. Vali told Rama if you are searching your wife you should have come to me for help and friendship. Whoever have took Sita even if it is Ravana I have defeated them and would have taken them at you feet and at your mercy.

So Vali asked the following questions:

  • What was my crime?

  • Even if I committed a crime (with my brother), what is your right to kill me?

  • The third statement shows Vali's disapproval of the way Rama killed him. He says, "I was fighting with some other person and was not careful enough when you shot me."

Rama makes the following replies to Vali:

  • The younger brother should be treated like a son. Even if he made a mistake you should forgive him, specially when he promised to respect you for your whole life.

  • About his authority he said he had permission from King Bharat to spread righteousness and punish evils.

  • The third argument he quoted how great kings did hunting of deers in the past. In fact, Baali in principle could also be kept in the category of deers and a hunting king does not care whether the deer was careful or not.

But there are few question arises -

  • Elder brother's wife is equivalent to Mother so according to that Sugreeva also done wrong this.

  • And Rama attacked Vali in Vali's kingdom and King Bharat's rules does not apply in Vali's Kingdom.

  • And in whole history of humans Monkeys are never categorized as animals to be hunted.

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