Tuesday, March 30, 2010

People changing their name to karna

Julia myerson who is a famous author from england wrote a book called "The lost child " about her son jake myerson and his Drug addiction. Jake started taking durgs when he was 17 , because of the stress he got from his parents fighting every day, instead of trying to change him his parents throwed him out of his house. He was invited by his friend to live in his house , now jake is living only with the help of his friend's parents.Now jake is 20 years old and he has changed a lot from his past of drug usage .Recently jake's mom wrote a book about his drug usage , jake's mom used his private details for the sake of publicity of her book , jake felt very rejected also jake couldn't appear for his higher studies exams. So jake after reading the story of karna and found great resemblance with his own life so he changed his name form jake myerson to jake karna

Orginaly link is
Jake karna

Karna's fame has even reached england
Hail Karna


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    did you knew, our first President Soekarno ( or Sukarno) changed his name because often sick and not healthy at the time of his childhood
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    In the Java (Sukarno is javanese ) language Karna was transformed into Karno , who was given the prefix Su, which means the best or good. So Sukarno means the good hero Karna.

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