Sunday, March 21, 2010

Poem dedicated to karna

Born with a shining Armour
Result of someone’s untimely prayers
Left alone in the big world to fight
Raised by someone who did what he thought was right
Asked the little child to God…. Why Me?

Raised in a poor yet loving family
Little did he knew about the reality
Always getting the shorter end of the stick
Life was making him more determined and stiff
Again he asked to God. ..Why Me ?

Taking life the way it came
Along the way ignoring the shame that came
His heart was full of grudges and angst
And that was the biggest source of his strength
Again the young man asked to God
Why Me.?

Life has got no retakes
He did went through his share of mistakes
But the last thing on his mind was regret
But never did he tried to forget
The not so rosy past
And time just went ticking so fast

Along came curses that did come true
Along came friendship that indeed was true
Along came name, fame and glory
But also came with it an unforgettable rivalry

For opponents he was always the wall
Between defeat and victory
Little did he knew that he will forever become immortal
In the pages of History

Ultimately like every human his time did came
The way he died none would have wanted to be part of same
Finally for the one last time asked he
Why Me...?

written   by                                                                                                                                          Mayank panwar (HECTOR)                                                                                owner of daana vera sura karna community in orkut

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