Sunday, March 21, 2010

Karna's speech to kuru warriors

This is based on K M ganguli translation of mahabharat

After bheesma's fall , all the kaurava warriors lost their confidence and had no hopes of victory, Then karna who vowed that he will not fight until bheesma's fall  comes to the battle field for the first time .He was like a boat for the kaurava warrior who were drowning in the sea of arjuna's arrows.Karna becomes their saviour and gives the speech which gives them confidence and they march fearlessly to the battle field on the 11th day.In this speech first karna grieves for bheesma's fall ,gives confidence for the warriors and finally he gets ready for the battle

Karna says  " In this  world everything is continually moving towards the jaws of Death. Thinking of this, I regard everything as ephemeral (Lasts only for a short time ). When, all of you were here, how could Bhishma, that great hero  among the Kurus, immovable as a hill, be thrown down from his car? When bheesma lies on the ground like the Sun himself dropped from the sky , the Kuru kings cannot face the might of  arjuna ,The kurus will fall like trees blown up by fierce mountain wind .But have no fear in your heart  I shall, now protect you ,Like how bheesma did . Let this burden now be upon  me. I see that this universe is ever changing , since even  the great bheesma has fallen . Why  should we have any fear  in battle when death is a must for every one , but when we receive death in the battle field it gives glory , undying fame and opens the doors of  heaven too , therefore,  I shall fearlessly fight and send  those pandava warriors  to Yama's abode.I will achieve great fame by doing this  .  I shall slay them in battle  or I will be  slain by the foe,  Yudhishthira is possessed of firmness, intelligence, virtue, and might. Bheema is equal to a hundred elephant in strengh, Arjuna is very powerful and is the son of the chief of the celestials, twins each resembling Yama himself, that force within krishna and Satyaki, that force is like the jaws of Death. The Pandava host, therefore is not capable of being easily defeated by the very gods. No coward approaching it, can come back with life. A thorn can only be taken by another thorn , so their  force can only be  opposed by my  force.My mind is firmly fixed upon opposing the enemy and protecting my own army.  Charioteer, I shall today certainly resist the might of the enemy  and I will defeat him . I will not tolerate my troops being borken by the pandavas, I will rally them again and I will march towards  victory .  I shall either achieve victory worthy of an honest man, or casting off my life, I  shall follow Bhishma. I shall either slay all my foes united together, or slain by them, I will  proceed to heaven.Charioteer, This is what I should do, Karna always answers when women and children cry for help or when Duryodhana's forces  sustains a check. Therefore, I shall today conquer the foe. Disregarding  my very own life in this terrible battle, I shall protect the Kurus and slay pandavas .  Slaying in battle all my foes  together, I shall make duryodhana as the emperor of the world .

Let my beautiful armour,my head-gear, my bows and arrows that resemble poisonous snakes,sixteen quivers, shafts,darts,heavy maces,my conch, my excellent standard bearing the device of the elephant's girth(strap which covers the elephant) Be ready. Charioteer bring me fast horses ,an excellent chariot , every auspicious article needed for occasions of setting out for battle, Let garlands of flowers be brought, and let them be put on the limbs of my body. Let drums also be beaten for victory! .Go, Charioteer, quickly to the spot where  Arjuna, Bheema, Yudhishthira and the twins, are. Encountering them in battle, either I shall slay them, or, being slain by them, , I shall follow Bhishma.

If all-destroying Death himself comes to protect arjuna,I still shall slay him "

By Gandherva

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  1. My fav character in Mahabharata..."If all-destroying Death himself comes to protect arjuna,I still shall slay him "