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Broken Vows in Mahabharta

Indraputra Arjuna Breaks his vow

During the Battle of Kuruksetra, Karna insulted Yudhisthira in front of Arjuna. Yudhisthira then left the battlefield. Arjuna and Krisna followed him, and Yudhisthira criticized Arjuna for allowing Karna to vilify him. In doing so, he insulted Arjuna's bow, Gandiva. Previously Arjuna had taken a vow to kill anyone who insulted his bow, and if he could not do so, he vowed to take his own life. So he took out his sword to kill Yudhisthira. At that point, Krsna intervened and chastised Arjuna. “What are you doing you fool? Are you going to kill your elder brother for the sake of keeping your word? Is this the purport of the moral law? Is there nothing higher than moral law? And given the circumstances, what is the value of this promise when you vowed many times over to make Yudhisthira the king?”

Sri Krishna Breaks His Vow

Bhishma attacked Pandavas with force unheard of. Pandavas army was torn apart at tens and hundreds places. Soldiers started running here and there. Scores of them died on the battle-field in their futile attempt to attack or escape the mighty Bhishma.

Sri Krishna told Arjuna to protect his men by attacking the leader Bhishma. There was no other way but to remove Bhishma if Pandavas had to win the war. Everyone intently watched this terrifying battle between the old and the young great warrior.

Arjuna was faltering, many a arrow from Bhishma hit Arjuna. He was bleeding profusely. Sri Krishna thought, "If this continues defeat of Pandavas is not far away." Therefore, in a bid to thwart the onslaught of Bhishma, Sri Krishna lifted the nearby wheel of a broken chariot and ran towards Bhishma as if to put and end to his life! The vow that Sri Krishna would not take to arms was thus broken!

Seeing the Lord Himself rushing towards him, Bhishma dropped his weapons. With tears flowing from his eyes Bhishma spoke thus, "O Keshava, O Merciful, how lucky am I that the Lord of Universe Himself has decided to liberate this ordinary Bhishma from the snares of worldliness. O Madhava, come, be quick, let me die at your hands. Who can be happier and lucky than me to get such an wonderful and rare opportunity."

Pitamah Bheesma Breaks his vow

Pitamah Bheesma taken vow to protect and think only good of King of Hastinapur
but on end of 9th day of Mahabharata war Yudishthra comes to Bheesma and at that time Yudishthra is the enemy of Hastinapur.

And war is going on with him. But on request of yudi Pitamah Bheesma told the secret that how to kill him.

Which is against his vow.
So Pitamah Bheesma broken his vow on just before the end of life.

Great Piller of vow is fallen with his vows.


Dhruv Gaba

“The greater danger for most of us is not that our aim is too high and we miss it, but that it is too low and we reach it”


  1. Gangaputra is GreatestMarch 27, 2010 at 5:39 AM

    Gangaputra didnt broke his vow bcoz he took vow for the sake of HASTINAPUR only and ultimately he knew that yudi was a better king than suyodhan, that's why he did so.
    And his own death is in his hands, no human being can blame Pitamah for telling his death secret to anyone.

  2. Yes Gangaputra is the greatest and nobody is trying to deny it. Why you think Yudi is a better king Becasue He is a Statue of Dharma or Because he speak lie to kill his Guru. And if you think Gangaputra is bound to do things just for the good sake of Hastinapur then please let me know why he kept silence when Draupdi Cheerharan happened. And there are lots of times when things are not good for Hastinapur but Bheesma give his silent yes to all things. Any reason? And Gangaputra told the secret when the war is going on and at that time Yudi is the enemy of Hastinapur and which is not good for Hastinapur and Hastinapur's King. He is wrong at that time and broken his vow just because he is Biased towards Pandavas. As you can see in childhood of Kauravs and Pandavas Bhima used to beat Kauravas as they are not as much strong as Bhima but Bheesma never stopped Bhima. And thats why this all started.