Saturday, March 27, 2010

Arrows limit for some Maharathis

Arrows limit for some Maharathis :-
Angito matra ( multiple ) arrows ability:
Arjun - 60,000
Dorna - 80,000
Karna - 80,000
Bhisma - 100,000
Nakul & Shadev - 5,000 each
Virat, Dhrustdhuman, Shikandi - 4,000 each
Abhimanyu - 40,000
Iravan - 300,000
Babrauvahan - 1,000,000
Tamradhwaj - more than 1,000,000 because he defeated Babrauvahan.
Krishna, Balram - as many as desired.

This information is from Gujarti Version of Mahabharta.

Thanks to Sanjay Patel for posting this on orkut.


  1. Dhruv, While the above is to be taken as a list of 'archer' maharathas, there are many more maharathas listed in the Bharata. You can google the following statement for example.

    "And amongst those hundred and one, eleven, viz, Duhsasana, Duhsaha, Durmarshana, Vikarna, Chitrasena, Vivinsati, Jaya, Satyavrata, Purumitra, and Yuyutsu by a Vaisya wife, were all Maharathas great car-warriors."

    Warm regards
    - Jayarama

  2. @jayarama the topic if from gujarathi verion , the KMG the information given by you is told vyasampayana . IF you want to know about exact information about the ratha, maharathas and athirathas classified by Bheesma you can go to this link.