Monday, December 13, 2010

Ramayana or Mahabharata - Which one you like


  1. of course Ramayana.It is since B.R. Chopra's TV serial Mahabharata has gained popularity in household otherwise prior to that Mahabharata was considered to be symbol of fight and that's why till this date most of the Hindu families do not keep Mahabharat in the house. On the countray in almost every Hindu house Ramayana is mandatory to be kept as a symbol of love and peace. That is the clear difference.

    Mahabharata is complicated whereas Ramayana is easy t undersnd that 's why even after thousands of years Hindus have faith in Rama and every year Ram Lila are celebrated with joy and faith. In our good and bad time Rmayana gives us peace and rosperity.


  2. Mahabharata as it is greatest and biggest book of all time which is proud for Bharata.
    Mahabharata contains all type of
    emotions,sins,sacrifices,human natures,real world.