Saturday, September 25, 2010

Bheema's Dharma and Yudhisthir's Dharma

In the latter part of Agyatvas. Kitchaka proposed draupadi for marriage and she refused it. So Kichaka brought her to the palace of Virat and he insulted Draupadi in front of whole assembly. Bhima intentionally gets up with rage to save Draupadi. But Yudhisthir forced him to sit down. Then kitchaka leaves draupadi after insulting her.

In above incident ,Yudhisthir seems very intelligent while Bhima seems angry.

According to politics Yudhisthir was Right, But according to Vedas Yudhisthir was wrong. Because “To Save his wife’s dignity from others” Is One of the main principles of Vedas. Vedas tells us that every Husband should save his wife in any difficult condition. Husband must sacrifice his Body, Mind and Money if necessary to save the dignity of his wife. But Yudhisthir didn’t take any action to save draupadi

If Bhima had killed Kitchak with the permission of Yudhisthir then Pandavs identity will be revealed. And then they have to go for vanavas again. Otherwise draupadi might have to lose her dignity

So Yuddisthira had two choices

1] Save draupadi and accept vanavas again

2]Be seated, watch draupadi getting insulted and get his Kingdom back after the completion of agyatvas.

From which, Yudhisthir choose the second choice. Yudhisthir remained silent for all time. He didn’t do anything to save Draupadi. Yudhisthira had already made every Pandava to pursue for vanavas, just for following his dharma. It means that Yudhisthir was ready to pursue vanavas for his dharma, But he was not ready to pursue vanavas for protecting his wife(Protecting one’s wife is also dharma). While on the other hand Bhima was ready to take vanavas again for draupadi.

This incidence is not about Intelligence of Bhima. It is about Love of Bhima for Draupadi. Bhima never loves his enemies But he always loves his friends , brothers , mother and wife. And he was ready to take any risk for them. This thought is very important for Indians. That we have to love our people and we should keep our mind away from loving or caring for enemies. Because if we love or care for our enemies, they will harm us even more. For example when Jayadratha was caught trying to kidnap  draupadi, bhima wanted to kill him but  yuddithira cared for him and let him go. But what happened in the end, Jayadratha was the main reason for the death of abhimanyu. Abhimanyu would have been saved if jayadratha was killed in the first time itself. So loving friends and family helps us but loving or caring the enemies will harms us.

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Tejas Umbrajkar.


  1. Idea is mine...But wordings are of Gandherva.

  2. @tejas
    great thinking dude keep it going , you got nice ideas,

    If this article is Mahabharata then you are the vyasa and i'm just the vyasapyana who recites the article in my words