Monday, April 19, 2010

Unjustified Killing of great warriors

Killing of Bhisma

Gangaputa Bhisma was a great warrior of his time. Gangaputra was pupil of great Sage Lord Parsurama. Once Gangaputra fought with Parsurama and Lord Parsurama was not able to defeat Bhisma in that fight. And after 21 days of fight Parsurama declared Bhisma as winner and said you are unconquerable. In Mahabharata Pandavas win is not possible until Bhisma is fighting. And there is n one in Pandavas side who can match with the skills of Bhisma Pitamah. Bhisma Pitamah is killing Pandavas army in mass. And Pandavas's best warrior Arjuna cant compete with great Bhisma. So Krishna told Yudhishther to ask Pitamah Bhisma regarding secret of there death as Bhisma have boon that he can decide his death's time. And Bhisma is also in love with Pandavas and he told the secret of this death and breaking his vow of loyalty to king of Hastinapur. Next day Bhisma alone fought with 22 warriors of Pandavas including Satayki,Dhristadyumn, Arjuna behind Shikhndi. Bhisma fought amazingly and defeated all warriors but seeing Shikhndi Bhisma stands still and stop fighting. As Shikhndi is a woman in the eye of Bhisma as Shikhandi was born as woman but because of some boon he became a man when grown up. And Arjuna was throwing arrows on Bhisma who was standing behind the Shikhandi. And the greatest character of Mahabharata is fallen with a lot of cheating. But Bhisma can decide his time of death so he waited till sun come in utrayan and Bhisma is one of the few person who had seen the complete Mahabharata.


Killing of Guru Dronacharya

Like Bhisma Dronacharya was also pupil of great sage Lord Parsurama. Dronacharya was guru of Pandavas and Kauravas. But Arjuna was the most liked pupil of Dronacharya. But in Mahabharata war Dronacharya fought from Kauravas's side as it was his Dharma to protect Hastinapur from invaders.  After fall of Gangaputra, Suryaputra suggested Drona's name as Chief Commander of Kauravas army where Suyodhana want to make Karna as Chief Commander. On the 15th day of the Mahābhārata war, Drona, instigated by King Dhritarastra's remarks of being a traitor, uses the Brahmadanda. This spiritual divine weapon contained the power of the 7 greatest sages of Hinduism. Drona had neither imparted the knowledge of this divine weapon to either Ashwattama or Arjuna. Thus, he proves unconquerable on the 15th day of war.Observing this Krishna decide to use wrong means to kill Dronacharya. According to this plan Bhima will locate a war elephant named Ashwatthama and kill it and spread the rumors that Ashwatthama is killed and Dronacharya will ask Yudishthera as Yudishthera never tells lies but Yudi will partially lie this time. And this terrible plan is gone successful and Drona put aside his weapons and start doing meditation and Dhritduman cut his head off.


Killing of Jaydratha

Killing of Bhagdatta

Killing of Karna

Killing of Bhrurisharva

Killing of Suyodhana

Killing of Abhimanyu

Killing of UpaPandavas

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Dharamvir Gaba aka Dhruv Gaba

Killing of Jaydratha


  1. Yeah about the death of Abhimanyu's son Parikshit.few days back I come to know Parikshit was biten up by Panch naag(5 facewala snake) & he died.Plz modify this to me & who narrate the story of Mahabharata to Maharaj Parikshit & where did Pandavas go aftergiven crown to Abhimanyu's son

  2. Without fall of pitamaha, it was impossible for pandavas to win kurukshetra. In uttara gograhana arjuna singlehandedly defeated all the mighty whales(Bhishma,Dronacharya,kripacharya,ashwatthama,karna)+kauravas army. How come this was happened. All (5 athirathas) of them know how to nuetralize sammohanasthra. Why they have failed. For example, dronacharya knew Brahmadanda,narayanastra,pashupatastra,brahmastra,brahmanamakastra,brahmashironamakastra and many more divine astras. I don't think dronacharya doesn't know how to nuetralize summohanastra. And the most powerful weapon Prashvapastra, only known to Bhishma, no one knows about this in the 3 worlds except bhishma. I think the defeat of kauravas in uttara gograhana was a hoax or unexpected occurence in mahabharata.

    So, if arjuna is alone capable of defeating 5 athirathas+kauravas army in uttara gograhana. look, what happened during the first 10 days of battle in kurukshetra. arjuna failed quite miserably, the same persons was standing infront of him, but he didn't get succeed this time. Why. Why pandavas begged the life of bhishma.

    Infact, if we clearly observe the fall of bhishma is completely Adharma and pandavas are the first,who broke all the rules in kurukshetra. How can Shikandi+arjuna simultaneously shot more than 250 arrows on unarmed man. Let me ask u guys, if there is no hairline gap between the arrows, how bhishma survived 6 months. After hitting all of the arrows, if he falls on the ground, is not possible for the body to hit the ground. Biologically this is impossible, think, if bhishma's body completely filled with arrows,he is going to lost his heart+liver+kidneys+spinal chord+abdomen+blood flow to the brain etc.............. veda vyasa didn't say death, he left that ambiguous. I think bhishma was dead that night, but later poets extended him for 6 months.

    why bhishma was waiting for uttarayana. Let me remind u something, according to puranas+vedas+shastras, both uttarayana and dakshinayana are good for death, moreover dashninayana is good.

    plz clarify my doubts