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Karna Parva 16th Day- Gujarati Version

Before the battle.

Krishna had sent Kuntiji to tell Karna that he was her eldest son. Kunti went to Karna's tent. Karna welcomed her and gave her an ashan.

Kunti - I am your mother and you are my son.

Karna took out a shall ( blanket ) that was given by Suryadev and placed it around Kuntiji. ( When Suryadev gave him the shall he had explained to Karna that one day your mother will come to you, place this shall around her and if a miracle happens that you will know that she is really your mother) As soon as the shall was wrapped around Kuntiji, there appeared a small fountain of milk and it fell in Karna's mouth. Karna knew that this was his mother and bowed to her.

Karna - Mother, why did you abandon me at birth?

Kuntiji - Son, at that time I was not married so I could not explain how you were borned so I had no choice. But, I had sent spies to keep watch you all the time. When I got married I arrived in Hastinapur and I used to watch you all the time.

Karna, now remembered why Kuntiji always treated him kindly and always treated him like a son, at Hastinapur.

Karna - Mother, you have came to me. I know that you came to ask for something. Please, ask anything you like. You are my mother, I will give you anything you desire, except leave Duryodone.

Kuntiji - Son, I have come for my son.

Karna - No, mother, that I cannot give you. It will hurt my honor. I cannot leave Duryodone, when he needs me the most. You have five sons and they will remain five. If I die, Arjun will live and if Arjun dies, I will live. I will not kill others.

Kuntiji - Son, if you can give me two arrows from your quiver.

Karna - Mother, there is my quiver. Take what you need.

Kuntiji takes all the arrows out of Karna's quiver and places them on the floor. ( When Karna's education was over, Parsuram had given him an arrow and said think who you would like to kill and his death will be transferred to that arrow. Karna had thought about Arjun and asked for another such arrow. Parsuram had given him another arrow and Karna had thought of Krishna ) Krishna had instructed Kuntiji before entering Karna's tent so he came as a form of a green bettle and sat on Arjun's death arrow. Kuntiji took that arrow, than Krishna sat on his own death arrow, which Kunitiji also took. Karna was shocked but could not say anythin. Now the arrows that he could of used after failures of other weapons were gone.

Krishna took those arrows, broke them and threw them in different directions. One arrow( Arjun's death ) was founded by Babruvahan ( Arjun's son ) who uses it when fighting against Arjun durning Aswameg Parva. The other arrow ( Krishna's death )was founded by Jara, the hunter who shoots Krishna in the bottom of foot.

16th day of Mahabharata battle.

Karna had asked Shalya to be his charioteer, being a great charioteer.

Shalya - I am not your servant. I am the great king of Madra. How can I be your charioteer?

Karna - You are my superior and master. The way Krishna, even though superior to Arjun is his charioteer, please be my charioteer and honor me.

Shalya seeing Karna's honesty, agreed to be his charioteer. Both armies entered the battle ground. On this day, the Kaurav army consisted of 8 akshoni, while the Pandav army was 4 akshoni.

Arjun and Karna snapped their bow string and made great sound. Hanumanji came and sat on Arjun's flag. All the warriors fought against each other in a terrible battle. Yudhisteer came and fought Karna, but Karna was too powerful for him. Yudhisteer was wounded badly and taken to the tent. Seeing this Arjun came with Shadev and Nakul at his side and challenged Karna. Arjun shot agni astra which Karna countered by shooting meg astra. Arjun shot nag pash but before it can come close Karna broke it by shooting Garud astra. What ever weapons Arjun shot, Karna was able to counter it. Ghatotkach and Megvarna went up in the sky and attacked the Kaurav army, but Karna shot Shiv mantra arrows at them making them withdraw. ( Shiv mantra would destroy maya so when a warrior was attacked by mayavi Rakshas, a warrior who had knowledge of Shiv mantra could defeat them by destroying their mayas.)

Arjun shot agnito mantra which turned the arrows into 60,000 arrows. Shadev and Nakul shot 5,000 arrows each. Karna shot 80,000 arrows, using agnito mantra and defeated all theree Pandav brothers. Duryodone and his brothers were fighting against Bhim. Ashwattama was fighting against Dhristdhumana. Kritvarma was fighting against Satyaki.

While fighting, Arjun shot Kal Jawr arrows, with agnito mantra and killed two aksoni Kaurav army. Karna shot same arrows which killed three akshoni Pandav army. While fighting Karna took the Nag astra and shot it at Arjun. The Nag astra weapon came at the speed of lighting, but Krishna pressed the chariot down with his foot and made it sink in the ground. ( If it was someone else as Arjun's charioteer, this would not be possible ) The Nag astra passed over Arjun but broke Arjun's crown called Kirit. ( Arjun was called Kiritdhar becasue of wearing this crown )

The Nag that was hidden inside this weapon came and approached Karna.

Nag - Great warrior, use the Nag astra weapon again, and this time I will not miss my target.

Karna - No, I do not depend on the strength of others to defeat my opponent. I fight with my own strength.

Nag attacked Arjun, but Krishna warned him before so Arjun took out Kal Jawr arrow and killed the Nag. After defeating Kaurav brothers Bhim came and joined Arjun. Bhim could not come in front so he stayed behind Arjun's chariot and threw broken chariots and dead elephants at him. Karna use vajra astra arrow at all the objects and broke them. Karna than shot mohestra astra arrows at Arjun, Shadev and Nakul making them all unconscious.

Bhim - Krishna, help us. None of us can defeat Karna.

Krishna - Bhim, look who is a charioteer for Karna. It is your mama Shalya. Tell him in sign language that we are in trouble.

Bhim showed Shalya that do something to help us. Seeing this, Shalya broke the reins of Karna's chariot on purpose and drove it the wrong way. The chariot was stuck between dead elephants.

Karna - What happened? We were winning.

Shalya - The reins broke and I could not control the horses.

Krishna performed a miracle and woke Arjun and the rest of Pandavs. All of them together attacked Kaurav army. Now that Karna was gone, Ghatotkach and Megvarna also came and attacked Kaurav army. Five more akshoni was killed by the Pandav army. Shakuni, Duryodone and his brothers ran away.  The day was over and the Pandav army was declared winner.

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