Sunday, March 28, 2010

Killing of Brave Old Bhagdatta

Bhagadatta  is the king of prajjyothisha fighting from kaurava side. He was supposed to be well versed in warfare with elephants and his elephant's name Supratika. On the twelth day he created havoc on pandavas' army and Arjuna was fighting the samsapthakas. Somehow he manages to reach Bhagadatta and the fight between Bhagadatta and Arjuna is well described in the text. Bhagadatta loses his armour, shield and weapons. He hurls the Ankusha after chanting Narayana mantra towards Arjuna. This ankusha becomes narayana astra and would have killed Arjuna. But krishna comes in between and the astra turns into a necklace and falls on the Lord's neck. Arjuna asks why Krishna breaks his oath by coming in between Arjuna and Bhagadatta. Krishna replies that the astra was "his stuff" and it has returned to the owner.
Afterwards, one of Arjuna's arrow rips the silk cloth which Bhagadatta had tied on his forehead so that his wrinkled skin won't fall on his eyes and blind him. Bhagadatta was momentarily blinded, and another crescent shaped Arjuna's arrow finishes him.

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