Monday, March 15, 2010

Daanvir Karna

Karna was famous for his charity. He was popularly known as ' Daanvir Karna '.

But there is only one incident in Mahabharata depicting his charity.

Karna, knowing full well that he was committing a suicidal act,

gave his natural ear-rings and armor to Indra.

Folk were not satisfied with this event. They added some more incidents

which give a clear cut picture of the great charity of Karna:


Once Krishna wanted to show the charity of Karna to Dharma

Raja. He created a big mountain of gold and asked Dharma Raja to

distribute it quickly among the poor. Dharma Raja began his charity

but he could not complete it even after taking months together. Then

Krishna called for Karna and asked him to give the gold in charity.

Immediately Karna, showing the hill of gold to Krishna, said: " Sri

Krishnarpanamastu " (=I offer the whole thing to Sri Krishna).

Dharma Raja was astonished to note this.

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